In light of all that has been going on….

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I’ve decided to do a quick [slash] brief post on the whole thing.

Article Here. Opinion below.

For those less inclined to click the article, I’ll just tell you the title of it. “Micky Yoochun Flaunts His New Chest Tattoo.” Details: Yoochun gets a new tattoo that says “My Jaejoong Yunhwan Junsu.” Note: Yunho and Changmin are conspicuously absent in this inking.

I think that… for what it’s worth — DBSK is pretty much in the late stages of a permanent separation. With a legal battle that could take years, it will be awhile before DBSK can even be fully “united.” On top of all of that, the alienation and isolation will be enough for the group to never be able to fully recover or rebound. Added on top of the new press along with the added exposure and exponential increase of new up-and-coming boybands, and it’s no surprise that DBSK is out the door.

Now, I think the tattoo has something to do with Micky’s deeply repressed daddy issues. Or parental issues. Or separation issues.

Just kidding. I think it’s just a stand that he no longer believes in DBSK because he thinks that Yunho & Changmin abandoned JaeChunSu when they sued SM Entertainment. Which is all fine and dandy cause you’re really quite allowed to sue whomever you want.

As long as it’s legal.

No, what I think is that DBSK is over. I mean, in an era where BoA can go unrecognized by a talent scout (even so far as the talent scout to approach her and ask her if she wants to be a celebrity…)… it’s clear that that generation of Kpop is ending or fading.

So with all that’s said and done, I am sad to admit that I think DBSK is over. Do I still love them? Of course. Do I hope for signs of a revival or comeback? Of course. Am I expecting one? No. Am I rooting for one? No. That seems to be pretty much a closed chapter in their lives now. So I respect them for it and am now moving on beyond it.

Bash me all you want, but I have a feeling that no one reads this. So good riddance.


American Apparel

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On principle, I like them.

No really, I do. I sincerely sincerely sincerely do. I like the 100% cotton fabrics that they use. I like the streamlined and classic cut of their styles. I don’t care so much about their “whoo hoo no sweatshop!” policy cause that’s just whatever to me (they’re working. they’re getting paid. they can get by). I like the fact that their tees are of a good enough quality and the colors vibrant enough that they can stand on their own (most tees look very awkward and bad without graphics on them, which is odd). I like the fact that they hold up after multiple washings (no holes or crinkling or odd hems)…


So I can understand why my medium-sized organic cotton v-neck tee in coral is different from my medium-sized regular cotton v-neck tee in purple. Clearly there is a different heft & weight between organic cotton and regular cotton. Fine. BUT WHY IS THERE IS A DIFFERENCE BETWEEN MY medium-sized regular cotton v-neck tee in purple and the SAME EXACT tee in cranberry?!

The cranberry one is slightly longer, and is of a slightly heavier weight. Not enough to be noticeably different, but enough for the vee to ride up a little bit which basically chokes my chest and makes me look odd and boxy and shapeless. My purple one fits like a dream though and clings to my boobies in a most flattering fashion.


To the right!

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For the record, I still have yet to hear Beyonce’s infamous song.
No really. Still haven’t heard it. Can’t you figure it out? I listen to Asian pop almost-exclusively. I throw in a little Euro-techno (This is best, man) but I usually don’t. Anyway, I’m trying to branch out in popularity. Which you know what that means!!!!

Okay, that might a little diffult, but I’m determined to make it work. One hour a week. Sitting down. Doing what I love best. Typing and writing about something that I can type and write about.

Wow, I live a really boring existence. Also thinking of taking up video blogging. Along with various other things like therapy, cooking, professional shopping, professional gold-digging, and dieting.

I’ve also created a new blog around my pet passion: wedding planning! so if you’re interested in it or know someone who’s into DIY wedding planning, go check it out!

For purposes of full disclosure, because I can’t lie to you. All of my three loyal readers: I’m trying to really delve into this “Make Money on the Internets” thing because… well, might as well get SOMETHING out of all this surfing.

I GIVE YOU SO MUCH!!! *sobs* So… um yeah. I’m trying to generate posts and content and popularity. This is my most well-read blog even though people do read my other ones. And even if it is a mishamash of RANDOMOSITY, someone reads it. And that’s all I need. READERSHIP.

*cackles evily*

So with that… look forward to the occasional video blog, a weekly blog/update about some interesting quip… and just altogether funtimes!


*is alive*

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I do really enjoy popping in and out of this blog and being obnoxious about it.
I really really haven’t abandoned it. I’ve just been out of Kpop fandom for quite some time now (nothing new or inspirational has come along to really wow me) so it’s just all very lackluster and boring for me. Not into girl group and I don’t enjoy feeling like a pedophile everytime I drool in lust at one of the new emerging boybands.

That and I’m too busy to devote time to pursuits as such. *curses law school*
I had a fantastic blogging idea, but then it just went out the window. I think it had something to do with FIR and how I’ve been listening to them a lot lately (just the one song “Our Love” which I’ve been replaying and listening to over and over and over again lately.)

And I also bought a monstrous box of Hello Panda Cookies

That made me… vairy happy. And a very big bag of kimchi (yum!).


Well, I think they asked for it.

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More to come.

After the devastation known as “law school finals.”
provided I don’t kill myself

First semester of law school finally finished (read about her here and I can dedicate my time to go back to blogging now! Sort of. I have about three weeks of freedom.

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