Love in the Ice <33

So, it’s a pretty general consensus, but I think my ultimately favorite DBSK/THSK/TVXQ song is probably “Love in the Ice.” I mean, everything about this song just works, y’know?

I mean, the emotion, the lyrics, the slow ballady but emotional feel (that actually lets me listen and understand the lyrics!)… I mean, it’s really just everything.

Gah, I love them so much. But for such an incredible song — although it wasn’t intended as a single, I think? — it has rarely been performed live (for promotional or otherwise). I can count on the fingers of one hand that I have heard the boys perform this live. And it’s only two (at most three) fingers: Seoul Encore Concert (after “O” pan-Asia tour) and Soul Power at Osaka and/or Tokyo.

RIDICULOUS, btw. I’ve seen a few fancams of the Seoul Encore Concert, and that perf. was INCREDIBLE. Soul Power had some really sucky fancams, so I didn’t bother. Sucky fancams are even worse than never hearing it at all, methinks.

But Japan released Soul Power at Tokyo Summit and…

INSANELY INCREDIBLE. I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS, OKAY THANKS. I mean, right down the acoustic, slight-rocky, but totally perfect background instrumental (LIVE background instrumental too!) and the boy’s perfect harmonizing and Changmin’s rich tone along with Junsu and Jaejoong’s effortlessly strong voices blending together brilliant along with Yunho’s much-improved voice and Micky’s crazy high-note that feels overbearing until you hear it HQ and then you’re like “MARVELOUS!”

* * *


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  1. Cor said,

    First off, I really like how this song showcases the boys’ strengths.

    Kay, scratch that. They really have NO weaknesses at all. NONE whatsoever.

    But honestly, the beginning and ending of the performance were AMAZING. They’re voices harmonized SO well together, and I loved how they started off and ended the song in the same way – with faded instrumentation and clear vocals.

    Honestly, I also love how the members shared the song equally. I mean, for ONCE, jae wasn’t singing half the song by himself. AFDSKLKAJDIHDFKJASODSKJD. I hate it when they do that, since Junsu also has an amazing voice (albeit rather unique), Micky has a really deep and husky voice, Yunho’s improved a whole lot since DBSK’s debut, and Changmin has such a mature voice for a rather young looking face. Haha. Kay, maybe his face isn’t so young anymore, but hey, he’ll always be the baby.

    I really can’t get over the harmonization. Yunho is REALLY good at it. REALLY GOOD. He sounds amazing with ANYONE.

    Seriously though, this performance almost brought me to tears. I mean, they emoted so well that I couldn’t help feeling errr …. teary. xD

  2. nanshi said,

    Me too! What was really great about this live was that FOR ONCE, you could actually hear Yunho clearly in harmonizations. I mean, he almost always gets backup — but his voice is so low and versatile, that it REALLY suits harmonies — but his mic is always turned down low (or whatever) that you can almost never hear him. But this time… it was just brilliant…!!!! I LOOOOVE this live performance (and this song! Junsu’s solo in it is just breathtaking). Plus, I mean, Junsu is usually the most emotive singer out of all of them, but for some reason, Jaejoong had REALLY REALLY brought a lot to the table in this song; he’s just soooooo emotional and looks so heartbroken and its just soo beautiful! And what I really love is that — for once, honestly — Changmin’s tone sounds rich and deep instead of pitchy and sharp (can’t really blame him though, because he usually gets the higher notes anyways). And they all just look SOOO good and the lyrics and soo touching too…!

  3. bravetears said,

    ermm hullo~

    thiS iS the sec0nd s0ng of theirS dAt made me (T.T).. afte ‘Begin’.. Can’t really blaMe jAejo0ng 4 haviN s0 maNy soloS th0..hiS voice..iS REALLY suMthiN.he putS a lot of em0tions iN every s0ngs dAt he siNgs..n wut m0re..he himself sAid thAt he loves sad ballad s0ng.

    i f0und dAt their jApaNese ballad s0ngs are special. i mean do u guys n0ticed eveytym they siNg Lovin’ You, Begin, Love iN the ice, etc.. the audience will be lyk..statues. i luv theM. These s0ngs dAt actually made me fall in luv wit them. their v0ices….*faint*

    iN diS s0ng~
    chaNgmiN n yuNho-greAt coNtrol of their great voices
    YoochuN-he caN really do that?!!
    jaejo0ng-beautiful..(jaejo0ng-ah..u’re breAkin my heart)

    Do you guys know that some of the audiences were crying during dis particular song……………

  4. playmeagain said,

    Haha. It’s Cor. OMG, I finally got a wordpress account. Go me.

    Anyway, so I’ve been watching this over and over again (cos OBVS, I have nothing better to do with my time), and omigaaaaawd, I ❤ Junsu. I’m going to say that over and over and over again, because I was actually STUDYING his solo, and I’ve never heard someone control their voice so perfectly. FLHESJFHGHD. He was AMAZING. I actually thought his voice was going to crack any second (actually, I was expecting all of their voices to crack at various instances, because it REALLY seemed like they were over-extending and going PAST their limit points. Their massive ranges and awesome power really leave me speechless sometimes. I was seriously left gaping at the screen after my FIRST TIME watching this performance). Idk, maybe that’s just me.

    And Jae was really really really good. It’s hard to tell when he’s really emoting (I really dunno if this is a word. Will check it up one day), mainly because his voice usually sounds the same in each of his solos. It’s always gorgeous-sounding, but not really ever different. But honestly, his voice was breathtakingly-beautiful in this performance. Like, “I’m gonna download this song and listen to it for the rest of my life” beautiful. Call me addicted, and in serious need of a reality check, will ya?

    Haha. kay, that’s all I have to say for now. Rofl, I feel like I’m spamming your blog. =p

  5. nanshi said,

    Hey no, Cor. Spam all you want. hahaa. And then go check out pinkandsparkly@wordpress and spazzes@wordpress… I stalk their blogs pretty regularly too…!!!!!

    And yes: this is seriously one of their best songs. Cause it shows ALL of their ranges at the HEIGHT of their power. Usually their songs aren’t vocally trying enough… and sometimes you need to push your voice a LITTLE bit to get your voice at its strongest… and they did it this time..!!! <333

  6. Lauren said,

    OMG! WOW.
    im rally not a fan of ballads, but that….. OHH OMG!
    im speechless. i can’;t stop watching from 3:06!
    just AMAZING!

  7. Zelda said,

    I do like Love in the Ice also…but not as much as you do.
    sometimes the high notes sounds forced and not very pleasing to the ears…especially Micky’s live. (sorry!! but that’s just how I feel)
    so far, my favorite TVXQ! song is definitely: KISS shida mama sayonara

    I feel this song just like how you feel for Love in the Ice~~ ^__^
    the emotion, the lyric, and the melody…just right !

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