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After some brief consideration, I have decided to edit some things. NO, I am not deleting anything (well, I am striking it through), but I feel like there are a few points that could be added on. They will be indicated in purple.

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DISCLAIMER (edited in): This is my opinion so there is no need to get offended if you agree or disagree with me.

Anyways, musical “prodigy” (yes, emphasis with a lot of decorated sarcasm) and supposedly set out to become the “Chinese BoA.” Hey, SM Entertainment gave her the tagline — in case, you haven’t picked up on it, JRI is from SM — not me… But has shed that title, I suppose. Well, a lot of people aren’t thinking about it too much anymore as it is, I suppose.

Regardless… JRI is NOT the best singer out there and I have really dedicated little increments of my time in order to expressing my opinions as to WHY I don’t really think she’s that good of a singer. Because I don’t. I didn’t when she debuted, and I think she sounds a lot better now (and yes, I do mean a lot a lot a lot ), but I still don’t think she really deserves all the hype that surrounds her.

Granted I think I’m perpetually biased against all of SM Town’s solo female singers (namely: BoA and Jang Ri In)… probably because I think CSJH-The Grace walk on water and are angels descended from Heaven (particularly Lina who is such a SWEETHEART and super filial and a totally !churchgirl! which makes my squee with happiness because I’m a total !churchgirl! too). But I digress…

Jang Ri In is only present 18 years old, I think? And she recorded her famous hit single “Timeless” (a duet with Xiah Junsu from DBSK) when she was only 16 and it released/debuted when she was 17. So that got a lot of attention.

First off, that gets me a little pissed. Because I will have you know: that evenwithout all of Jang Ri In’s excessive training and SM Entertainment’s psychological abuse I was already almost at where she was at that age as well (15-16). Granted, yes. I hadn’t benefited from professional vocal training, but I assure you: I could hold my notes longer than her, and my range — although not quite as expansive — was still just as strong, even though raw and a bit untamed. I’m not saying this to flatter myself, but to point out: Jang Ri In is not special. She is lucky. But then again, isn’t that what we all jealous people say?

Now, by all means, I do not hate her. Goodness no. Not quite the opposite, but I do profess to a soft spot in my heart for her because she seems like a really shy and sweet girl (not at all like BoA) and she doesn’t deserve all the negative attention (even though, granted I am one of those who give her all this negative feedback) that has been thrown at and tagged onto her since it became known that she would be debuting and maybe even the fact that she was Chinese.

Jang Ri In’s voice has been consistently raw and untamed since her debut. So ridiculously raw and unpolished that many people — myself included — have questioned the “success” of SM’s training procedures. If she sounds this bad trained, then how bad must she sound untrained?

JRI fell into something I call “stage fright singing.” As a singer, who has ridiculous projection, I find myself in the strange dilemma that when I an onstage and solo-singing and the focus of all the people in the audience/congregation… I find myself overcompensating because I think I’m not loud enough.

Anyone who has heard me sing will tell you that I am definitely loud enough. But when I force myself to “overcompensate” like that, my voice skips, scratches, clogs up, and I don’t sound nearly as good as I do when I’m all au naturale, ne? But I’m not a professionally trained singer with professional lessons and coaches behind me. Even I have enough sense to try and “talk myself out of it” when I get up onstage (even though I’ve only sung on a stage a few times in the past). Not JRI who has received rigorous training and coaching from one of the top management companies in South Korea… and this is all she has to show for it?! Jang Ri In has all this training and all these acting lessons, vocal coaches, vocal teachers, Korean tutors, etc… and she literally sounds like a high school girl singing at her school talent show. I’ve been in a few school-level performance productions in the past, and let me tell you: the main cast lit up the stage. Jang Ri In just doesn’t do that. It’s disappointing, but the main thing she lacks in terms of being a performer is stage presence. She just doesn’t have it. That special “sparkle” that makes you want to gravitate towards an artist. That charisma that makes you really attracted; that makes you look forward to his/her appearances and performances. And no: language and age cannot be a factor. Look at how much sooo many young stars out there LOVE the camera. Charice Pempengco? She performed in America (the Holy Grail of all aspiring international musical artists) on The Ellen Show, and yes, she was nervous at the beginning, but could you hear it? Barely. If you’d never heard her sing before, I doubt you would’ve noticed, and it was more in her expression than it was in her actual voice. Her voice was still as pristine as always. Similarly, when BoA was a newbie in Japan? She still shone on that stage. Or DBSK in Japan for the first time (hnn… bad example: groups usually have it different than soloists).

