A post littered with randomness

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on March 7, 2008

… and sprinkled liberally with incoherency.
[[ aren’t I creative? I came up with that today while on the bus home?!?!! ]]

But it’s true. I’m tired. And feeling quite defeated. So this post will be amusing endeavor into the realm of randomness as I attempt to get a few things straight. Optimistically, I will have some decent and logical segues. If not, it’s okay. Because I’ll bold everyting as it is.

Makeup hauls
I am teh makeup whore. I really am. I am also a self-professed “work in progress” (where progress = money) when it comes to clothes, so all my money goes to makeup. Since I have no job and am living at home while commuting to college, my very little money goes towards makeup. I can’t afford clothes, not really. I am of the body type (tall, with long legs, big butt, wide hips, small waist, broad shoulders) where finding clothes is an uncomfortably long and tedious affair. Not that I don’t LIKE to go shopping, but finding clothes is difficult. I can *settle* for a cheapie pair of $20 jeans, that will inevitably stretch and feel uncomfortable and not nearly be as flattering as I hope them to be, or shell out $50 (or more… like those True Religion jeans that I’ve been lusting that cost $172) for a pair of Calvin Klein skinny jeans that hide all that is hideous and ugly from the world and show only that which is beautiful and lovely (no joke). And as it also happens to be: the higher the price tag, the better it looks on me. I’m not those stick skinny Asian girls that can buy cheapie clothes from Zipia or Gmarket or all those “warehouse” clothing sites… or just stroll into Hollister or A&F or Aeropastale (and let’s face it: if I’m going to pay over $30 for a pair of jeans, I might as well go to the designer department in Macy’s and find a pair for about $10-20 more that fit well AND look good on me AND will last long)…and just buy whatever (cheap clothing looks even cheaper on my frame, no joke)… Like Forever21? Can’t set foot in there without feeling incredibly insecure; not only is their clothing too “cute” for my style (I dress business-casual mature with a flair for color and detail and uniquness; imagine Lucy Liu’s character from Cashmere Mafia and then tone down the price tag and the audacity and something comes close… I dress closer to Miranda Otto’s character even though I want EVERYTHING in Mia Mason’s closet)… plus, it’s too cheap. Like I said: cheap fabrics look even CHEAPER on my frame.

But I digress — greatly — but the point is, makeup is one-size-fits-all. I don’t have to go into a dressing room and try things on; I can just swatch on the back of my hand/arm. I can pull of colors — oh, can I pull off colors — so that’s never a problem. My favorite are lippies though. Not a fan of gloss or shimmer/pearl lately though because I feel it’s just so passe. And I’m right! The dewy look is back in! Those natural, light and faint little shimmers. Okay, there I run off again. So I bought a ton of brushes from Essence of Beauty, a CVS-store (local American drugstore/pharmacy/chemist… see, I acknowledge the Queen’s Citizens) brand so it’s only availabe about CVS. Many of my makeup bloggers/muses have gushed over these brushes. They’re not super super cheap, but considering the quality of the brush that you get, for the price, they’re definitely worth it. I ordered a Silk Naturals mineral makeup (MMU) sample kit online and decided that it was *finally* time to invest in a good kabuki brush. The nearest Sephora (aka: my drug den) is over 30min away considering the way I drive (the speed limit, darnit!) and traffic at that time of day (the road to that mall with the Sephora gets congested all the time on the weekends) and I was *not* going that far cause it was raining too. Plus, why go that far when there is a CVS 10min away with a $10 kabuki brush that people say is *better* than any of the ones sold at Sephora. So last Saturday, I ventured out (yay!) and got it. My only regreat is that THE SUNDAY AFTER, the Essence of Beauty brushes went on BOGO 50% Off (for those of you that don’t get “makeup purchasing” lingo, that is: Buy One Get One 50% Off — sometimes also seen as BOGOF where the F[ree]). The curious thing is that EoB brushes go on BOGO 50% pretty often, but CVS had JUST had a sale the week before I bought my brush so I figured their next one wasn’t going to be for awhile, ne? Boy, was I wrong. Anyways, the only way I found out about the sale was that my sister had fallen ill (poor girl) and I had to pick up some Tylenol for her so I had to stop by CVS on my way home from school as it was. And I decided to check out brushes while I was there. haha! I was so excited to see them on sale that I picked up two more (actually, they were in those bonus-packs, so I ended up getting FOUR!). I got a blush and accent brush, and two eyeshadow brushes. All four of them are really great (and the kabuki brush is like magic too).

