I have no life…

Posted in Skincare by nanshi on March 30, 2008

… kind of. I’m also a relentless shopaholic. BUT I have a legitimate excuse after having to trash my *heavy* cream cleanser because it was leaving nasty residue on my face which I just COULD NOT get used to or tolerate. I’m not a huge fan of Cetaphil either, to be perfectly honest. It doesn’t really feel like I’m washing my face at all. I LIKE foaming cleansers. So I recently pulled on my Johnson & Johnson’s pH5.5 sensitive skin facial cleanser. Now, if you live in America… this is NOT available to us unless we order online, I think? This is available in the UK (I dunno about Oz) and in Asia. I bought it in Taiwan last summer and I really really enjoyed using it. My mom told me not to buy any facial cleansers back from Taiwan though because: a) if I find them suitable and am happy, I’m going to have a HARD time finding them here in America; b ) they’re heavy (liquids and such) so they’ll weigh down my luggage (I was bringing back soo much stuff and had a 50lb per suitcase weight limit).

So I’ve been searching for a cleanser and I’ve heard countless good things about Johnson & Johnson’s Purpose Gentle Cleanser… so I headed to Target today after dropped off my brother at tennis practice and …whee! I haven’t had a chance to use this yet, but I would just like to point something out that I have discovered and subsequently found tres amusing.

Ingredients: Water, PEG-80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG-150 Sistearate, Sodium Lauroampho PG-Acetate Phosphate, Fragrance, Ouaternium-15, Tetrasodium EDT A.

But I also was able to find out that the Clean & Clear Sensitive Skin Foaming Facial Wash WAS indeed the same as the Purpose cleanser…

Ingredients: Water, PEG 80 Sorbitan Laurate, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, PEG 150 Distearate, Sodium Lauroampho PG Acetate Phosphate, Fragrance, Quaternium 15, Tetrasodium EDTA

* * *

LOOK!!! Same exact ingredients list, same order… IT EVEN SMELLS EXACTLY THE SAME (same fragrance). Price? You can check drugstore.com and the Purpose is something like $5.79 and the Clean & Clear is like $4.09. Plus, the Clean & Clear is 6oz and the Purpose is 4oz. So… uhh.. C&C is cheaper and you get more product… so basically you’re just paying for the words on the Purpose bottle that says Dermatologist Recommended.

I just found it amusing because MakeupAlley and Drugstore.com have both give the C&C Cleanser lower reviews than the Purpose cleanser even though they are the same exact thing.

Psychosomatic? Perhaps. Amusing? definitely. I’ll use the cleanser for myself and see how things go, but I find it tres amusing…

PS: Clean & Clear and Purpose are both distributed/manufactured/created by Johnson & Johnson’s, so there really is no reason why people should be skeptical; I think they are indeed the same product… people just assume that the Clean & Clear is probably inferior because C&C is a line used for acne-ridden teenagers and not respectable adults (although I’m hardly respectable and my immature and childish tendencies leave little to be desired in terms of “adult”).

(( tangent: Now someone ridiculously mentioned that it was the same as Johnson & Johnson’s Head-to-Toe [baby] body wash… so I headed over to the baby section to check it out. Now tangenting for a moment, here, but: just because ingredients are the SAME (but not in the same order!!) does not mean they are the same product. Ingredients MUST be in the SAME EXACT ORDER because companies list their ingredients in descending order according to quantity… so just because they have the same ingredient list doesn’t necessarily translate to the “same product.” Which is the case with Purpose and the HtT body wash. Same ingredients, but different order still =’s different product. ))


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  1. playmeagain said,

    I was HOPING someone would have the same opinion on Cetaphil.

    About a year ago, I told my mum I needed a good face cleanser, so she brought back Cetaphil. I’ve been using it sporadically ever since, which explains why I *still* haven’t finished the bottle (and the fact that Cetaphil bottles are massive … !!!), but it’s mainly due to the fact that I never feel fully clean after using it. I’m sure it does the job, but yes, I totally agree that a foaming cleanser makes your face feel a lot fresher and cleaner after use. I was at my friend’s house for a sleepover, and I totally “forgot” (quote-on-quote XD) my face cleanser, so I asked to borrow some of her face wash (I can’t remember what the name was, but it came in a green bottle and started with a “p”. Maybe philoderm? Phisoderm? IDEK. XD), which was a foaming cleanser. And after washing my face, I could FEEL the difference between hers and the Cetaphil I used. It just feels like I’m rubbing a truckload of slimy lotion on my face when I use my Cetaphil, and I’m not really a big fan of that feeling.

