Charice Pempengco

If you haven’t heard this voice yet,  you’ve been living under a rock you’re in for a real treat.

She’s from the Philppines and is one of their “big stars.” She appeared on the Korean variety show called “Star King” (similar to the American Star Search where people with individual/unique/cool talents go on the show to compete for first place) and since the show featured Super Junior (Super Juni-OR! I love them), it got a lot of hits, and then more and more people started watching it because she sings the hit song from the movie “Dreamgirls” called “And I’m Telling You” and then eventually it spawned into one of those infamous viral videos that managed to cross the pacific and producers over at NBC got ahold of it, and next thing ya know, it was all over Hollywood’s entertainment shows (Charice made the Daily 10!) and hehe… Super Junior crossed over as well because the clip intersperses SuJu with Charice (so I was all GAHHHHH ILU!) …

But I digress. Anyways, Charice was invited on the Ellen Degeneres show this past Christmas and sang for them. She did even more spectacularly here than she did on Star King even the the Ellen Show lacks a lot of the funky effects that Star King granted her, BUT she really pumped up her voice and considering she sounds a little hoarse from the plane ride and the change in climate… she still belts out the song… effortlessly.

I need to learn how to sing like her. Oh, and it shames me because she’s about 5 years younger than me. Yes, that’s right, she’s 15, folks. Currently under an indie label and recording in Switzerland. Her album should be released sometime this year.

She also had an encore performance on Star King (she was voted #1 for who the viewers wanted to see again) and was supposed to do “Come What May” (from Moulin Rouge) duet with Kyuhyun (from Super Junior), but I guess not…pahhh… curse the crazy Korean scheduling and hype. She ended up doing a duet with Lena Park instead. That was a bit disappointing
cause I really just wanted to hear Charice’s undiluted voice, but finding her on the Ellen Show made up for it because it’s the song I wanted to hear and everything…

With that said… I’ll actually get around to this.


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  1. She is really.. inspiring. 🙂

  2. charifan said,

    I love Charice.I adore her I am still wishing for another duet with Kyu Hyun. They can sing with perfect blending. They both look young and innocent. Can be a future love team. It’s a big question mark ??? because they live far apart. I hope Kyu Hyun can speak and understand English. I think Lee Tuk and Kangin can speak and understand. I heard both of them speak it in Charice’s Star King video. I don’t know SUJU, but because of Charice, I started liking all of them specially Kyu Hyun, Lee Tuk, Kangin and the whole group. I can’t remember all of their names.

  3. butternut said,

    love her too! I really hope that she will have a duet with Kyu Hyun again. Their voice blend..God Bless You

  4. Raffy said,

    Charice was a guest at ‘David Foster & Friends’ Concert where she sang a medley of I will always love you/ I have nothing as well as “And I am telling you (I am not going)”.

    The Concert is going to be broadcast on PBS Stations all over the United States and will be released as a DVD amd CD this fall of 2008.

    The CD is available for pre-order at Amazon.com and has a release date of September 30, 2008

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