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I’m not emo or psycho. REALLY, I’M NOT. I know I just blogged about ZLY, but Pinkandsparkly opened my eyes (or memory…) to K-One… and I just… can’t NOT blog about them because people need to become fans of their’s. NOW.

But I do love K-One. WOW. I forgot about them for the longest time. They are probably my favorite Taiwanese boyband. They’re not really exceptionally great singers, but if you compare them to the likes of which have been emerging from Taiwan, they’re definitely a step above in terms of vocals, and at least they know how to “prioritize.” They have the singers and they have the rappers. They don’t really try to make their rappers sing or whatnot.

But the best part is that THEY ALL CAN DANCE. PERIOD. They are alll sensationally good dancers, and I have NOT seen a single group (this includes those randong BBoy groups that show up on TW-variety shows and whatnot) that can rival their synchronization and sheer choreography.

If that hasn’t convinced you yet… here are some clips.

K-One dancing to Minwoo’s “Bump Bump”. I think the K-One boys are HUUUUGE Kpop fans (I have another clip of them dancing to Rain+Shinhwa too) and that’s where a lot of their inspiration comes from. What’s most impressive about this performance (if you don’t understand Chinese) is that K-One was in a rush, so they put this together in about 30min right before the taping of the show began. LOOK AT HOW GOOD THEY LOOK. IN JUST 30MIN! I could dance and practice for 30 hours… maybe even 30 days… and not come THAT CLOSE. (( note: there’s only 4 members here; JR wasn’t present).

KONE doing some freestyling moves on a Taiwanese variety show. I’m not quite sure of the song… but OMGGGGGGGGG THIS DANCE IS OFF-DA-HOOK!!!! When I sink into ebonics/incoherent-English mode, you know I’m entering some seriously fangirly territory. This is probably one of my favorite clips of theirs. It’s hypnotic… seriously.

KONE dancing to Rain/Bi “It’s Raining” with a short bit of Shinhwa at the end.!!! This is a supremely popular clip and KONE certainly does Rain’s dancing justice. They’re HUUUUGE Rain fans, I think. Along with Shinhwa too.

KONE does most of their own choreography, as opposed to a lot of artists in the TW industry who rely on company-supplied choreoraphers, so their dances usually have a lot more uniqueness and individuality, and dare I say “trendiness” to it. Note, those clips are just freestyling showcases. It’s not even the “real” stuff that they have for MVs. Well, the first vid I embedded does… and it is DEFINITELY one of my favorite MVs by zem. The song is excellent, the dancing is stellar, and I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE how edgy and hot they all look in it.

MV of “If There’s No Tomrrow. Really really sad ballad song. Still love them though…! This MV has subs! It’s a really great song.

“Look Into My Eyes” MV.. I wish I could give you more ballads, but they’re really a dancing group. This MV is superb! Love it. and the song too!

Okay, fine. This song is adorable:
“Wandering Thoughts” ftd. Ivy. It’s a duet. But it’s a really really cute and great “relaxing” song. Perfect for summer/spring… You just want to chill back and just..listen to it. It’s very soothing. I really really love it…!

And since I love KONE, and I can’t go a post with them without pimping out their management company : Wingman Entertainment (Pinyin: Yi Zhi Xing).

一級棒 (with Teddy, Freddy, Ivy and a bit of Xiao Dao)

星之翼 (featuring the entire company except for StyLe who actually belongs to another management. they’re REALLY good. I will pimp them out later. If you like them, look up the user FoundStyLe on youtube. It’s supposedly StyLe’s own Lawrence who posts up their videos)

… that wasn’t as long as it COULD have been, mind you. K-ONE has done loads of excellent variety shows and programs. Try searching youtube for KOne+Yu Le Bai Fen Bai (but you won’t get anything with JR because YLBFB and WQYL — JR’s a host for that one — are in the same time slot and their channel companies are rivals) and KOne+WQYL (these are EXCELLENT because the boys are excellent!). And then, while you’re at it: hit up Crunchyroll.com — the most complete source of online streaming Asian media, including dramas, movies, and animes — for Gino in the breakthrough Taiwanese drama “Prince Turns to Frog” (my ALL TIME favorite Taiwanese drama; it also broke and surpassed the impressive precedent that Meteor Garden set to be the all-time record high drama in Taiwanese drama history)… which is stupendously adorable and so good and Qiao En and Ming Dao have the most incredible chemistry ever. I swoon everytime the’re together onstage.

And then go and check out K-One’s “Music Love Story” because the K-One boys are just TOO adorable and to DIE FOR.

ja ne yo.


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  1. playmeagain said,

    Now, THIS is what I’m talking about! You DO NOT know HOW LONG I’ve been looking for an honest-to-gosh good dancing group to fawn over.

    The funny thing is, I’ve known about K-One for a REALLY long time, but I’ve never bothered to youtube or google them anymore than necessary, simply because I’ve been getting REALLY SICK of groups who’ve no talent whatsoever but who I’ve been hyped up, essentially, to follow. Consequently, even though I was introduced to Gino through the drama “Smiling Pasta” (SO much cute in one drama, it’s almost ridiculous), and even though I’ve watched some of their music videos, I decided that I was not going to be sucked into the cult following of this group.