Ri In just lacks a stage presence and charisma that makes me attracted to her and her voice. She lacks a certain confidence that you need to succeed in this business. I’m not saying you should be arrogant, but you should be confident and composed… even if you’re trembling of nervousness inside. And if you’ve gone thorough SM’s bootcamp they call training academy, well you should be ready for all this. She looks better on the Chinese stage NOW, but the big thing is that I still find her confidence feigned. It doesn’t exude from her. She looks overconfident and cocky. Not self-assured, composed, and really enjoying herself up there on that stage. I read somewhere that she didn’t even want to be a singer, rather, her father was the one that practically forced her to go to the audition with SM Entertainment. If that is the case (which I’m sure both her father and her will certainly deny), then well, it shows. People who want to become singers or performers or artists, they have a quality about them that just screams starpower. She is… not quite there yet.

Granted, she does have Xiah Junsu (who is, by far, one of the most incredible and perfect live singers I have heard to date whose performances rival those of Josh Groban and Celine Dion — both of whom sound impeccable in concert) singing with her and that is most certainly intimidating especially when you’re a newbie, I guess. So I was willing to forgive her the first live performance, casting her raw voice off to nerves. And even the second live… and the third live… but after about half a dozen or so lives, I was beginning to rethink that. Why was I being lenient with her? Her age cannot be a factor; people like Charice Pempengco and Bianca Ryan and Miley Stewart, and etc… who are all actually younger than she is are totally outperforming her. Even when she’s singing a song like “Y” which is a comfortable jazzy song for her to sing. She’s more at ease singing “Y,” but… eh? And don’t play the language card: Josh Groban sings in Italian, Spanish, Greek, and French and as far as I know, he only speaks English fluently and yet all of those languages that he sings is flawless (but hnnn…: Hangeng from SuJu seems to have the same difficulty singing in Korean as well; I was recently blown away by a song that he sang in Chinese and I was tres impressed).

So did I actually doubt — for awhile — that Jang Ri In was not a good singer? Yes, of course. It’s only natural that I would arrive at that conclusion. I don’t know why people seem to disagree on this, but my view is very simple and very clear (Occam’s Razor and all). If you cannot sing live, you are a bad singer. I don’t mind small deviations and I will make allowances if one does not sound recording-studio perfect, but your tone and pitch and key should at least be similar. Jang Ri In never reached such a low point in my book though. She still maintained strength and tone throughout her song. Not as impressive as her recording studio renditions, but then again “Timeless” is a fairly difficult song to sing through live without pauses in the middle (even if Xiah Junsu can make it look so effortless). Plus, Jang Ri In’s voice was belting in all the wrong places and her falsetto sounded weak and false.

Her voice is strong, but I don’t think JRI is a very good belter. Not the way Celine Dion, Charice Pempengco, Kelly Clarkson, and even Christina Aguliera are natural belters. Her belting voice was coaxed out of her. Which is odd and a little unsafe… but her voice is strong enough to support it. Unlike BoA who forces out a belting voice AND her voice is not strong enough to support it so she sounds like she has a clogged throat. BoA always sounds like she’s whining… *ew*

So what do I think about JRI? Well, I’m more than willing to give her a chance and she has gotten loads better. The biggest mistake was making her sing and debut in Korea. She was obviously very uncomfortable there and you look at her on the Chinese stage singing Chinese songs and she looks so much better. Even if that is just credited to many acting lessons and some prep work in the year that she was on hiatus (probably to whip her back into shape just in time for the Beijing 2008 Olympics).

Unfortunately though, my first impression remains. I blame SM Entertainment and LSM strongly for this though. I feel as though they trained JRI in all the wrong ways, marketed in all the overhyped overrated wrong ways, and then debuted her at a bad time along with bad circumstances and a bad debut in general. I mean, I think the reason why a lot of SM groups have had so much success is because they all had small and suitable debuts. DBSK debuted in a teeny little tribute performance/concert for Britney Spears with BoA. No one was expecting it, not really. Super Junior? Yeah, a lot of hype… but their debut was really really bad too — from what I heard — but they’re 13 cute boys. They ARE going to get fans no matter what. SNSD (Girls’ Generation)? Yeah, bit overrated debut, but they’re a bubblegum pop group. Their songs are by no means hard nor difficult and there’s nine of them. You’d be more distracted by all the cute, skinny, and lithe girls prancing around the stage than their voices, I’m sure.

