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today, the only thing i’m wearing is moisturizer, concealer, and a layer of translucent powder to set.

that wouldn’t be liberating if it wasn’t for the fact that I actually look OKAY wearing just that little makeup (other ‘accentuating’ stuff like eyeshadow doesn’t count).

THAT is liberating.

Pointless entry? Yes. Just wanted to share though. I promise I’ll blog about the music soon. I’ve been busy cause my mom has got the flu so I’m the one running around taking care of my sibs on top of my own work (speaking of, time to go do Chinese hw… NOW).

le sigh.

hugs and kisses all around.


EDIT (just cause I can)

cause I’m actually bored and waiting for my mask to set (and Brain-Age isn’t as fun/captivating as I think it is and I don’t feel like reading my Lucky magazine, yet)… I’m going to put up a small tutorial of *why* I think my skin has been doing so well lately.

Thanks to Alienman’s Green Tea facial mask! (Alienman is linked in my blogroll, so head over to her blog to read other interesting tutorials/comments/entries. she’s actually quite funny and entertaining and their blogs are generally filled with a lot more useful beauty stuff than mine…)

She has an entry about a Green Tea mask which is basically flour, green tea powder, and water. Well, I don’t have green tea powder and don’t really have access to any unless I rely on the internet *which I am loathe to do* so I used my mental prowess and came up with a solution…

REAL green tea instead of water! As it so happens, as a staple in my house I have green tea, so this is what you’re going to need:

– Green tea bag in a small cup (small cup is better because less water and more concentrated tea). Note my green tea is decaffeinated, BUT this will probably work even better with caffeinated green tea because caffeine is supposed to have wonderful skin properties as well. applied topically; NOT ingested…
– Flour
– small bowl.

It’s simple enough. Scoop flour into small bowl, pour in green tea. AH, but in order to get max effect, what I do is I SQUEEZE the green tea bag to get really really “dense” green tea.


It ends up dark and looking like this:

Then mix (and add more TEA if necessary from your tea cup) until it becomes the consistency of this:

Think like a thick soup type of consistency. We want it to be paste-y, but not too sticky and unspreadable. You’ll get the grasp of the consistency really quickly (Alienman recommends it’s something like the consistency of Elmer’s Glue… which is quite accurate).

And spread all over your face as liberally as you can, wait to dry, and then go rinse off in lukewarm water (NOT HOT. Hot water does almost nothing, I’ve realized. It just makes your face red and irritated more).

After the removal of the mask, my facial skin feels VERY smooth and very very taut and tight and really really soft (like a baby’s bum…).

I’m currently waiting for my mask to dry right now. I’ve only done this for a few days (two, maybe?) and already I can see my skin calming down to the point where I can wear minimal coverage and feel okay about the appearance of my skin. Okay, now I’m flaking… gotta go and rinse!! Enjoy!

Oh, and here’s a picture of my favorite person in the entire world (no joke):

She’s currently sleeping in my room right now. That’s my daughter sister!! We’re 12 years apart and she’s currently 8 (you do the math); so according to the Chinese zodiac, we’re both rabbits! How cool of a coincidence is that? She’s so great and since she usually sleeps in my mom’s room, but my mom has the flu, so she’s sleeping in my room… and guess what? She cleans my room and makes my bed for me. Her hobby — no joke — is “organizing.” She’ll go to stores and start arranging shelves and organizing displays cause she HATES messiness (my polar opposite) and she’ll help me clean my room/closets FOR FUN (she thinks it’s LOADS of fun)… and she’ll make my bed and clean my room (my room has NEVER been so neat)… an angel from God, I’m telling you. She’s never fussy and never whines and never complains… at all. She doesn’t get the best grades, but she’s very intelligent, very bright, and most of all: she’s very kind and patient.

I’m obsessed with her; can’t you tell?


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  1. playmeagain said,

    AHHHH … !!! THERE’S A PICTURE OF YOU… !!! XDDDD You’re GORGEOUS from what I can see. Your sister, too. Totally jealous.

    And your sister was born in 1999/2000? Mine’s a millenium baby too, so she’s a rabbit. She was this close to being a dragon baby, BUT my mum went into labour too early. XDDD (Actually, she went in labour in and around the right time, if my memory serves me correctly. It was an interesting time for me, since I was able to actually take in details of her pregnancy.)

    And yes, we’ve the most interesting relationship in the world – I swear she’s BEYOND HER YEARS in terms of how she carries herself. Honestly. She acts like an adolescent already, and she’s only 8 … !! It irritates me to no end, since it’s like having ANOTHER hormonal teenager in the house, in addition to my brother and myself.

    That said, she’s a total cutie and I’d be terribly bored if she weren’t here. <3333

  2. nanshi said,

    My sister was born in 1999. She’ll be turning 9 in June. hehe. I ADORE her. I don’t know what I’d do without her (probably have gone insane by now)…!!! And she’s really cute. Supposedly she looks exactly like me, just smaller. We get that a lot.

    And haha. Of course I’m gorgeous. Otherwise, how else could I merit a huge ego? Nah, just kidding…! I’m not *that* pretty… although I spent most of today camerawhoring cause my friend bought in his Nikon DSLR camera and proceeded with shooting everything and anything including a few dozen pictures of me during/after/before class. It was so weird. It was all “LOOK OVER HERE” “huh?” *click* “HAHA YOU LOOK FUNNY.” GRRR. And since it’s dslr, they’re like super good quality too. And they’re supposed to be massive dimensions as well. *sigh* I hope they aren’t too embarassing.

    I’m just pretty good at selca’ing cause I practice a lot and I went through a phase where it was my life’s ambition to be able to properly impersonate/pass-for a Korean uhlzzang (now that I mention it: my life’s ambition was to become a high-maintenance Korean girl. I think that phase passed… ). haha!

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