    I kinda regret it now. =P

    First off, the first mv you embedded. Normally, with an mv structured that particular way, I’d get bored halfway through if the dancing were subpar and anything less than stellar. HOWEVER, you weren’t joking when you worshipped extolled the dancing ability of the group, because they REALLY are quite amazing. You may have read my angry post on Ajoo, who’s been praised as the quote-on-quote “next Se7en” (which imo, is complete bull), but his dancing looks much too trained and structured to be attributed to natural talent. I’m a huge fan of improvisation, simply because it gives you a chance to really observe the talents of a particular individual/group of individuals. And evidently, K-One is as fantastic improvising as when dancing in their mvs. In fact, their moves in the first mv you embedded, didn’t look over- practiced or structured at all , but seemed as if it were improvised on the spot, which is when you know someone has natural talent. The fluidity between the various dance moves, and their immense flexibility and awesome precision when executing these moves definitely made me swoon more than once, I must admit.

  2. playmeagain said,

    Kay, I definitely did NOT finish my comment before posting. LOL.

    I don’t actually find their voices to be terrible – in fact, they’re one of the better taiwanese groups out there. And Li Yang is ABSOLUTE ADORABLE. OMG, I swooned when I first saw him smile! 🙂

    I’m really glad they do their own choreography, because it’s evident that their dances are chock full of their individuality as a group, which definitely sets them apart from the other over-hyped groups out there. And I really CAN’T get over the fluidity of their moves – I’ve actually never seen a group so in sync and fluid.

    Their song “Look Into My Eyes” reminds me of N’sync actually. Am I the only one who thinks so?!

  3. playmeagain said,

    in sync = synced.


  4. nanshi said,

    I TOLD YOU they were good. They’re not horrible singers, but they’re not DBSK. BUT their focus IS dancing… so the fact that they can even hold a note/tune speaks marvels! Most groups can’t sing OR dance in Taiwan (grrrr). And can you believe that LiYang is [almost] 30?!?!? He’s like somewhere around 29 or so, i think.

    And YESH. “Look Into My Eyes” sounds almost EXACTLY like “Dirty Pop” from n’sync, but of course, I like their version better… because it’s K-One. And they are CRAAAAZAY good at improv. I mean hello?!?!? That really great Minwoo dance in 30min?!?! Like I said, I could practice for 30 DAYS and not get that good. They’re crazy skilled. Unfortunately, they’re one of the “lesser” groups in Taiwan even though they are pretty popular. But they don’t really have stereotypically “good looks” (like FRH) cause my friend says they all look kinda ‘edgy’ except for Liyang who DOES have the stereotypically good looks. Liyang also composes and writes his own music! Kido and Gino do most of the choreography.

    AND YES: I LOOOOVE “Smiling Pasta.” Not a huge fan of Cyndi Wang, but Zhang Dong Liang is just TOOOOOOOOOO CUTE! And I have the world’s biggest girlcrush on Xiao Qiao because she is just THAT GORGEOUS. Especially in Prince turn to Frog.

    Glad you liked them. I was soooo essicited when I saw their poster in Taiwan (when I went back last summer). and my best friend in the WHOLE WORLD gave me their “best hits” CD last christmas and it is just fantabulous… I love zem.

  5. nanshi said,

    Oh, and I would also love to point out the fact that K-ONE does NOT utilize backup dancers! I think a great deal of why “dancing” looks so good sometimes (especially a fault that a lot of korean groups have) is because their backup dancers are really good and help enhance the original choreography and “mask” more subtler mistakes of the group as a whole. So the fact that they can stand on their own as a group without backup dancers really is just AWESUM. *see fangirly mode

    You should check out their “Turbo” MV as well. Although the one I embedded is one of my top favorites, “Turbo” actually has loads of behind-the-scenes and filming clips so you can just see them, dance. I’m not a huge fan of KOne’s 1st of 2nd albums because in their 1st album, they weren’t quite as experienced as they are now, and it showed. their 2nd album, KOne was under Jungiery management, and Jungiery is REALLY poppish and REALLY caters to that entire genre. K-One is definitely more of a hip-hop style. So the 2nd album was GREAT, but I don’t think they really shone until they were experienced AND released from Jungiery where they really shone. Unfortunately, Jungiery had the resources to give KOne proper promotion for their 2nd album, but the third one, their management just did not have the resources… BUT on the plus side, enough people knew about KOne by that point to start paying attention to zem… I love them. Really I do. Ach.

    People compared them to Energy, but like I said, Korean groups aside (and I really just mean DBSK here), their synchronization rivals all other groups. Most other groups just look awkward and out of sync. I don’t know HOW K-One does it so well (even though I have my intense suspicions)… but Energy depends too much on their breakdancing (which is not that impressive after the first “one or two” rounds, tbh)… K-One is just… love. <3333

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