As for JRI, she was just debuted badly and at a wrong moment in all the wrong ways. Compared to BoA’s debut, JRI’s debut was much stronger… but if you want to compare present-BoA with present-JRI, you’re going to find the latter much lacking (and I’m not even a fan of BoA!!).

So for that, my thoughts and two cents on le Jang Ri In. Hwaiting, Ms. Zhang. Really, I do sincerely hope to see her get better, but I hope that people don’t miss the forest for the trees. It’s okay to admit that she’s not that great of a singer. Really. It is. Ms. Zhang needs to work on her stage presence and her personal charisma. She needs to find that charm that makes her likable. People will find her shy and quiet personality appealing at first, but that’s at a first glance. She needs to find her niche if she’s going to survive in this cutthroat market. Perhaps she’s going to be like BoA and pull a 180 after she goes to China and then comes back and her first Korean album will sell like hotcakes (I think they still would now). But for now, JRI needs to find a comfortable way on the stage and a comfortable place on the stage. She needs to be a flexible performer and not only perform well in Chinese if she wants to be marketed as a Korean popstar as well (which I’m sure is one of SM’s goals for her). As for herself? She needs to exude more of her personality onstage. She seems like she’s a pretty cute person in real life, but I don’t know if she’s uncomfortable playing around and being silly/cute onstage, or if she’s really just that shy and is quite quiet and taciturn in real life (which is perfectly possible; I know many people like that. None of which I would say were suited to be performers, especially on a popstar level). Whatever the case is, I do wish her the best of luck. I would like to see you improve, really I would. I mean all this constructive criticism with as much kindness as possible. It just “seems” mean because it feels like I’m arbitrarily typing this up on the Internet.

Jia you.


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  1. Jen said,

    Just a random passerby at your blog.

    I can sense much biasness in your post, especially about your comments towards BoA.
    Yes I am a fan of BoA, or rather, BIG fan of hers.
    I do agree that BoA’s voice is getting so nasal that even I sometimes can’t stand it, but I do not think that she’s that bad as a singer.
    She CAN belt, but only in falsettos.

    Yes JRI does have a much stronger debut compared to BoA, but that’s because she has such popular backups like Junsu and Super Junior members to support her debut.
    When BoA debuted back then, she was totally ALONE.
    I can assure you that majority of the people who noticed JRI is either because of Junsu or her tag name ‘Chinese BoA’.
    You can’t compare their debuts just like that because they were under totally different circumstances and situations.
    Moreover, you have to admit that BoA was one of the first solo Korean artists to break into the Japanese pop industry.

    Btw, I do find it unrealistic that you’re comparing JRI with American pop singers.
    Firstly, it’s unfair to even compare a caucasion’s singing ability with an Asian’s.
    Biologically, Caucasians have a much stronger vocal due to the structure of their vocal cords.
    If you wanna prove that JRI is a bad singer, compare her with Asian singers please, better still, Chinese singers.

    I don’t mean any offence in my comment. Just wanna let you know that if you’re making comments about singers, don’t forget that they’ve got fans out there and it won’t sound very nice to criticize them IN THE PUBLIC.
    Yes, this website may be owned by you. But however it’s accessible to anyone.
    You have to be responsible for whatever you say in the public. Thank you.

  2. nanshi said,

    I doubt this is going to get back to the other user who commented, but I would like to point a few things out for anyone else who may stumble across this post. As always, no offense intended.

    This is my opinion. It is strictly my opinion and my observations. You do not have to take it as the truth and I understand it perfectly well if you disagree with me. With that said, I believe — despite the fact that this is a “public” blog — that it is my perogative to post whatever I want on said-blog simply because.. This is my blog. Other bloggers post other comments on their blogs, and even though I might disagree with it, it is their perogative to post their opinion no matter how disagreeable I may find it to be.

    As for biasness in my posts? Please look at the paragraph above. I have not posted anything excessively controversial. They are simply my comments about Jang Ri In’s technique. I am not judging her character nor her behavior (although I do question her management). There are lots more blogs and sites out there that are even more “extreme” than mine (if you can even consider my blog/post to be extreme.

