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Amusing moment.

So, everyone knows that craft/art brushes can be used as makeup brushes, right? I mean, as long as you get good quality ones and disinfect them before you use them on your face AND DO NOT use paint/watercolor/acrylic/etc on them beforehand. Basically, just buy fresh brushes, disinfect them, and you can use zem…! You might have to “melt” them first (basically just soak them in lukewarm/warm water until they become soft)… but generally…

Anyways, I was at Michael’s Arts & Craft store today (looking for an earring holder, of all things) with one of my friends today and they had these REALLY REALLY nice taklon brushes on clearance (for like $2-3 each). They are the SAME EXACT material my [$27] MAC concealer brush is made out of… So of course I was being fickle and in the brush aisle salivating because the quality is excellent (taklon is a GREAT fiber that is firm, but soft and pliable at the same time)… and for like $2?!??!?!

Anyways, there was another woman there that was also looking at brushes, and I looked like I’m “smart” (even though, I confess I think I look NOTHING like an artist) and knew a lot about brushes because I kept on looking and gushing at them — with my friend who was with me, but she has no love for makeup — and like FREAKING OUT cause … we always need more brushes and I’m ALWAYS hunting for bargains. Anyways, so she starts asking me if I paint and what I paint with… (awkward).

“So do you use watercolors?”
“erm… Not really… I mean, I dabble from time to time…” which is kinda true. I mean… my sister — who’s eight — has a few kiddy watercolor paint sets… and I do Chinese calligraphy….
“Oh… well… have you used any of these brushes before?”
“Um… not really. But I’m a pretty big fan of taklon….” I AM!!!!
*I think here she mentioned something about acrylics and I just made some noncomittal noises about it. I mean, I took art history, so I’m vaguely informed…
“What do you paint with?”
“Uh…” totally caught me off guard until I was brilliant, “Pigments.”
And then we got to talking about painting these fake flowers that she wanted to sew/pin onto a sweater so I commented that she probably could paint them.

I IS SOOO SMART! Makeup is pigments and I paint on my face… so I’m not completely horrible, ne?

I don’t actually think you CAN paint with pigments unless you’re like hardcore and mix your own medium (HAAARD) because pigments — if they’re anything like makeup — come loose… but it’s one of those “smart” answers… that I felt quite proud of coming up. I would’ve felt really really silly and foolish for being, “Um, actually, I’m planning on buying these brushes for makeup…”

gahh… imagine how RIDICULOUS that would sound?

On a completely unrelated note…

It’s Good Friday and I was just reading (g)ezebel’s blogspot where she is one of those “born and raised Catholic” that once old enough to leave the house also left the Church as well… and she was semi-ranting about how she couldn’t understand why it’s called GOOD Friday when today was the “day” that Jesus Christ was crucified and died a painful and miserable death on the cross (see “The Passion” if you want to see a fraction of that kind of agony).

And although I don’t profess to be the originators of this day/concept (not being part of the original Church nor… God…), I can see why one would call this day Good Friday.

Because today is the Day of Redemption.

Yes, Jesus died a horrific death… but He did so willingly and that’s what makes it Good. Good for us because then we can be with Him for all eternity and Good for Him because He wants us with him for all eternity. It is the beginning of the “Easter cycle” in which Jesus proves that He is God and that He came to save us all. Period.

So yes, today IS a Good day indeed. Because today is the day that God sacrificed Himself for us.

(But don’t get me started on the rest of it about how God should be called Goddess and that women can be priests/preachers and blah).


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  1. HI!!!! I’M COMMENTING!!!!
    LOL at the comment that you had with the painter-lady, my responses would’ve been wayyy less intelligent, had I been the person she talked to XD
    Anyway, you can use paint brushes as makeup brushes?? Wow, I have never tried that. I’ve been lusting after the Dior brushes for the LONGEST time now, they’re SO pretty. But even I can’t justify spending $70 on a foundation brush, when you can apply perfectly it well with your fingers, hmph.
    I think my family owns the DVD of “The Passion”, but I haven’t watched it yet.

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