….. Sang-Mi Lina from CSJH-The Grace.

*to be edited* but just know that I love her soo much right now.

Oh, and she turns 24 today.

EDIT TIME!!! I think this is going to turn into a CSJH pimp post because I honestly do not have that many “cute” clips of Lina in general. Mostly because back when she was in Isak & Jiyeon (she was Jiyeon; that’s her real Korean name), variety show appearances weren’t really popular and SM Entertainment is notorious for grossly underpromoting some of their best stars (it wasn’t until recently that FTTS got some time with Brian going on shows, and CSJH has rarely appeared on even half the amount of variety shows/appearances that SNSD makes).

Trust me: CSJH pwns any of those groups out there. These ladies are sexy, mature, classy, gorgeous, sing sooo much better (ALL four of them of incredible singers), and CAN dance and are crazy charismatic and super cute… all le time. Period.

They are TEH ULTIMATE Korean girlgroup, but it’s a pity that SM Entertainment never promotes them because with the right amount of promotion and marketing, they could easily be just as popular as BoA or SNSD or Wonder Girls or whatever…

Anyways, yesh, I really do love Lina. She is just… soo talented (I’ll link some of her old music from Isak n Jiyeon days in a moment) and she’s just sooo gorgeous. And she’s really filial and supposedly her father is either a pastor or just really active in the church in general. There’s a shot of her at A-Nation looking really uncomfortable in her short-shorts cause she’s just SO AWESUM LIKE THAT.

I know I’m being silly by 1337ing all over the place, but that is just my small way of expressing how fangirly I get in consideration to CSJH. No joke. I really do love zem.

A cappella compilation of CSJH. 1st song is: Can’t Help Falling in Love with You. 2nd: Dancing Queen. 3rd: Faith. All are incredible, and in “Faith,” you can REALLY REALLY REEEEAAALLLY see Lina’s vocal prowress. Gah, love her. Oh yeah, and since these are all acappellas, I’m not joking when I say these girls can sing.

My Everything MV. It’s a classic. Featuring Kibum (from Super Junior). It got a lot of people into CSJH, and they all look soo purty and elegant in their beyoooootiful white dresses. So pretty. Vocals are stellar as well. Also My Everything LIVE on Inkigayo. This is one of my favorite performances of theirs because they all look sooooo pretty.

Stephanie dances to “Boomerang” and Lina shows off her powerhouse vocals. Enough said, I think.
But yes, this is one of my favorite clips, because it shows Lina belting out lyrics effortlessly and she looks so silly and embarassed by the whole thing ^^

Lina’s audition. The Korean in the lower left corner says: Lee Jiyeon, which is Lina. She was such a fantabulous singer back them (they trained away her lisp and obviously gave her dancing lessons), but she was still really pretty back them and a great singer.

And to finish it up…

Tell me Baby by Isak n Jiyeon. … SO GOOD! It’s actually a really good album they have (I attained it awhile ago, but now I can’t find it anymore cause I think the forum was taken down)… but see… talent! SM is sooooo bad at promoting artists. I think the thing is that they didn’t want CSJH taking the limelight away from their more prominent Korean artists like BoA or TVXQ (actually, CSJH got a lot of antis because they didn’t like the fact that there was a “girl DBSK”) … I guess they must regret it now, huh? Well, I certainly hope they do.


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  1. nathica said,

    CSJH totally pwns Wonder Girls and SNSD at singing and dancing. I don’t understand why SM doesn’t promote them more… because they are extremely talented, sometimes it really kind of frustrates me when I see SNSD and Wonder Girls getting all this attention and what not and going on variety shows.

  2. nanshi said,

    nathica I totally agree. They DO pwn all other girlgroups out there right now. In terms of vocal, talent, and overall charisma. At the MKMF, they had a “girl battle” with KARA, Wonder Girls, Black Pearl, and SNSD, and a LOT of other users (on youtube and such) were like “What about CSJH? They were there…” The official line was that since CSJH wasn’t a “newcomer” girlgroup, that they didn’t have to compete. MY take on it was that CSJH would’ve OWNED all of those girls…a dozen times over had they actually gone out to compete. It’s soo not fair because these girls ARE great and they CAN sing… I have no idea what SM Entertainment is doing with them though. I mean, if they came out with the same amount of promo that SM gives SNSD, trust me: I think CSJH would not only have an even bigger fanbase, but their fanbase would be MUCH MORE justified (I mean come on… CSJH>SNSD anyday). I mean, SNSD are cute and all, but come on, not all of them can sing and dance like whoa the way the Graces can and all of them woo the cute vibe, none of them are hardcore charismatic and classy and sexy the way CSJH rocks.

  3. Cloudless said,

    CSJH the Grace / Tenjo Chiki is my only favorite female group…
    They dance greatly , good in acapella and pretty… Is there anything not to like??
    Too bad SM doesn’t promote them much but if not mistaken, they starting to gain their popularity at Japan ( of course they do well in A-Nation with powerful dance and singing , on top of it , they dressed nicely ) …

    I wish for their brighter future… =)

  4. yahia said,

    salu ,comment sava?

  5. rizqiyah said,

    lina`s voice are good….
    I like it…

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