    Needless to say: I did factor in the differences between BoA and Jang Ri In’s debut and yes, BoA did have a very weak debut. This is neither Jang Ri In nor BoA’s fault. That can solely be placed on their own marketing and PR-people (namely: Sm Entertainment). And yes, that includes Jang Ri In’s inclusion of other people in her own company to help and support her. BoA could have had that advantage, but SM sadly did not give it to her. JRI did have a stronger debut, but I think in terms of technicality (And not in terms of revenue and awards), BoA did have a stronger debut. At least BoA wasn’t a bundle of nervousness and had the dancing thing going for her as well as singing. JRI was easily overshadowed by almost everyone else she has performed with (including Xiah Junsu and then later, the backup choir for “Y”). And the comparison of their debuts was only briefly mentioned and then quickly discarded. It was hardly supposed to be a focal point of my post in general.

    And to address the issue of comparing Caucasians vs. Asians? I’m not the one that did it first: SM Entertainment clearly did it when they restructured the original piece “Timelss” into Korean and then gave it to Jang Ri In (and Xiah Junsu) to sing. And then further when they had JRI release a cover of “Y” which was also sung by an African-American singer previously. And then there are countless comparisons ot JRI being “Christina Aguliera” to BoA’s “Britney Spears” and most of those statements are made by fans of JRI. As for issues with “vocal chords,” I won’t really delve into that because I profess to know nothing of that nature… but personally: I think it’s a bit more circumstantial than substantial.

    Thank you for being civil, but what I find is often the case on the Internet, especially in “controversial” opinion type situations is that people find themselves wedged into a hole where they cannot genuinely express their opinions for fear of fans (who believe that their idols walk on water) will lash out at them and criticize them, even if their criticisms are logical and not illogical and demeaning “bashings.” Honestly, it may not “sound nice” to criticize singers “in the public,” but I hardly consider this blog to be public in the sense that it is popularly and frequently visited. If I could be relied on as a veritable source of entertainment news or whatnot instead of “social commentary” and editorial-type opinions, then perhaps I could consider this blog to be “public.” Regardless, perhaps you should visit sites like popseoul.com or allkpop before thinking that my posts are “bad.” After all, I am considerate of fans… but this is my opinion and I certainly wouldn’t withold a fan from expressing his/her opinion as well no matter how disagreeable I may find it. And likewise, if any person comes to me with a logical and concise argument that isn’t littered with immature name-callings and unnecessary comments, then I will take that into consideration as well. I am not trying to change you opinion, but I do disagree with you that “since this is a “public” blog, I am not allowed to post my opinion.”

    But you’re a fan of Jang Ri In and BoA and I respect that. So please respect my opinions as well.

    PS: I did post this to invite opinions — although I certainly didn’t expect any — so please don’t try to coerce me into not posting my opinions.

  3. Cor said,

    JRI’s voice is powerful, but it’s just SO uncontrolled that I find myself wincing whenever she sings. And I find that at points, she forces her voice to be more powerful than it already is, which just makes her sound …. I don’t even have a word to describe it. She essentially sounds like she’s choking on her own spittle, and then it all goes apeshit from there on out.

    Also, I completely agree that being a good singer means you must have GREAT STAGE PRESENCE. Because if you don’t have good stage presence (mediocre doesn’t cut it, guys), you clearly don’t deserve to be a singer. Being a singer means you MUST be comfortable on stage, because you only make the audience fidgety and uncomfortable when you clearly aren’t.

    I’m not sure how long she trained for, but LSM and SM went all the wrong way about it. What they needed to do with her was FORCE her to be onstage BEFORE she debuted. Maybe as a back-up singer/ dancer (hey, wasn’t Yunho a backup dancer for Dana or something?) or SOMETHING. They just needed to put her in a setting where she would’ve been coerced into confronting an audience and facing her own fears. And really, right now, they need to freaking reassure her regarding her own abilities. She has the potential, but right now, nothing seems to be working for her.

    Maybe promoting her duet with Junsu was a good marketing strategy, but seriously, Junsu was of such a high calibre already that it must’ve only heightened her fears. I mean, if I were to duet with someone who was evidently comfortable on stage and had the GREATEST voice/volume control ever, I’d be scared out of my wits. I wouldn’t even DARE step out on that stage. Because the minute you perform anything live with someone who is technically, way better than you, you’re GOING to be compared no matter what.

    I say, give her time. But really, more time could go either way.