    So, I definitely will try the C&C/ Purpose. XDDDD

    AND ZOMG, I only listen to Asian music too. I’m actually totally embarrassed to show my ipod to my friends, because they’re all super white-washed (except for like two), as I am, except for my music tastes. But yes, I have like 10 western songs on my ipod that my FRIENDS HAVE SENT ME BECAUSE I COULDN’T BE BOTHERED TO DOWNLOAD ANY MYSELF (=P), and about 400 some-odd asian songs (Korean, Japanese AND Chinese). And about a million DBSK songs. Cos I’m cool like that. XDDDD

    I’m not exactly sure why I prefer asian music to western music, but I find asian music much more soothing at times, and MUCH more enjoyable to listen to. Also, a lot of asian artists fuse western and asian styles, which I find completely appealing, and they tend to stay away from rap, which is nice. And if they DO rap, it’s less hardcore and much softer (Jay Chou-esque. XD <33333). And Asian artists are VERY experimental and tend to branch out, whereas I find many western artists rather generic. I haven’t found one that suits my tastes completely yet.

    There are exceptions, though. I’m not such a big fan of Fergie herself, but her music is ABSOLUTE LOVE. And her voice is AMAZING. And I don’t exactly like Josh Groban, but I admire his voice mucho mucho, because it’s SO expressive and SO nice and he’s got an amazing range. And yes. <33333

    AND I LOL-ED hardcore at your “I have an ego the size of Canada” because it’s true XDDDDDD.

    JK JK … !!!! <33333333333333

    P.S. You’d be surprised how often I make a fool of myself on the net. XD

    P.P.S. I’ve realized that I comment extensively on your blog. My comments are also SO MASSIVE. XDDD I think I need more of a life than you do. XDDDDD

  2. nanshi said,

    OMGOSH. YESH. I really can’t stand Cetaphil. Like a lot of people like it, but I’m sorry. I like to feel that my cleansers are cleaning. And your friend probably has Phisoderm. It is a brand and it DOES come in a green bottle. It’s actually kinda pricey. I like the C&C so far, but I must warn you: I have extremely resilient skin that reacts to very little things other than stress/lack of sleep. I have almost NEVER had acne caused by topical products. In fact, I don’t think I ever have had acne caused by products; mine is caused by hormones and stress. I’ve only reacted to Aquaphor slightly because I put it on my eyes and for some reason, my eyes swelled up (but anywhere else on my face, it’s fine). So do beware! But Purpose has gotten loads of good reviews (in fact, drugstore.com has it as a full 5 stars?). And I like the C&C cleanser so far…

    AND YESH. I HAAAAAAAAAAATE Western music. All of my friends are pretty whitewashed too, but the people I hang around with are Christians, so they all listen to Christian contemporary.. which I listen to as well… OR we all eventually fell into the Asian craze and we all listen to Asian music. I actually know a Japanese guy (who’s actually an international student FROM Japan) that listens to very little Japanese music; mind-boggling let me tell you. I was all “THERE’S SO MUCH GREAT MUSIC OVER ZERE!!!!!!” The most Western music I have is mostly soundtracks of stuff OR music from my ‘teenage years’ when I was growing up so it’s like “old” stuff…. so I feel kinda outdated. My ONE very very whitewashed Asian friend concedes that I am very very Asian, so he teases me, but it’s not like it’s unexpected. But yeah, my mp3 player consists of mostly Chinese with Korean and Japanese.

    I like “old” Western pop music and contemporary Asian music because they tend to sound similar (listen to like BSB — FTWWWW!!!– ballads and DBSK and you’ll hear some similarities in like rhythm and tone and stuff) and because I HATE HATE HATE how either: a) screamo-emo poor-me-I’m-a-suicidal-teenage-boy-band-that-can’t-sing; or b) sexy-hardcore-i’m-gonna-rap-about-raping-and-pimping-and-whores-and-sluts-and-hos-jus-cuz-i-can … music has become in the West. True to my Christian nature, I DO enjoy more wholesome music… but at the same time: I find that sometimes a lot of Christian contemporary can be too repetitive and cyclical and it’s generally not as catchy as mainstream pop songs are.

    And I think it just comes down to the fact that I was raised Asian and speak Chinese primarily at home, and at one point or another: I believe that all people (no matter how whitewashed they may be presently) will want to return back to their ethnic roots. Take my “whitewashed Asian” friend for example. He has NEVER dated an Asian girl before, and yet a few weeks ago, he confessed to me that he would probably only settle for marrying an Asian (Taiwanese or southern Chinese in this case) girl because at the end of the day… you do want something that’s (to use this crudely and ineptly) “familiar” to you to spend the rest of your life with.