AND THEN, my Silk Naturals sample kit came in today! I was going to start freaking out because the Silk Naturals office is actually not too far from where I live. Okay, it IS far, but it’s still on the East Coast (where I live) not like it’s shipping from LA or Seattle or something. So I thought it would’ve arrived yesterday (I ordered the kit on Friday night, and there’s no mail on Sunday)… but today was definitely like the last day before I would’ve started getting worried. Anyways… I took pictures (with my webcam because I HATE getting my digicam out and then having to plug it in and upload it online… such a hassle).

Here’s what I got (( sorry for the blurry picture ))

It’s: the Silk Naturals sample foundation kit; Unblush Redness Concealer (it’s the “green concealer”); and a small sample of Grassroots Green eyeshadow and Breathless lipgloss. I’ve heard good things about Silk Natural’s eyeshadows and lipglosses, so I’m pretty excited to be trying them out, actually!

Anyways, aside from Vannessa and Alienman turning me onto Silk Naturals mineral makeup, on the old site (Karen updated her site now, so it doesn’t say the same thing that it did when I used to surf it consistently a few months ago) that her mineral makeup uses a unique “powder-to-cream” consistency so that your makeup stays smooth and silk on your face rather than caking into an incoherent mess.

The MOST appealing aspect of her mineral makeup is it’s customizability. Now, I’ll have you note, I have NEVER ordered anything from Silk Naturals before, so this is ALL that I have READ about it and nothing more, nothing less. With that said: if you’ve ever ordered makeup online (doesn’t matter what: lipgloss, mineral makeup, eyeshadow, foundation, concealer, etc) or even picked up makeup at the drugstore/chemist (where they don’t have testers), you are consistently hit with the problem of SKINTONE, ne? They always look different in the bottle or on the paper swatch/label in the store than they do ON YOU when you get home. Plus, a lot of makeup also oxidizes during the day, turning your face — potentially — into a darkened and blotchy/muddy mess of makeup and skin. Also, a lot of the cheaper — or better — mineral makeup brands do NOT have freestanding store or even stock their products IN stores (that’s primarily why they’re cheaper; they gain popularity by word-of-mouth rather than expensive advertisements and such) so you can’t even swatch or try them on (unlike the ever-so-ubiquitous Bare Escentuals mineral makeup that is widely available)… Fortunately, most of these online sources have generous sample policies (Everyday Minerals, for one, actually gives you FREE samples, and you just pay about $4 for shipping depending on where you live), but this can STILL be annoying because what if you don’t find your perfect shade the first time? Okay, you send out for another sample… but what if it doesn’t work STILL? And then again? And then again? Alienman confessed that she spent over $20 on Everyday Minerals samples and STILL couldn’t find her perfect shade, but one $6 order with Silk Naturals takes care of that problem because SN comes with loose foundations.

That’s right, it comes separate with a bag of white foundation, and a bag each of Ebony, Warm Gold, and Buttery Gold foundation, a small scoop, and a small jar to mix (and instructions to start you off!). But basically, in as little as twenty minutes, you can come up with a foundation perfectly customized to your skin! What’s brilliant is also the fact that skin changes on a daily basis. I’m sure some of you (all three of you reading this blog) may have realized that at certain times, your skin changes tone depending on how much sleep you got last night, whether or not it’s summer/winter… etc, right? Well, with SN, you can literally customize your foundation DAILY depending on your skintone of the day. PLUS it also eliminates the bizarre problem of having a white face and a brown neck. Because now you can make your foundation to match your neck… or whatever else you want!

That is the most innovative part of SN that I like.

* * *

Enough makeup stuff, but there’s not much else I want to… actually there is, but while we’re on this topic, I’ll just answer Cor’s question that she posted in my “other” blog. Which, I am no longer going to be updating; it’s just too much of a hassle, and if you’ll read my response to her comment, basically: I am not a reliable source of entertainment news and I keep this blog mostly for my own amusements and what I decide to post — and you decide to read — are your decisions. I will STILL post about entertainment, but if you want actual up-to-date news: please direct yourself to other blogs (I have a couple of them linked on my side bar to the right –> ) because here you will just find, as conceited as this sounds, me me me.

With that said, Cor’s comment:
Have you any hamazing suggestions for an oily/dry combo? My forehead’s super oily (methinks it’s due to bangs, which I don’t want to get rid of just yet), but the rest of my face is dry, including along my hairline.

