Randomness and password protection

I wonder why WordPress doesn’t let you private or protect your entries? Livejournal is a bit better in that regards, but I like WordPress because it looks very cleancut and it’s very friendly… desukedo, LJ allows anonymous (non-user) comments … but I think it’s easier to become “well-known” on WordPress because a lot of sites/users comb wordpresses blogs.

I’ve gotten pingbacks from several other sites, and two sites have quoted some of my entries. SURPRISE SURPRISE!!!

One of them is for BoA being an “alcoholic” though… So prudently, I’ve decided to hide the entry. I think that’s what Popseoul did as well. Even though Popseoul is hardly ever “ashamed” of their slanderous remarks… hnnn…

Okay, that’s for the password protection, which I actually DO like a greaty deal! I think it’s quite smart. You give people you trust the password to read your whole entire entry and vice versa. Which means anyone CAN read the entry…

* * *


So I subscribe to Cosmopolitan (US version) and they’ve been coming out with these little DIY tips concerning beauty. Among them are a few that I know pretty well…:

– Use Vaseline instead of mascara to separate your lashes and give them a dark glossy sheen without the thick mascara-look.

– For oily hair, dab some baby powder (I like the use the cornstarch kind and not the kind with talc) on the roots of your hair and work it through with a comb or brush (or even finger-combing) until it dissolves into your hair. Bonus: the cornstarch adds as a mild stiffening agent which is really great for giving slight volume.

– Blowdry your eyelash curler to heat it up so that your lashes will curl faster and easier and keep the curl longer as well.

– Out of shaving cream/gel? Use conditioner! Smooth it liberally over your legs, underarms, and anywhere else you want/need to shave. The silicones conditioners help the razor glide right over your skin while keeping you healthy and moisturized as well.

BUT MY FAVORITE (just tried it today) tips was this:
Spray hairspray onto your brush while doing your [dry] hair. This helps tame your hair and keep your style but without all the stiffness that spraying on too much hairspray can do. >> It works REALLY well and my bedhead rivals Medusa (I have a wolfcut/Asian mullet/shaggy cut/lots of really short layers) so when I wake up in the morning, my hair is EVERYWHERE because of all my short layers and if I’m not doing anything I really can’t be bothered to really pull out my bottle of water (to wet my hair and tame it down), hair wax (Garnier’s fruit wax, smells like heaven), straightener, and aloe vera gel (I don’t like sticky sticky hair gels) to really control my hair and make it presentable. So I tried this tip today and my hair really just calmed down and all I had to do was smooth it over with some Sunsilk Anti-Flat creme on the tips and some aloe vera gel over it all to seal and I was good to go…!


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