    That kind of deserves a post in itself because that’s exactly how I think… it’s just that I came to that decision/conclusion a lot faster and sooner than most other people I know do/will.

    And it’s true: I DO have an ego the size of Canada. It’s actually quite scary. hahahhaa!!!!

    And I LOOOOOVE YOUR COMMENTS cause they are so funny and I do like hearing other people’s anecdotes as well. So I encourage zem, ne? <3333!!

  3. nanshi said,

    speaking of which: my claim about never having my skin react badly? *knocks on wood* I’m not trying to be egotistical about my skin (trust me: I actually DO NOT have perfect skin because it is extremely sensitive to climate, stress, AND hormones)… but it’s just the case with my skin. I would actually rather HAVE it react badly to cleansers and topical products and be a little bit less sensitive to stress and hormones and stuff because I can’t really control stress and hormones but I can do something about what I put on it or clean it with, y’know?

  4. playmeagain said,

    I’ve noticed the similarities between BSB and DBSK … !!! I totally thought BSB pwned N’Sync back in the day (Kay, Justin?! He was just a scrawny little thing back then, and SO NOT ATTRACTIVE. Actually, even now, although I admire his musical genius, I still don’t find his face OR body very appealing.), which may explain why I LOVE DBSK right now. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that the members can actually sing. And omigosh, I’ve realized that although Get Me Some is a vair vair poppy song, it’s got an amazingly catchy beginning. It DEFINITELY sounds like it should be the opening song of a James Bond movie, nevermind the fact that they boys are singing about getting themselves some of “that”. XDDDDD AND … I find “Miss You” parallels a LOT of the popular songs boybands are best known far.

    I’m in total agreement about individuals eventually returning to their ethnic roots. When I was younger, and like every other prepubescent girl my age, I only went for Caucasian boys. (No other ethnicities, please … !!!) And I was delusional enough to believe that, at some point, I would marry Brad Pitt when I was older, nevermind the fact that he was some twenty-odd years older than me, and NOT AS GOOD-LOOKING AS I INITIALLY THOUGHT. Yes, I was somewhat … strange …. back then. XD

    I’ve obviously changed my mind back then. I’m all for asian guys, now, just because, yes, I’m much more familiar with the asian culture and just generally more comfortable with people of the same ethnicity as myself. I too have been raised in an asian home and have been going to the same asian church all my life, though I speak English the majority of the time. Nonetheless, I guzzle rice (XD) and I LOVE noodles. And I definitely prefer Asian restaurants to those selling western food (I’ll take a chinese buffet over Swiss Chalet any day, thank you very much). And even though I’m absolute crap with chopsticks, I can just IMAGINE how awkward it’d be for me to slurp up (literally … !!!) a chinese meal with my caucasian boyfriend. I don’t think it’d bode very well, since my manners are atrocious when I’m consuming vast quantities of wonderfully-greasy and sticky chinese food. XD

    Before, I used to think my parents were so limited and narrow in their thinking when they INSISTED that I marry an asian guy (they’ve been telling me to marry a “nice asian boy” since I was ten. XDDDD Yes, they started quite early. =P), and I think I mainly went after caucasian guys for this reason – rebelling in the best way I could, you know? But now, I’ve realized that my parents are INDEED quite wise, and my values are VERY aligned with theirs right now, as they have quite a large influence on me. As a result, I find that, personally, I’d be MUCH MORE comfortable marrying an asian guy. Not to mention, he probably wouldn’t be as frightened of my parents as any other ethnicity, as he’d most likely be quite used to asian parents and their … oddities.

    And OMIGOSH, my skin isn’t sensitive to products either … !!! They’re more sensitive to stress and just the oiliness of my skin in general. Any type of product generally works well on my face, and I don’t face outbreaks as a result of usage, but I do, however, face them as a result of too much stress + the oiliness of my bangs. And yes, hormones and genetics too, as my parents both had excessive acne as teenagers. Thank goodness my acne is limited to my forehead, however, which is where my bangs come in and cover it completely. XD

    And Christian values FTW … !!! I too find Christian music styles very repetitive, so I don’t listen to it very much. A lot of my Christian friends aren’t really into music, so I listen to contemporary artists a WHOLE lot more. In fact, my Christian music library isn’t extensive AT ALL – it consists of three songs, I think. XDDDDD That said, I sing a truckload of Christian songs at church, so I’m not THAT BAD. XDDDD

    Any GOOD christian artists you recommend?!