  4. Haha said,

    I think many fans of JRI agree that her lives were not great, in fact painful to listen to at times. But, what’s great about JRI is that she keeps on improving vocally, especially when she sings in Chinese.

    I heard the duet she did with HanKyung and her voice was so crispy clear with confidence. Her singing career should be focused in China because that’s where her comfort zone is.

    In the earlier years of BoA’s singing career, her voice was not nasally annoying. But after she starts developing her career in Japan she sings with her nose frequently, thus sounding very nasal. It made her songs no longer enjoyable to listen to. This is also the case with THSK. I heard their newest single, Purple Line and I couldn’t finish the rest of their performance because it was that painfully annoying.

    I think every artist has their comfort zone and once they step out of that zone their singing becomes unbearable. For example, Celine Dion should never sing rnb songs, she sounds terrible singing them although she’s great at singing ballads and pop songs.

  5. nanshi said,

    JRI is improving, and I will fully give her that and support her in that respect. She is redeeming herself slowly. But it does not erase the original fact that she was unable to meet the expectations that were expected of her, especially in regards as a PERFORMER (not just a singer). She failed miserably onstage back during her debut, and even now, although she loads more confident, she is not really showing any side of her personality so far. But i do agree that the Korean stage simply just does not flatter her at all. Her debut was really done in all the wrong ways. It would’ve been smarter to introduce her with a Chinese singer (like Hankyung or maybe even Vanness because he did SM activities for awhile too) instead of throwing her into the Korean foray. A lot of her viewers stemmed from loyalty to Junsu or BoA (“Chinese BoA” moniker) and I think she let a lot of people disappointed when she really wasn’t all that awesome. People were comparing her to Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Christina Aguliera (undisputably some of America’s hugest stars and bestselling singers) … so yeah. The year off (or away?) has done some good and I think SM is basically going for a “fresh start” with her and letting her stick to China. After all, she’s done no Korea-based activities (aside from the visit that TVXQ made to China so she sang in Korean with Junsu) and prepared her a bit better for being onstage. With her back-to-back debut performances, it wasn’t a surprise that she wasn’t able to recollect on her confidence and acting skills, but still… it was disappointing to see how hard she was to adapt to to stage. But I also heard that she never really wanted to be a singer and that it was initially her father that began taking her to all these events and auditions that eventually got her into SM.

    Well, it shows, to be honest. She doesn’t really have the charisma or the charm of a real stage-performer. Even her confidence (although much refreshing to see) seems to be faked, as opposed to other stars who have effortless or natural stage presence.

    and Cor I agree. Time could really go either way for her. She could get better beyond belief, or she could plateau. I can’t help but feel SM focused way too much on teaching JRI Korean and language skills and dancing, rather than focusing on her singing abilities. Either that, or she was just using some REALLY bad mics for all of her Timeless performances because she was trying to outsing (more like shout, really) Junsu every time when her voice was already clearly overpowering his. That could’ve just been lack of rehearsal and collaboration though. Junsu was SUUPER busy around that time with DBSK activities and probably barely had time to rush to rehearsals and performances. They didn’t really have time to get accustomed to each other’s styles and nuances before being thrown together onstage.

  6. […] you don’t have to agree. Nanshi actually wrote a great post on ZLY which you can read here, although if you’re a hard-core fan and don’t think you can handle constructive […]

  7. Yuki said,

    As a pretty big Jang Ri In fan, I still have to say, I gotta agree with you. Apart from the horrible marketing strategy SM came up with, calling her the “Chinese BoA” and all that jazz, my first impression of her was that she lacked a presence on stage–a natural charm that draws people to you. She allowed everything to overwhelm and overpower her, or in a more graphical sense, eat her up.

    BoA, on the other hand, may not be the best singer, but her stage presence is amazing. By watching her perform, you get the feeling that she has everything under control and she’s comfortable with what’s she’s doing and she’s ENJOYING it.

    I also wanted to say that I really liked reading your post because it’s constructive criticism and not mindless bashing as some irrational fans may think. (That’s really hard to find these days you know, all I see it these days is mostly flailing and bashing ><) I mean, it’s one thing to like an idol, but it’s another to be completely blind and deaf to their mistakes.

    And unlike some of the blogs I read (you know, stuff like PopSeoul XD), you back up your argument with plausible points and also leave yourself some room to step back and look at things in a less critical way.

    So thank you for your opinion because it was a joy to read.


