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What does that funky four letter acronym mean? Is it another Korean boyband? Is it some funky medical memnonic (I can’t even SAY that word properly, let alone spell it…!)? The name of my new obsession (goes along with the Korean boyband question)?


JVKV stands for:
Jerry, Vic, Ken, Vanness (or Jerry, Vanness, Ken, Vic)…
the group formerly known as F4 (of Meteor Garden and subsequent fame).

The name change spawned from an issue with the F4 of Japan when Japan released its [MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER] rendition of “Boys Over Flowers” or “Meteor Garden” and the author and producers of the original F4 believed that there would be conflict between the two groups, so the Taiwanese F4 agreed to change its name.

Despite solo projects, JVKV got together recently and released an album called “Waiting For You.” It curiously did fairly well… and I think it’s supposed to help the Taiwanese drama promotional department? I’m not too sure.

The song is addictingly catchy. I wish it was sung by better vocalists even though JVKV (formerly known as F4) have improved practically beyond recognition in the singing department, they still can’t live up to former other four-lettered boybands such as my beloved DBSK or even SuJu (four letters!)… which says something cause SuJu kinda sucks too… but they certainly have more than 4 decently talented vocalists in their group whereas JVKV have BARELY four talented vocalists (except for Vanness, kinda).

But yeah… the song is catchy. It’s going to be in my head until the end of time, I surmise.



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