Zhang Li Yin’s NEW ALBUM


It’s, um, leaked over the Internet. I have my sources, m’kay? So I managed to obtain a copy. And I was just listening to it.

I should be working on a paper, but… eh. The day is still young, ne? I’ll finish it before the night is over, I promise. At least I’m not like my loser [guy] friend who withdrew from school because he couldn’t get his butt up in the morning and hauled to classes(!). Oh, and by morning I mean: 2-3pm. DOES THAT EVEN MAKE SENSE?! *breathe* Okay, I’m done. I’m just really disappointed in him because he told me at the beginning of the semester that he was going to try and graduate on time like a normal person after having some really really bad semesters, and now he withdrew from SCHOOL?!??!?! Loser.

Okay, done ranting. I’m sorry. I’m usually not this emo and I despise people who give play-by-play accounts of their daily lives WITHOUT anything actually funny or interesting happening. I don’t really care that you had chicken Caeser salad for lunch and that your professor wanted to talk to you after class about your paper. I’m sorry, and it sounds really cruel and mean of me to say so: but honestly…? Those people, to me, are just insecure little freaks who are starving for attention.

Okay, I’ll stop now and post some pictures in order to show that this is where the REAL entry begins.

*this is my favorite pic! Look at Micky in the background!!! (and JAEEEEE~~~)

Album I Will — 星愿 (pinyin: Xing1 Yuan4 || translation: Star Wish)
1) Intro
2) 初恋 (First Love)
3) A Flame For You
4) 星愿 (I WILL) (Star Wish (I WILL))
5) 幸福的左岸 (The Left Shore of Happiness)
6) 后 (After)
7) 交错的爱 (Wrongly Given Love)
8 ) 相信爱 (Believe in Love)
9) 纯真的爱 (Pure Love)
10) One More Try
11) Y (Why…)
12) Timeless
13) 星愿 (I WILL) (Star Wish (I WILL)) – Korean version
14) 幸福的左岸 (The Left Shore of Happiness) – Korean version
** Tracks 13 & 14 are bonus tracks that I don’t seem to have my my “version.”

* * * * * * * * ** * *
Album Review.
Get it. Now.
Obtain it. Buy it. Pre-order it (spazzes says that it isn’t up for pre-order though…). Set aside pocket money for its release on Mar. 12th, and get it. Unfortunately, I’m not THAT dedicated… But it’s not just HER. I own only ONE DBSK CD and that’s the CD for their “O” Tour (and we all know how much I love zem).

Now, my opinions of ZLY are fairly widely known as such. BUT this album was probably recorded within the past year (or even within the past 6 months), and after her intial “situation” with her debut of “Timeless,” SM really went to work on prepping her for this release! A lot of people were impatient, but I’m glad. I would rather have waited a year or much longer in order to get a good album instead of a half-hearted effort of an artist that was obviously not at her peak. Note: Timeless was recorded EVEN BEFORE her debut (it was recorded when she was 16, and ZLY debuted at 17).

ZLY is loads better and her voice is much smoother and much more confident. AND AND AND: instead of a few select covers, we actually have about 10 (give or take a few) tracks of songs that are actually tailored and customized to ZLY’s unique voice instead of the necessity of having HER adapt her unique voice to the song of another singer’s strength, now she has songs in HER strength…! Plus, no more weird runs and trills like “Timeless” which makes her songs LOADS more easier to sing.

