Visual Shock…

Posted in DBSK/TVXQ,Kpop by nanshi on February 23, 2008
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le photoshop or mais non photoshop?!

It’s a topless Jaejoong!!!!! Well, sort of. According to the Soompi sources (where I got this image from), this is from the “Yeo Haeng Gi” (World Cup 2006, Fighting Spirit) promo that DBSK did for the soccer thing that was going on there then. The boys weren’t quite as slim and svelte and starved skinny as they are now, so it’s probable that they were “fuller,” but although the chest and arms look enough like Jae’s, I can’t help but feel that his stomach and waist aren’t quite so full. He has a very very slim waist as we all know. It could be the awkward pose that he has though (whilst jumping on le trampoline) though….

Yes no?

And some additional goodies.

Yesh, this is the actual… “whatever” that was posted for the YeoHaengGi. HELLO BELLYBUTTON PIERCING. I SEE YOU…!!!!!! Girls dig rebels.

I SEE MOOBS! HELLO LEADER! ((s’okay, I love you all the same))

If anyone has the photobook or images of the photobook and would like to send me topless pictures of anyone else in DBSK, please don’t hesitate to do so.


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