Anson Hu – 胡彦斌 (Hu Yan Bin)

Music crush.

Every now and then in your life, you will come across a singer that can melt your heart with his/her voice. I don’t know if it’s just me or if it’s a general thing, but I usually find female voices more generally unappealing than male voices. For me, personally, it is much harder to find a GOOD and beautiful female voice as opposed to a good and beautiful male voice. I think, inherently, it is easier for males to sing well and acquire good singing ability because their range is lower than a females, so therefore, it is more expandable AND easier to detect falsetto; for a girl, oftentimes, a falsetto can be misused or something even missed because she doesn’t know where her falsetto begins.

But I digress.

Anson Hu is a mainland Chinese singer with a voice that can melt chocolate. I’m sorry if I sound cheesy, but that’s just the way it is. His voice is sooo smooth and velvety that it literally has a universal appeal to it. He can sing ANYTHING effortlessly and beautifully. not to mention he also composes and produces all of his own music. Period.

How much do I love thine voice? He was on “Happy Dictionary” (Kai Xing Zi Dian) variety show with Hangeng (from Super Junior) which I intitally started watching cause Hannie was on it. Once I started watching and they introduced Anson, I went all AJHSDAFJKASDFLASLDFLASLDFLKAWER;;;RAWR~ and was looking more forward to HIM than Hangeng. So yes, I LOOOOVE his voice. He sings a LOT of theme songs for a majority of the ancient period historical Chinese dramas. That’s how versatile his voice is. He “seems” like he would be a ballad singer until you listen to his dance songs like “3 vs. 3” or “Emperor” and you realize that he can beatbox too and he CAN speed up his voice to sing fast(er) songs.

He’s just sooo impressive. All that and a bottle of good wine with good cheese and sweet grapes. Not kidding. His voice is a genuine treat. It’s unique, but not overbearingly unique, and his tone, pitch, and volume control is just so effortless. He has such a beautiful rich voice that can belt effortlessly and STILL sound manly (sometimes, when guys belt, their voices go really high and sound a little girly; as much as I love them: it sometimes happens with Changmin and Jae from DBSK). Plus, Anson utilizes a lot of “classical Chinese methods” in his song composition. What do I mean by that? If you’ve ever listened to “old” Chinese music or “ancient and traditional” Chinese music, you’ll realize that the singers tweak the words a lot to make them sound more poetic and flow better with the feel of the song. Most modern artists don’t do that (or find it unnecessary), but it is refreshing to see Anson trying to conquer that (and succeed I think he does) because it acknowledges the Chinese musical history.

He’s also from southern China (I think he’s from Sichuan also, like JRI) so *cough cough no offense* his voice doesn’t have that mildly (understatement) irritating Beijing or Northerner accent that a lot of Chinese people get. This is my biasness though ’cause I’m from Taiwan (well, my dad is from Sichuan and my mom is from Tawain several generations in, so at most: she’s Fukinese somewhere in her bloodstream, but the point is: I speak Southern-accented Chinese which is what I LIKE to hear in a Chinese accent). So no need to get offended. Some people find the accent adorable and endearing, others find it kind of grating on the eras :raises hand:.

But that is my take on Anson Hu. A ridiculously underrated singer (if you ask me: he deserves ALL the fame that even TVXQ and BoA has combined. period. And being such a bit TVXQ fan — and knowing exactly HOW popular and kinda overrated BoA is — you know that is not an easy statement that I would just toss out there). He has some fans because his concerts always look pretty packed (and yes: he sings perfect lives; sometimes his lives are even BETTER than his recorded renditions) and he’s already released up to 3-4 albums (I can’t remember exactly), so he’s doing pretty well in the mainland…. but he deserves so much more. And if I can bring one more fan to him… well, it will be worth it.