  8. nanshi said,

    Thank you, Yuki. I try, really I do. I can’t stand mindless bashings when it is really so very easy to simply state one or two more sentences “why” as opposed to just “I HATE HER CUZ SHE CAN’T SING” or something weird like that. And thank you for your response; although I honestly will admit that I think a lot of fans of Jang Ri In do notice her faults, but are allowing her to slide because she is improving. I don’t claim to be of a higher caliber (or even just high caliber) than Jang Ri In, but when you’re onstage, you MUST be able to charm the audience (even if you’re faking it; which I hear BoA is actually a really really shy person in real life).

    And a lot of Jang Ri In fans are more than willing to accept the constructive criticism (well most) because they see it too but she is improving (and I DO give her that much credit; but until her lives come out, I’m not going to make any new conclusions/revisions yet)… as opposed to *cough boa cough* other artists’ fans who really really really think their idol walks on water and can do no wrong and is HUGE BUNDLE OF TALENT OMGGGG ILOVEYOU OPPPAAAAAA!!!! blah~

    But thank YOU for reading my post and commenting on it! I may end up revising this post because I notice that it was a bit jumpily written and not as nice as I usually like to write, but thanks.!

  9. gaby said,

    I was wondering…I don’t know many about her and hankyung..actually I am not sure about what I know..meaning..are they brother and sister?or together?I heard that they are brothers..right?tell me please…I am so curious;) thank you in advance..and you can add my yahoo ID: h_e_r_m_i_o_n_e_15@yahoo.com if you want to talk to me..;) see ya

  10. nanshi said,

    No, I’m sorry. Hangeng and Zhang Li Yin are DEFINITELY NOT related at all. They are said to have a very close relationship being the only two SMers in Korea and therefore they probably talk a lot and I’m sure Hangeng takes care of ZLY a lot…

  11. Missy said,

    I don’t really like JRI, but she can sing(not the best though).
    when she was compared to big stars, I expected she was like really really good , but she is average… maybe she’ll get better

  12. Widya said,

    I’m a huge big fans of Zhang Li Yin
    Zhang Li Yin is Zhang Li Yin. No one can compare her with the others.

  13. nanshi said,

    Missy I agree well enough. She can sing WELL, but not up to the hype that SM surrounded her with and made it seem like she was some kind of prodigious singer… she’s really not. She’s improving, but only marginally, and if her confidence doesn’t increase, I really can’t see her going far (and SM is only fooling themselves by thinking that there is going to be a third Hallyu Wave; the age of the hallyu is over).

    Widyo I’m glad to see you’re a big fan of ZLY. She deserves them? And yes, of course she cannot be compared with the others, BUT we weren’t the first ones that did the comparing; SM Entertainment was. And comparison is inevitable. You’re not the first person I’ve come across who has mentioned that artists should not be compared to one another… but it’s inevitable. If I didn’t do it, someone else will. It may not be in your case, but for some people, the “don’t compare them” statement almost disguises itself as an excuse.

  14. purplefanatic said,

    I first got exposed to her when I heard her singing with Junsu probably like most people
    She sounded good
    I went to see her sing live.. her voice was out of control and it didnt sound stable
    Same with ‘I will’ She’s got an OK voice but it’s so uncontrolled that i can’t bear to give it another chance!

  15. purplefanatic said,

    oops i meant live as in youtube lmao, just wanted to add that to clear confusion

  16. Jay said,

    Wow, this is an interesting blog. I don’t know her personality, but JRI/ZLY seems very sweet and definitely has potential to grow. Any comment even if it is obstructive criticism of any forms it is always hard for anyone to digest. However, to be real, anyone wanting to be a figure in the entertainment world (price comes with glory as well as criticism or worse). As an entertainer/performer you must connect to your audiences, magnified your stage presence and to draw them to you and wanting more. I’m afraid that is one of her weakness. She shy away too quick after her performance, she needs to engage/talk/joke with her fans. I feel SM is not being true to her, therefore people (fans or not a fan) will need to let her know what the market is looking for or expecting from their artists. I believe she has achieved her first step toward success in the entertainment arena is to gain public attention and interest in her whether it is good or bad. Don’t believe me? Why would anyone bother to form an opinion, and take time to write a comment about her? I wish her success and more positive outcome in the future.

  17. Jay said,

    After I posted my comment, I accidentally included my email address and don’t know how to edit to remove from posting on your blog. can you help?

