“Purple Line” Korean live…!!!

Posted in DBSK/TVXQ,Kpop by nanshi on February 26, 2008
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Ahh… I love zem. I really do. They all look so exhausted and smexy and hot and smoldering at the beginning. Especially Micky.


All the boys look soooo good!!! I dunno if it’s because of the more toned-down and “conservative” style of Korean dress in general or some great stylist noonas in Korea (and the funkadelic ‘neesans in Japan), but they always look SOOOOO much better on Korean stages most of the time.

Except Yunho definitely should’ve gotten a tanktop for when he took off his jacket, then we could see LEADER BICEPS! But another day, ne? Junus’s belly shirt was enough to make me giddy with happiness as it is (no joke! He literally only had like TWO buttons buttoned!!!).

Anyways, this is a GREAT HQ performance (THANK YOU UPLOADER!) of the boys. They all look like they are having soo much fun and Changmin smiles SO BRIGHTLY (LIKE THE SUN!!!!!) at the camera during his solo! I think he’s usually pretty camera oblivious (wasn’t he the one during the Mnet Mission thing where he was supposed to do the “V” sign like three times, but he did it like a dozen times cause he was afraid the camera wouldn’t have caught it?) so he looked really surprised when he was like, “Oh, focusing on me! *smiles* HIIIIII!!!” *waves* HIII CHANGMIN!!!!! It was sooo adorable.

Yunho did his “OMG” move during his dance solo that caused no small amount of nosebleeds and endless fangirls screaming and squealing across the globe no doubt (Thank you youtube and SBS). I have never been more happy that Korea is so technologically advanced that virtually everything they air is always HQ/HD. yayyy!!!! We get to see the boys so clearly!

I think they’re just more willing to be open in Korea because they have fanGIRLS and not just fans (like they do in Japan). In Japan, their fame is more dependent on their talent, in Korean they just have to stand there and look hot/cute/charismatic and Cassiopeia will do anyzing for zem. Hey, I’m not bashing either groups of fans, I’m just pointing out something I’ve observed. Plus, a lot of things regardless, Korea is their hometown, ne? If I was to become super Taiwanese popstar and ended up being exported to like China or Hong Kong, I would do it… gladly, but still end up feeling safest at home in Taiwan surrounded by my ‘original’ fans. not to say that the Japanese fans of THSK aren’t the original fans, but everyone can see that there is a distinction between Japanese fans and Cassiopeians, right? I hope so… cause I’m too tired to point out the obvious nuances now, but let’s just put it this way: during some ballad performances in Korea, the boys have said that sometimes they get a little sad because the audience/fans are so loud when they’re cheering for them that they don’t really stop to think about the lyrics and enjoy the music. Durring ballad performances in Japan, you get the absolute reverent silence that I think they all really really enjoy.

Although SM has groomed them to be idols, the boys really want to be singers. Really. Yunho and Junsu have stated that it gets them a little annoyed when people compliment them (DBSK) on their dancing cause they want to be recognized for their singing first and foremost because they really want to be singers and be acknowledge and appraised for being singers. Not idols. Not dancers. Not actors; but singers…

Idoldom… sigh.

Why has such a happy entry turned into something so depressing? I’m really really tired. It shows, huh?

Ja ne.


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