Some samples (all youtube links).
Jue Bie Shi It’s one of his “theme songs for a historical drama,” so it infuses a lot of beautiful traditional Chinese instruments in there. And yes, I do think he does it a lot better than Wang Leehom (Leehom’s voice is an endless source of irritation for me and I don’t know why; he is SUPER talented, but I prefer voices like Anson’s. Hear it and you’ll hear a major difference).
Waiting for You. Actually not one of my favorite Anson pieces (Engrish!), but it’s a classic because it was one of the main songs in the Taiwanese drama “Love Contract” (starring Mike He and Ariel Lin). It’s a great drama too (a little awkward and very much sad though).
Yuang Wang (Wish). Ignore the video (it’s weird), and just listen to the song. This song is a masterpiece and it was probably the first Anson song that I got REALLY REALLY REALLY addicted to. It’s SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO good. It transcends words and verbalization. EVEN MY OWN SINGING CAN’T DO IT JUSTICE. Yeah, love it.
And Want you Know (with Se7en and this Chinese track star who’s name escapes me atm!!). [Engrish!] Hear Anson’s voice paired up against Se7en (who I don’t think is a really bad singer either) and notice the difference. Sorry Se7en, but I think Anson kinda pwns you :bias bias bias:.
Nan Ren KTV (Man’s KTV). It’s actually a cover of a Justin Lo song, but people have said Anson’s is sooooo much better (I’m biased, so don’t listen to me). BUT I’m not the only one that loves it because it won AsianFanatics.net’s 2007 Golden Globes award for Best Chinese Song of the Year…!!!
The Other Me (High School Musical’s “Breaking Free” Chinese cover) with Stephy Tang. My sister loves this song, and I’m chronically addicted to my sister and I’m also chronically addicted to Anson, so it’s a nice compromise to find this song right in the middle. It goes without saying that Anson Hu pwns Zac Efron in terms of vocal ability (duh) and Stephy Tang is well, a lot less-annoying than Vanessa Anne Hudgens (even though Stephy’s voice is typically popstarlet’ish). but the song is catchy and cute and HELLLLLLOOOOOOO it features Anson. Duh.


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  1. playmeagain said,

    Oh my, he does have a dreamy voice. For some odd reason, the Anson Hu I had figured out in my head was a 40-year old bachelor. *headdesk* I have no clue where that came from, and omg, I must be going insane, because he’s only 24.

    Yes, major Engrish problems. I laughed myself silly the first time I read “Waiting for you kiss me at tonight.” xD. I didn’t even realize that he was singing the word “Cinderella”; I figured it out to be some obscure chinese word I’d never heard of before (which is believable, okay, cos my chinese vocab isn’t exactly extensive. =P). And then came “Waiting for you come here to my dream “, which isn’t bad, but srlsy, I’m a major grammar nazi, so I was itching to add an “s” onto dream. rofl.

    I REALLY LIKED WISH. Good song. I loved his intonation, and the little twists he added. SO FITTING. What I LOVE about artists like him is that every song seems like a masterpiece (we’ll excuse “Waiting for You” – too pop-esque), and you can HEAR the effort that goes into producing each song. That said, the video was just … odd, but the song was good enough to make up for it. And his voice … !!! It was like bathing in a vat of cream. Thick, delicious, omgineedmoreofthisorelsei’llgocrazy cream.

  2. Ohhh, he’s the guy from “Happy Dictionary”??? I remember watching it and thinking WOW that guy has a good voice. His voice is so…unique? It’s so smooth, but not that annoying nasally thing that some male singers have (i love Jae more than oxygen, but gah, he needs to use his diaphragm sometimes)

    I’m not sure why, but he reminds me of Tank (you know, the Tw artist who sang “專屬天使”?

    Anyway, do you have any other good artists that you can recommend? I’m trying to find some new music, and i trust your music taste.

    Btw who’s the Stephy girl in the Breaking Free song? She looks familiar, but for some reason I can’t quite remember where i’ve seen her….

  3. Erica said,

    Totally agree with you on his voice, and I really love his traditional songs.

  4. nanshi said,

    Cor YESH. I LOVE HIM. Period. It really IS like bathing in a vat of indulgence/cream. His voice is just sooo smooth. I can’t even remember where/when I really started listening to him; It might have been around the time I started watching “Love Contract” and heard his MV and heard his song and was like “o0o love <333” and it all tumbled downhill after that. Even Anson’s more “poppish” songs (like Waiting for You and some of his other works like 3 vs. 3 and Emperor) all have a unique flair, and YESH that’s also why I love him so much; you can just feel the effort that oozes out from his singing and his composition style. He doesn’t really confirm to what’s current and trendy in pop music, which I really like, but at the same time, his voice is SO good and SO unique that it generally tends to transcend generation gaps so people of all ages can find *something* on his albums that they all like. What’s really awesome is that despite the fact that he’s not as popular/well-known as some of his lesser-deserving counterparts, he still regularly releases albums which means at least some people out there appreciate his work as well!!!!