  18. nanshi said,

    I removed it for you. =D
    (this only goes to prove that YES I read comments and YES I do respond to them in my own fashion)

  19. […] the DaVichi-duo have similar tonal qualities and strength of pitch & voice. But like I’ve observed before, Jang Ri In is simply too raw. DaVichi shares the load of the vocals (which also helps, actually […]

  20. Michel said,

    I disagree with you, if you really hjad this beautiful
    voice you wouldn’t be this pathetic as you are now.
    I just hate people’s jealousy’s towards others.
    You have no right to comment her like that,
    first you need to watch yourself better instead of
    commenting rude things about an artist.

    You really have to learn more and I bet you voice and
    singing abilities are terrible 🙂
    If you don’t like her, then don’t listen to her or comment.

    Zhang Li Yin, Jia You, Fighting!

  21. Michel said,

    She IS the best singer 🙂

  22. Ahkeyme said,


    Pathetic? Aren’t you talking about yourself? You literally just charged into someone’s blog and then discourteously called them names, without actually scrutinizing what they wrote about your idol. All the author did was writing down her thoughts about a particular artist whom she likes, and giving constructive criticism about that person. She did NOT defame anyone, so get your facts straight before you bash.

    Pathetic, delusional fan girls nowadays.

  23. Lauren said,

    I am also a passer-by & was intrigued by your article!

    INFACT, the reason I found your blog, was because I was looking up to see whether other people feel that SM have terrible vocal coaches..

    I have to agree with your JRI statements. She has a beautiful voice, which hasn’t been nutured. Not technically, nor has she been emotionally. Weren’t there rumors of taeyeon giving her a hard time as a trainee? How does one build confidence, especially if her heart isn’t even in it? All that potential has been wasted..

    I feel as though they have turned their backs on her. The weren’t any results, therefore she is expendable.. How do you stand next to Junsu? How do you live up to ‘the next BoA’?
    I wholeheartedly agree..

    I have to disagree with some of your BoA comments though. I think BoA is an exception, because she wasn’t ever a singer. They found her & TAUGHT her to sing. Watching her pre-debut training, she couldn’t sing AT ALL!! hah Nothing natural there..
    I think she has come an exceptional way, especially hearing her NOW (2010), she seems to have had some lessons within the last year.

    Without makign excuses for her, I think you can attribute BoA’s whingy voice to the fact that she has been overworked her whole career. Plus.. she IS BoA. Whatever she puts out is a hit, so perhaps it doesn’t matter..
    I have found that some singers, including myself (not really a singer but i enjoy singing) Utada/BoA seem to have trouble with their voices around their early 20s. It just became.. weaker.

    I’ve noticed that some SM trainees, particularly BoA/Jonghyun/Changmin, tend not to finish notes properly which results in a high pitch ‘EH’ at the end of the note.. Why? It’s horrible. Why isn’t someone picking up on that?

    I don’t really now where I am going with this.. I guess I just wanted to put in my 2cents!

    Also, keep blogging & posting your opinions- I’m sick of fans ranting & raving when it’s YOUR opinion!! lol

  24. nanshi said,

    @ Lauren:
    It’s interesting that you’d disagree with my BoA comments though. Because I completely agree with yours. I am a wholehearted NON-defender of BoA’s singing voice. I think that SM saw that she was pretty cute (aka: attractive) and young (aka: moldable), and decided that they’d better get their hands on this young miss-thang because she could be their next big superstar and follow their every whim and wish. And she does. Did you read an interview in 2007/2008 where BoA explicitly said that she does NOT wish to enter the American market (and there was a corresponding video with it and she looked VERY against the idea too) and guess what happened about a year later?! Yup.

    BoA has gotten much better as a singer — especially considering her debut (etc) and other things surrounding it. But her voice is so apparently trained that I don’t understand why people pick up on it. But eh. I don’t know how I feel about SM having terrible vocal coaches, but I DO think that they DID. Some of their talents now (Onew, Kyuhyun, Yesung, Ryeowook) have surprisingly fresh voices… but I don’t know how much of that can be attributed to natural talent. Changmin, I will agree has a raw power that REALLY needs to be reigned in but never has been. It leaves a bit to be desired when listening to him… sing. I don’t really… like his voice too much — tbh.

    But um. Thanks for writing and thanks for reading! Glad to know I’m not the only one out there.!!

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