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DBSK on “Line-Up” on SBS!!!! *squee*

Usually it’s not that big of a deal to me that I will actually feel like blogging about this at school, but THIS IS PRICELESS! OMG. I’m gonna go home and hit up keepvid.com and get this transferred onto my mp3 player as soon as possible… And by possible I mean, sometimes after Thursday cause I have a midterm coming up =(

Anyways, so I’m sitting in our school’s language lab (I’m in Japanese and Chinese courses and both require language lab time) on the computer finishing up my work and I decide to watch “Line Up” with DBSK. OMGGGGG NO JOKE BEST DECISION I’VE MADE ALL DAY!!!!!!

It didn’t really start off that funny (although the talking was kinda funny, I think a lot of it was kinda boring) until they hit the part with the Judo backflips and the most physical comedy. I’ll just link the two parts with the judo.

1, 2. WATCH PART 2. Part one is ridiculously funny as well, but PART TWO is priceless because you get to see DBSK using their idol status to the fullest!

Okay, so the preface is that there’s two teams vs. DBSK. They have 10 girls in varying weight classes (from lightest to heaviest; the lightest is 45kg, and the heaviest is 78kg) and the three reps from the teams (one from each team and Yunho from DBSK) have to backflip them (like judo style) in “record time.” It’s really funny cause Goo Ra is all *proud* about his judo skills and he can only backflip like 3 of them (and he’s like totally winded for the rest of the segment cause they have to go through ALL TEN).

Anyways, the second guy goes up, but it doesn’t start to get priceless until Yunho makes his entrance!

And then while the camera is focusing on the host(s), we quickly see them shout and then the camera pans to Jaejoong who is (OMG JAEHOOOO!!!!!!) “lobbying” to the two heaviest girls. The host guys are all like, “NOOOOOOOOOO!!! STOP LOBBYING TO ZEM!!!!!” And they grab JJ away and he’s all, “I was just trying to tell them be use their true professional skills.!” ILOVEYOU!

First off: Shin Jung Hwan (you may remember him from Golden Fishery or Heroine 6 or Xman? this man is priceless! He says he checks his fancafe everyday to monitor how many fans he has. it’s something like 23 and most of them are his relatives, or something hilarious like that) starts telling the girl, “Don’t just JUMP over him, you have to act the same way you did for the others!”

Okay, that’s brilliant, BUT it gets even better as before Yunho even starts doing anything, he just stands on the mat and smiles sheepishly (and looks adorable in his sweats and ponytail) and then claps his hands and says: “Come to oppa~~!!!!” AND ALL THE GIRLS COMPLETE DIEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! I would have too. They all get these really silly grins and two of them are like REALLY REALLY STRICKEN by the whole thing and the hosts come by and tease them because of the “hearts in their eyes.” AND THEN the hosts are teasing the girl, so Yunho runs over to give her a little hug to make her feel better. She kinda walks a few paces away fanning herself. hahahha. Then, one of the main host guys (Kyu Kyung Min?) comes over and starts yelling at them to be professional and that they can’t let this kind of thing affect them. You can’t hear exactly what they say, but basically they’re like, “You wanna go one round with us?” and he just kinda stops, looks really scared, and then just walks away. Micky’s having way too much fun over this, and couldn’t contain himself, so he steps off the platform and actually walks over to one of the girls and gives her a hug of gratitude (you can hear her excited scream in the background; tbh, I never would’ve let go…. *whistles*) and the rest of DBSK (except for Junsu) all steps off the platform to go do a little meet-and-greet. The hosts and yelling about how this has turned into a fanmeet. (HAHAA)

So obviously the boys are to get extra points for leadersshi. It works, btw. GAH, I don’t know how it COULDN’T.

A comment on youtube was, “No matter what size the girl, she’s still a girl.” and heart will melt upon contact at Yunho’s charisma/aegyo. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH! SO CUTE.

And then he goes about flipping, and predictably, he wins in record time and flips all ten of them and the hosts are all indignant cause they’re pretty sure the last few girls just “jumped” over him and cheated, but s’okay cause I’m pretty sure it was scripted that way anyways. Plus, Yunho actually DID use the most ergonomic form to flip them. The other two just grabbed their arms and flipped them around requiring more strength and energy, plus more mass to flip. Yunho actually wrapped an arm around her WAIST and then grabbed her arm and flipped her. Of course, it might not have been orthodox backflipping, but Yunho’s probably still a bit injured, and it’s DBSK. They can do anything they want.

<333 Go watch please !!!!


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  1. playmeagain said,

    OMG! I LOVED THIS!!!!!!


    I absolutely LOVE it when the boys use their idol status to their advantage! I mean, of course they’re good-looking et al, but their talents far surpass those of many artists today (even, or should I say, especially american ones). So, technically, they COULD ditch their idol image.

    But it’s for shows like these that I absolutely adore their image. Plus, it’s nice to follow groups who aren’t embedded in toooo many scandals.

    And I lol-ed mucho at Jae’s “But I’m just asking them to show their professional skill!” That boy cracks me up. He’s incredibly witty, but then again, so are the other four (none more than Changmin. Omg. His sarcastic remarks are priceless.)

    And I’m SO GLAD (I can’t thoroughly express HOW GLAD) that Yunho was chosen as leader. He definitely exudes a professional aura, even when joking and messing around. And dayaaaamn, he knows how to keep em boys in line. =P

    And I ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ ❤ Jaeho. No joke. Jaejoong lobbying for his leadersshi was hella hilarious. And the look he gave when he was ratted out. Priceless … ! I must’ve paused and restarted the vid LOADS of times. (ImsuchaloserIknow).

  2. nanshi said,

    ME TOO!!!!! This is sooo priceless cause you NEVER see Yunho lose it. Micky does it all the time, Junsu does it some of the time and so does Jaejoong… Changmin not so much… but YUNHO???!?!? NEVER!!!! Which was why this was suuuch a treat! I know all the Jaeho shippers are all up in arms about it, but I think it’s because Jaejoong was seriously concerned about Yunho’s back (he has a bad back) and he was also being idiotic — cause Jae is spacey like that — because I’m SURE everything was scripted so that Yunho would end up being the winna, but nooooooooo… Jae has to forget and double-check. I can just see him be like, “So, uh, go nice on Oppa, okay? He works really hard and is really tired today… so um, just be good to oppa, okay? If you’re good I’ll buy you lunch later.” (like he bribed his mini on StarKing…!!!)

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