    And I LOVE your replies. They’re always soooo long and chock-full of entertaining info. ^^ I’m usually giggling away at the computer while reading them, and subsequently, face a truckload of bemused and WTF faces turning my way. GO ME … !!! XDDD

  5. playmeagain said,

    Haha. I apologize for the excessive grammar errors in my comment. XDDDD No proofreading FTW !!! XDDDD

  6. nanshi said,

    You know what’s funny. *I* enjoy reading *my* replies as well.

    Ego = size of Canada.

    And yes, I think another reason why I enjoy Asian music (more specifically, Korean popbands) so much is because they are more “old-fashioned” than contemporary pop music over here in America/the Wester and ergo (I like using that word a lot, bizarre ne?), it sounds a lot more like the pop music that *I* grew up listening to. And like most adults and stuff, you’ll realize, that we all like music that we spent our adolescent years listening to and very rarely gravitate from that. *shrugs* that’s what I’ve always thought. I’m not old enough to be laughed at excessively… but I’ve always thought that to be the case.

    AND YES. BSB PWNS nsync. I don’t even feel obligated to apologize to nsync fans any more than just superficially because BSB is/was/am talented. nsync was like that crappy boyband that was thrown together to ride on the “boyband” wave that wasn’t really talented and just had good looks. And even then, I STILL think BSB was more attractive (major crush on Brian Littrell!!!) than nsync. And AJ’s voice STILL makes me swoon.

    AND LOL to your comment about the Chinese buffets; you have a lot of them where you live too?!?!??! HAHAHHAHAHA. There’s one particularly close to our school and ironically, my whitewashed Asian friend and I have a bunch of classes together and a long break in between two of them, so he’s always insisting on going to this Chinese buffet. I refuse to EVER go to a buffet with a male that is not part of my immediate family OR my husband (fiance doesn’t even cut it). Although he insists that he’ll pay (just because he wants greasy Chinese food and seriously… if you go into a buffet alone… will you not be the world’s biggest loser?). HAHA!

    The irony is that my mom actually DOESN’T care the ethnicity of the person I marry as long as he isn’t black. Seriously. I actually don’t care too much either… what I *do* care is that he absolute 100% has to be fluent in Mandarin Chinese. Period. He doesn’t have to be asian, per se… but he has to be able to speak fluent mandarin. and I’ve come to realize that some of the non-Asian people that CAN speak fluent mandarin actually tend to be more Asian than some of my ABC friends in general. I never really thought about the Asian parents and their oddities (seeing as how my mom is very easygoing), but I would appreciate someone that would understand the erm… “intricacies” (if you shall) of the delicate dynamic of an Asian household and more specifically a Chinese household (as opposed to Korean, Japanese, Fillipino, etc… because we all come with our unique set of … *something* that makes us… “odd” as you delicately put).

    WOW!! We seem to be really really compatible (marry me?!) haha… just kidding! But it’s rare to find people who have skin like mine. Most people have sensitive skin that reacts to topicals… but I just get the icky stress. I actually have really really REALLY good skin genes (I had like flawless skin in high school), I’m just plagued with a really bad college habit. My mom lucked out growing up in Taiwan where estheticians were everywhere so you could get facials and consultations really easily. Not like here in America where it costs so much and I just can’t be bothered (I hate living in the suburbs on top of it).

    I tend to like only a few set of songs from Christian artists, and like I said: I actually don’t listen to them very frequently. Christian music is just so limited that I don’t think there are people as talented as there are in mainstream (cause that’s where the money is) and to be perfectly honest, a lot of people that go into the Christian music industry are kinda of amateurish. Not that you can’t make good music, but like I constantly say: if you have the resources, it WILL reflect in your production… and most Christian artists just don’t really have those resources to produce something that will really captivate musically and not just lyrically. not to diss them or anything; a lot of credit has to be given to radio stations that really just overplay the same 100 songs or sets of songs over and over so that you can virtually hear the same song 3-4x in a day. Which isn’t bad if it’s a new and trendy song, but if it’s a song from like 2-3 years ago? This is the strange extent our local Christian station plays its music. One of my friends was driving to work and listening to the radio. When he got to work, he turned off the radio and went in. AFTER he got out of work, he got into his car and turned on the radio and it was the SAME EXACT SONG that he had ‘stopped’ when he left for work in the SAME EXACT PLACE had had left it at… that goes to show the repetitiveness. The Christian artists that AREN’T mainstream are actually pretty good, but since they’re generally considered “independent” artists around our area, it’s kind of hard to hear their stuff on a mainstream level. But like I said, Christian music has never been appealing to me since I found an alternative in Asian music which is pleasant to the ears AND wholesome to the heart/mind (I like listening to Korean and Japanese cause I can remain ignorant of the lyrics cause I can’t understand it anyways… haha!).


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