The collection of songs on here are of a slow and mellow R&B’esque nature. Mostly slow and gentle love ballads. The few faster tracks (“One More Try” and “A Flame For You”) aren’t even THAT fast. The beat is faster, but not excessively so, and really not conducive to dancing either. This album CERTAINLY does not ring of SM’s usual flavor. There are no SMP (SM’s own personalized genre) tracks on here at all. In case some of you aren’t familiar with the SMP genre, I’ll give you a few examples. BoA’s “Girls on Top,” DBSK’s “Rising Sun” and “O,” Super Junior’s “Don’t Don,” CSJH’s “One More Time, Okay?,” etc… Most of the songs are slow and very gentle. I wouldn’t say that their good songs to “fall asleep” to, because there’s something and ZLY’s voice that tends to keep ME on an edge (it’s a bit sharp and too strong to be really ‘soothing’)… but maybe for you? It’s not very pop at all. There’s no appearances of rock, but the album is very very very R&B ballad’y. It is reminiscent of older works of Alicia Keys or Mariah Carey. Like I said, R&B. Which works fine for me, because that’s the kind of music I like listening to…!! It’s typical SM Entertainment R&B-Pop fusion. In that regard, it rings of typical SM-style. But aside from that, it’s pretty unique. Production values are also might higher (and greater, if I might add) than typical Chinese releases. DO NOT interpret that statement as “ZLY’s VOICE is of a greater value or better than typical Chinese voices.” NO. That’s not what I meant. But as a whole, Korea generally pours more money and resources into their Entertainment sector (music, dramas, television programs, awards, etc) so therefore, their production values are going to be higher than those you’ll typically find in China and Taiwan and other places in Asian (excluding Japan). But therefore, ZLY will seemingly have some better songs, and they’ll sound more polished and … well, honestly: better produced and recorded because she has the backing of super-rich Daddy Lee Soo Man.

But don’t get me wrong: I do like love this album. It’s really really really good. ZLY’s voice sounds really really incredible and it’s much fuller and much more confident than her attempts with Korean. SEE SEE SEE!!! I KNEW she could prove it to me! At the end of the day, Chinese is STILL going to come across much better for her. I hope she gets more and more Chinese stages and SM really gives up on promoting her in Korea. I mean, not that promotion is a bad thing, necessarily. But when it comes to ZLY, her Korean stages leave more bad impressions than good ones. Better a few lesser GOOD stages than a bunch of BAD stages, ne?

Notable tracks: Chun Zhun de Ai (Innocent Love); that’s track 9. WOW. The guy that she’s dueting with kind of makes this song LOVE. Cor, I think this is the same guy that sang the awesome “YEEEEAAAAHHHHH~~~” part with ZLY in “I will.” Rumor has it that he’s a Chinese SM trainee. I’m looking forward to HIS debut…!! Chu Lian (First Love; track 2). Xiang Xin Ai (Believe in Love; track 8).

As a sidenote: ZLY’s voice has gotten loads better, but she still doesn’t really top any of my “Favorite Female Artists” lists just yet. I don’t really like people giving her the moniker of an Asian Christna Aguilera because… her voice is GOOD and it is strong, but it doesn’t have the ‘oomph’ that Christina gives her songs. Plus, Christina is edgy and her voice is just sooooooo consistent! They sound vaguely similar, but I think Christina got (gulp) better training… refer back to my belief that ZLY was trained primarily in language and dancing rather than singing. Give it another year or so as her voice — hopefully — gets stronger, and this opinion may change. I prefer my “belting” to be a bit smoother. But I don’t think ZLY is belting. I think she just has a really really strong voice. I wish she would sound a little more “open” though. Her throat still sounds a little closed to me. But that’s a personal preference thing. It’s hard to find a really “open” and “strong” voice in Korea (even Lina, whom I love, sounds a little closed at times)… On on a disappointing personal notice: I don’t think ZLY is capable of leading the “third Hallyu” across Asia as SM Entertainment has been pushing her as doing. Personal feelings towards her voice/talent/style aside, I think the “age of the Hallyu” is over and that Koreans should really give up on the fact that they are going to be “taking over” Asia again. Another entry, another day, ne?

Okay, digression and entry: done.

EDIT (cause I noticed that if I post Lyrics, I always get a ton of hits…!! and since I post in WordPress mainly to whore myself out).

LYRICS to Zhang Li Yin’s “I WILL”
in Chinese PinYin and the original [simplified] Chinese.
Courtesy of users at Soompi and baidubar.