I go au naturel all the time, so forgive me if I don’t comment as much on this blog. This make-up stuff (lol. Bad generic word, I know) is rather interesting, but I’m too damn lazy to do anything about it.

And primer … is what again? *headdesk*

>>> Yes. I have loads of amazing suggestions for oily/dry combo skin. Moisturize moisturize moisturize! People think it’s actually BAD because you’re putting oil on your face blah blah blah, but let’s put it this way: your skin gets uber oily to overcompensate for the LACK of moisture. And your dry skin can benefit from this as well. It might very well be your bangs though, for that I would suggest lightly dusting and brushing baby powder through them! You’d be surprised at what kind of wonders it can work! It helps soak up excess oil in between washings… also, pin them up as often as you can (like at home watching DBSK vids and such!!) … haha.

Primer is something that you put on after moisturizer and before makeup. What it does is it fills in the little crevices (such as pores and fine lines) in your skin to create a more even base for your makeup. It also gives your makeup a “base” to grab onto so it’ll appear more vibrant and vivid and will last longer because the primer creates a barrier between your natural skin and the makeup so the natural oils of your skin won’t affect it. Bonus to using primer: it helps mattify your skin by creating a barrier so the oils can’t get through, so your oils stay in your skin and your skin doesn’t get as oily throughout the day!

A recent drugstore beauty secret/dupe I found lately is something called Monistat Chafing Relief Powder Gel. Now before you FREAK OUT, it’s actually NOT MEDICINAL at all. It’s actually for those people who’s thighs or arms chafe really easily and basically it’s a silicone that’s in a gel form and what it does is it really just makes your skin feel really soft and silky (for some reason), but it’s the SAME EXACT MAIN INGREDIENTs in all those other expensive primers out there (the cheapest is like NARS primer for like $33). I bought it and have been using it and it HAS made a huge difference. My makeup comes out look smoother and lasting longer. Plus, my face does not get the oilies (it usually does because I have combo skin) throughout the day!!! SO GET IT. Even if you don’t wear makeup, it can work just to help mattify your skin and keep it smooth and help keep the oil in and from “leaking” out. haha.

Okay moving on…

Oh, and PS: cause it’s kinda beauty-related… I bought two HUUUGE packs of studs from this little vendor at school called “Cute Stuff.” It’s similar to the kinda stuff that one would buy at those night-market/streetside vendors in Taiwan/China/HongKong… for roughly the same prices. College campuses get them quite often to be honest because a lot of us can’t go out for shopping, so these little vendors will come to peddle their wares instead. We get the most around holiday season.! One campus center will have like 2-3 days set aside right before final period starts just so people can get a little “holiday shopping” done. I’ve bought some of the cutest things from those vendors before… *sigh* She was selling all this really really cute jewelry for $3 each or 2 for $5. Rings, bracelets, and adorable adorable earrings! The packs of studs were worth the most cause it was like… I think something like 10 pairs of these really pretty pearlized studs (they were shiny like pearls, but in all these pretty different colors! some were really vibrant and some are more subtle pastels!) for only $3. I picked up two packs and spent like the last of my pocket money for the week… *oops. But worth it cause… well, who doesn’t need more studs? PLUS, I have TWO holes in each ear lobe…!

Zhang Li Yin

Yes, we knew it was all coming…!!! With her new singles and lives and MVs released and her new album pending… of course it was coming… le sigh.

NO I WILL NOT ADMIT I’M WRONG. I will admit that Zhang Li Yin has in fact justified my original suspicions and beliefs of her. In case you didn’t read my other post closely (and sometimes, just plain, read in between the lines), basically I garnered that ZLY is just uber uncomfortable singing in Korean on the Korean stage with the most-freakin-perfect-live-singer Xiah Junsu. In fact, it even shows through her recorded tracks. Her new song, “I Will,” I really love. I really do. Her voice could still be a lot smoother instead of dipping into this R&B thing that she keeps on doing, but eh, it was how she was trained. I can’t tar and feather her for that, huh? I would like it if her voice was a little smoother and a little less “soulfully deep” as I think of it as because of the nature of the song, but going from sounding shaky (even on the recording!) in “Timeless” to marginally squealing out notes in “Y,” this is a much needed improvement.