    Pinkandsparkly (aka: Jen). He HAS gotten a lot of comparisons to Tank. They actually do look somewhat similar; really unique producing skills and some exceptional talent, but nowhere-near-stellar looks. Stephy Tang is a popstarlet from HK, if I’m not mistaken. I know aboslutely nothing about her aside from the fact that she’s a typical popstar singer with no exceptional talent (from what I’ve garnered on the boards and stuffs). I loooove Anson and he is always my #1 recommendation because loooaaads of people seem to not know who he is (even though, like I said: he deserves his own legion of posessive fans like Cassiopeia or at the very least, the size of BoA’s fanbase. Cause let’s face it — despite the different genders — he definitely pwns BoA in terms of talent. And don’t give me the “Oh, he doesn’t dance” excuse. BoA is a singer first and foremost and a dancer second or third.).

    Artists that I recommend? Hnnn… mine are mostly from Taiwan because I haven’t heard that many mainland singers except for a few (including Anson and Zhang Li Yin) and I can’t understand Canto, so I steer away from HK. I like listening to: Amei (Zhang Hui Mei) who has a powerful voice like woaHHHH and she IS crazy good and has been around for as long as Wang Leehom has as well (coolness, ne?). aLin (she’s going to get a post reeeeaallll soon too). She has a crazy powerful voice that just CANNOT be denied; in fact listen to this which is kind of incredible: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7EIxS28jNMM (her voice is definitely not something you see very often in the East). This is acappella too!!! I like listening to KOne as well (squee!!); they aren’t as good as a lot of their Korean counterparts in terms of vocals, but their DANCING RIVALS DBSK. No joke. Their dancing is literally perfection and I have NOT seen anyone come out of Taiwan/Japan/HK that can rival their synchronization and individuality in terms of choreography. I also listen to “W- Will Liu Geng Hong.” he’s actually like Jay Chou’s best friend and does his own composing as well, but I think he’s miles more talented than Jay. hehe. I also listen to a duo called StyLe. They’re actually part of the same management as aLin. And they both have these really really really beautiful and smooth and mellow voices…!!! They cover a LOT of Korean songs; I think they’re kind of like the Fly to the Sky of Taiwan (except they’re not “quite” as good as FTTS, but I forgive them cause they’re singing in Chinese). hehe. I also like the style and trend of music that has been coming out of a new upstart management company called Wingman Entertainment (KOne, W, and Evonne and Ivy Hsu are both a part of them). You could also try Nicholas Teo (Zhang Dong Liang); he’s a really great ballad singer and can croon like there’s no tomorrow. Plus, he’s SOOOOOOPER adorable. I’m really partial when it comes to my Chinese music to be honest, and it’s difficult to find artists that can really wow me and blow me away. I just listen to a lot of Anson…. haha.

    Erica Thanks! I do too! It’s really nice because they’re songs both my mom and I can enjoy. My mom’s a bigger fan of “unique” voices…

  5. Dee said,

    Anson Hu is AWESOME!!! i’m just trying to listen to all of his songs…its hard to find them anywhere…especially in the US…blahhhh…but so far…i love “Ni Ji De Ma”, this song is so so so pretty ^^

    hopefully i can get a hold of his other songs because his voice is truly wonderfully amazing…


  6. ainouta said,

    Does anybody know whats the song that Hu yan bing compose to another singer? The song is very very high in pitch. Its rather a new song i suppose.

  7. fywang said,

    I agree with all.. Anson is seriously underrated… personally I like his hun li jin xing qu (wedding song) its really sad but good and creative… And is voice is amazing.. something that is possibly unparalled for someone his age… but he is originally from Shanghai (yes!!!!) So I think that influenced his voice a little…

  8. diavaj said,

    I just LOVE Anson!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    No one can beat his voice. It truly is a gift and talent. To me, no one can compare or beat his songs. I can listen to them over and over again while other songs will bore me after a few times. His voice always pull me in, I don’t know how it can’t pull others. I have a friend who is a Korean freak, after I introduced Anson to her, she was like addicted to his voice and song as well.

    Anyways, I will always support Anson. Love his voice and songs. Can’t get enough of him.

  9. katy said,

    I chanced upon his song Qing Bu Ze Jin, fell in love at once.

    Best voice I’ve heard in a long time.

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