Zhang Li Yin — I Will

Bu zhi bu jue de yue liang qiao qiao zhao liang ye kong
zai xiang ni de zhe yi ye ji mo ban sui wo xin pang
bu chi shen ru meng xiang pi bei yi wu li zai fei xiang

zhen xin de chi bang zhui sui ni de ying zi dao tian liang
wo zhen de hao xiang jiu zhe yang fei jin ni wen nuan xin fang
ni shi fou kan dao wo de ai zheng zai wei ni er shan liang

zai ni de huai zhong ai ni teng ni hu xi dou ting zhi ran shao
cheng zai zhe tian mi de meng zhi xiang he ni fei xiang dao yong yuan
qing qing shou ai ni ni shi wo wu hui zhui sui de fang xiang
Baby you will last forever, my love~

xi yu ban de si nian xi shu dui ni wu xin si nian
dang suo you kong bai dou tian man ye shui bu jin wo de ai
zhe yi ye wo de xin bei ji mo qiao qiao de rong hua
yuan lai wo de ai yi ran shi ge chun zhen de xiao hai

jin tian ye zou zai dian hua pang zhuang zuo ou ran ye wu fa
na pa shi yi ci da cuo de dian hua ye nan yi ru shui
zai ni de huai zhong ai ni teng ni hu xi dou ting zhi ran shao
cheng zai zhe tian mi de meng zhi xiang he ni fei xiang dao yong yuan
qing qing shuo ai ni ni shi wo wu hui zhui sui de fang xiang
Baby you will last forever

mei you ni zai shen pang wo hui zen me yang
wei ni qiao cui wei ni luo lei wei ai ku wei
shi ni de ai wen nuan wo zuan shi mei gui yi ban de zhen gui
wo zao jiu yi jing zhi dao ni shi wo yong heng de ai

zai ni de huai zhong ai ni teng ni hu xi dou ting zhi ran shao
cheng zai zhe tian mi de meng zhi xiang he ni fei xiang dao yong yuan
qing qing shuo ai ni
ni shi wo wu hui
zhui sui de fang xiang

Baby You will last forever…My..Lovee~

[01:31.46]baby you’ll last forever my loVE

[02:08.82]这一夜 我的心 被寂寞悄悄的融化
[03:07.19]baby you’ll last forever

[03:21.08]为你憔悴为你落泪为爱哭 为
[04:15.10]baby you’ll last foreve my love

** Enjoy singing. I know I hate!!


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  1. playmeagain said,

    Rofl at Micky’s expression. He looks like a confused little (asian) Archie (whom I love with all my soul. My life is NOT COMPLETE without Archie, Jughead, Veronica and Betty. Nerd, I am not!). And Jae also looks like a little kid who’s cooking up some (MORE) … trouble. Heee.

    Oh Em Geeeee. I had a feeling you’d like/love the album (I also downloaded it using an unnamed source.). I’m SO glad they tailored the songs to her voice, because her voice is actually quite pretty and tends to grow on you when you get past the strained sections.

    I mucho prefer her singing in chinese. Although I liked the the flow of her korean version of I Will much better (in terms of the rhythm of the lyrics fitting with the actual music), I disliked her pronounciation, even though it’s only to be expected. Somehow, her voice just came across as much stronger and MUCH MORE MIND-BLOWINGLY CONFIDENT in her chinese version, which has made me appreciate it ALL the more.

    (I’m actually not quite sure if this last paragraph has made any sense whatsoever.)

    The chinese trainee is amazing, no?! His voice is so buttery and smooth, and I love it almost as much as I love DBSK’s individual voices (which I still can’t recognize. Oh, the shame.). There was also another trainee (Korean, I believe?) who collaborated with her on a track, but I disliked his pronounciation SO MUCH. There was so much “shhhhhhh”-ing going on, when he should’ve been “ssss”-ing or articulating a different sound (if you get what I mean), and it bugged me to the extent that I couldn’t even finish listening to the song before I switched tracks. I’m horrible, I know. But other than that, his voice was rather nice.

    Anyway, all in all, I actually really love this album, simply because overall, it’s well-produced. There’re definitely a couple of filler tracks, but those can be excused, since most albums aren’t composed completely of ORGASMIC tracks that leave you wanting more. The musicality of her songs has improved infinitely, and they’re sooooo darn catchy, you can’t help but hum them while doing nonsensical tasks. I should know – I Will has been on repeat in my head for days on end. =P

    And let’s not compare her to Christina Aguilera as of yet. Like you said, Christina’s voice is SO consistent, there really is no competition. Until ZLY can improve the consistency of her voice (especially when she attempts to belt), she can’t be considered the asian Christina (in my opinion).