Anyways, since this is vaguely entertainmentical (yesh, that’s a word now), I will go about and find some links to utilize…

Zhang Li Yin LIVE “I will”. SEE SEE SEE?! Chinese is SO much more flattering to her. That and a year’s worth of acting lessons and a Chinese stage. She has HER FANS (and not Cassiopeians and red balloons) and HER language and HER stage (not Junsu’s stage… sorta). She’s still a little stiff, but that goes back to my original assumption that the poor girl does NOT have a performer’s personality, and I don’t think any amount of training can ease that. Her eyes still lack expression even though she’s waving her arms, and she just still looks too uncomfortable onstage; like I said: her confidence appears feigned rather than a true reflection of her real personality. After the performance, she probably walked calmly backstage, and then proceeded to bolt for the dressing room to wheeze/dry-sob with relief and nerves. Her voice is strong enough, but her expressions are too stiff. It evokes memories of Jaejoong’s first few showcases with DBSK where he lamented that he wasn’t good at emoting (believe it or not, that IS a word!) and he couldn’t “scrunch his face up properly” like Junsu could (virtually his exact words, I believe). She can get better… but eh…?

ZLY Dancing to “One More Try and lipsynching. Well, she’s no Stephanie. Heck, she’s no BoA, but yesh, like pinkandsparkly said: considering this was a girl, who just a year ago would have loved nothing more than to bolt for the back exit, this is a HUGE difference. I HIGHLY doubt her performance would’ve even been a fraction as good as this one (and this performance is NOT all that impressive) had she been in a Korean showcase. I’m really really sorry for generalizing like that, but you have to realize, for a newbie artist like her, singing in front of a completely foreign audience (especially one that is SO scarily critical)… it must be SOO scary for her.

I just downloaded her Korean rendition of “I will” and it IS a lot nicer than the Chinese one. Some of the lyrics in the Chinese one don’t make sense, and all, BUT her Chinese is a LOOOT smoother than ZLY’s Korean. Which goes to show, she just really can’t sing in Korean all that well. Traces back to my performer’s personality thing. A genuine performer can overcome all those things… You can still emote and evoke without necessarily being able to speak a language; meaning and emotion can still be conveyed and can overcome mostly everything.

Not to say I hate her and am totally dissing her or anything, but I’m just simply… commenting on something.

Now, despite a lot of things, I don’t think I could stand a full album by Zhang Li Yin. I’m really really sorry, but I don’t think so. I can get through a few songs of hers, but her voice… there’s something about it I find annoying. I’d much rather see SM pour their resources into CSJH than ZLY to be honest. ZLY has the potential, but NOT the potential to shine in the direction that SM wants her to go. CSJH can EASILY fill that hole (a href=”http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZTDX3szd5sU”>Girlfriends by CSJH. GREAT PERF. LIVE AND DANCING IS AWESOME! And Lina is perfect. . *shameless plugging*

Plus, ZLY’s voice isn’t quite my cup of tea. Not quite. There’s something off about it that I just can’t put my finger on. Yes, it’s strong. Yes, it’s powerful. Yes, it’s dynamic… but it doesn’t shine. It doesn’t draw me in. She gives me no charisma. I DO like the song, don’t get me wrong, but… like I said: just her voice is not my cup of tea. I don’t think I *could* go through a whole CD of her voice. First of all, she’s showing no versatility as of late (all of her songs have been ballads of a similar nature to “Timeless”) and even her slightly faster track, has her utilizing the same techniques that she used previously and those techniques CAN be quickly overused (excessive R&B-type vocalizations and undulations).

And to finish things up, I’ve been running through some of my old CDs recently (I burned a lot of CDs back in my high school years before I got into Asian pop music) and I re-discovered one of my old favorites… I don’t know HOW I found the song (this was before youtube was popularized, mind you, so I *really* have no idea). It actually might’ve been JUST around the time youtube just came out (December 2004?). I was one of the FIRST people to ever go on youtube before it even became popular. Like a month later… bahh… Anyways:

“High On Life” by DJ Encore ftd. Engelina (yesh, I do techno/dance).

Enjoy!!!!! If you want the song, just send me a comment and I’ll see if I can get it uploaded…!

Okay, i’ve written 3400+ words so far, so I am NOT tagging ((maybe edited later)).

Ja, mata ne.


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  1. playmeagain said,

    Wow. LONGEST POST I HAVE EVER SEEN ON A WORDPRESS BLOG. I almost read all of it, but I skimmed through the make-up section (UNTIL I CAME TO THE PART WHERE YOU ANSWERED MY QUESTION! Thank you!), because I’m completely lazy with my appearance, though greatly concerned. Hehe.