    I’m also extremely glad that “emote” is actually a word, since it would’ve been rather embarrassing if I’d discovered that I was making up words in my entries. Kinda like how I was pronouncing “scythe” as “sith” in English class. So not pleasant. =P

    Essay, much?

  2. nanshi said,

    haha. No essays are fine. I’m actually trying my best to not write this silly paper (because I have NO idea how to get started or HOW DO YOU MAKE A THESIS OUT OF A BOOK REVIEW??!?!)…

    I agree. I like the Korean “I Will” better because of the lyrics in the Chinese one were a little funky and flow of the song is better, BUT I must admit, that now hearing her sing in Chinese (first) and then hearing her sing in Korean, there is an ENORMOUS difference in how she presents herself. The fact that this difference comes across even in her recorded tracks actually speaks a lot for ZLY’s own talent and presentation herself. And what’s up with that Chinese trainee and being purely AWESOME?!?!??!! GAAAH. HE needs to debut now. Some netizens are saying that he was the MC for ZLY’s album-debut performance, and if that’s true: he’s kinda cute too..!!!! OMG. AND YES, that Korean guy annoyed me to NO END too. I was like “NOOOO BRING BACK THE CHINESE GUY!!!!!!”

    Of course, with SM Entertainment backing ZLY, I had no doubt that her album (as in the songs) would be of great quality, I just had doubt in her voice. Well, she overcame that, obviously, right? I’m now desperately waiting for its release so I can get some lyrics so I can sing along (!!!)

    Overall, I am VERY VERY pleased with this album. Almost to the point where I want to retract my original opinions/expectations about her… but I can’t help but admit that they still stand. Fortunately, she HAS exceeded them. Like I said, SM’s biggest mistake was making her debut in Korean and in Korea. Had they STARTED with China (and maybe debuted her simultaneously with the release of this album instead of rushing her debut in 2006)… I think she would have had a LOT less critics and antis. I know, that if *I* had heard her debut with … oh say, “Chun Zun de Ai” (with that INCREDIBLE CHINESE GUY) or “I Will” and in Chinese, I probably wouldn’t have jumped to the hasty conclusions that I did when I heard her sing Korean “Timeless” with Junsu. Whom I love, but you have to admit: he did NOT flatter her at all. In fact, Junsu’s perfect singing just made her own nervousness and flaws in her singing more obvious. She looks soo much happier and confident singing in Chinese.

    I still don’t think she’s capable of ascending to an Asian Christina Aguilera or even a Chinese BoA (both of which are severely different) simply because of the nature of ZLY’s quiet and shy and conservative personality. But it works for her, because it gives her a little niche, but it won’t get her conquering Asia (let alone America) anytime soon, this is true. Plus, her charisma is still unapparent (if that’s a word). Her voice has gotten loads better, and she’s starting to show a bit more of herself onstage and such, but… eh. There’s still something that stops her from completely opening up onstage. She’s soo shy, and you CANNOT be shy when you’re an idol. You have to ooze confidence. And even though she’s confident and her voice is strong, she’s still so nervous that her voice could fail her at any given moment. And unlike other singers who would just shake it off and keep on going, I can’t help but feel like she would be the kind that would kinda collapse under that pressure.

    But, for that, it’s another matter. As a singer, ZLY=good!!!! *thumbsup

  3. RU YI said,


  4. Joeii said,

    I luv her voice, she has a really good voice, can anyone tell me if i will and left shore of happiness the same?

  5. NonaIndoManis said,

    To Joeii:

    No I will and Left Shore Happiness are different, it’s just that the story in “I will” will be continued in “Left Shore Happiness”.

    I really like Zhang Li Yin’s voice too…

  6. Plum said,

    The guy that sang in that small part in “I Will” I heard was actually Yoo Young Jin? He was the producer for the song, but I’m not completely a 100% sure. The other guy who had a duet with Li Yin in #7 is actually her childhood friend and a trainee in SM = )

  7. gengen said,

    yeah…it’s hankyung…
    i agree that li yin has a vary good voice…
    R&B and ballads are great- when she sings them..hehe
    but i can say that she really is improving and her confidence gets better…
    love her….

  8. gengen said,

    i mean *very*..

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