    Anyhow, thanks for the advice! Shall definitely try that non-medicated primer! And OMG, thank you for telling me to moisturize, because I stopped, thinking that the added oil/lotion to face = increase in oiliness of forehead. So, I literally SLATHERED moisturizer on my face (after using toner, of course! I’m not that challenged. Heeeee.) and went off to school in a happy mood. And my forehead’s been SOMEWHAT less oily, which is superb.

    I actually downloaded ALL of ZLY’s album, because her voice is really starting to grow on me. It sounds fuller and MUCH MORE confident, for which I thank God a million times. Even though she twists her voice really quite strangely at times, to the point where I’m actually annoyed, I try to errr … block those parts out so I can only listen to the good. A sort of censorship in my head. Hehe.

    Oh yes, and that guy who sings the “Yeeeaaaahhhhaaahhhhaaahhh” part in her version of “I Will”? So amazing. I also want to take his voice home with me and stick it into a little box for all the hear (well, mainly for ME to hear. Because, yes, I’m selfish brat. And evidently, rather shameless about it.).

    And CSJH. I had the 6 songs I have from them on repeat for DAYS. XD. I actually LOVE “Renew”, especially the acoustic beginning. SO GOOD. I’ve listened to only the start FOR DAYS ON END. I actually quite dig (LOL. I used “dig”. Goodbye decent English mark!) Sunday’s voice, just because it’s so high and pure. And what I like most about the group is that everyone’s voice is distinguishable enough for the voice distinguishing- challenged, comme moi. Yet, they sound amazing together. And I swoon at their acapella. (Ihavesuchagirlcrushonthem.)

    By the WAY, you should definitely check out Younha. She’s quite amazing, and I’m sure you know all about her, but in any case, I shall be doing some extremely long post on her at some point, because yes, I have a girl crush on her extremely talented self.

  2. nanshi said,

    I know, it’s crazy long, right? *sigh* I like talking wAAAAYYY too much for my own good, and DON’T get me started on talking about makeup. le sigh. It can go on for an AGE. I was also really tired, so when that happens, I tend to babble incessantly for awhile. I’m glad my advice helped! I’m not a professional — or even have a makeup-dedicated blog like a LOT of other makeupping chicks do — so it’s nice to see when my [useless] knowledge is … acknowledged. That was SO not intended. I DO agree that ZLY’s voice has gotten an age and some more better, but I’d have to hear the full album (so I guess I have to obtain it huh?) in order to come to a conclusion as to whether or not I can “stand” it. It’s similar to how some people who can’t STAND hearing Celine Dion’s voice (even though she’s one of the greatest singers of our time) or think Christina Aguliera’s voice is nasally (they’re psychotic and probably a bit deaf, tbh) in that regard. Her voice is just something that I don’t really like to hear overly much. Like ZLY’s track “Heaven” on the SM Town’s 2006 Winter Album, I got through the track like 1-2x before finally just being like “OMG her voice is SOO annoying!!!!” I feel that way about BoA too though, so no big deal there, ne?

    I LOOOOVE “RENEW” by CSJH!!!!! I recently obtained their album and I put it on my mp3 player and it was on random shufle and I came upon this song and I was just AMAZED AND BLOWN AWAY!!!!! Lina’s voice — obviously enough…!! — is my favorite out of all of them, BUT they all get major props for having incredibly strong, unique, AND consistent voices. Sunday actually follows a close second because her voice is SUPER versatile (even though you’d think it WOULDN’T be) and she’s also really consistent in lives. Plus, their voices ALL are so powerful that it balances them all out really really nicely. Seriously, nobody gives them enough credit at ALL. People just cast them aside as another bubblegum pop group… or another sexy-kitten girlgroup, or something crazy like that.

    I WILL check out Younha, then. Thanks for the recommendation! I usually stick with SMers, and since CSJH is so grossly underrated, I like to give my female recs all to them because otherwise they wouldn’t get any promotion otherwise because no one else seems to support them or even have heard of them (much like my “thing” with Anson Hu as well).

    I also have to do a general “music recommendation post” soon. Maybe later tonight? idk when.. but I’m sure I’ll get around to it. I have loads of really talented Chinese artists in my arsenal that need promotion. Hmmm… mata ne!

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