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Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on April 4, 2008

Because I feel like blogging even though there’s very little to blog about? Hmm.. actually I do have a few updates that I need to make/want to address… so here goes.

OMIGOSH. Has EVERYONE SEEN Koda Kumi’s “Black Cherry Concert” DVD of “Last Angel” ftd. THSK?!??!?!??!! (Thanks to spazzes for the heads up!) cause it is ingenuity onstage. I may say some very unsupportive things of the Japanese sometimes (hey, when you are a country that has a “male virility” festival completely with penis balloons and lollipops, I’m allowed poke fun!), BUT I must say that they really are MASTERS of conquering the arts. Really. I have never seen concert DVDs compiled so artfully and artistically as the Japanese manage to do it. Video editing and capturing is superb and top-notch (it almost films more like a movie than just a concert DVD) and sound/audio capturing is just brilliant (no annoying audiences, thank you. but of course, Japanese fans must be given credit as well). I love how the editors cut into a *little bit* of the audience ambient noise during the rap because it just really HEIGHTEND the excitement and enthusiasm of the entire performance (because the rap really is the climax of the song).

Anyways, ze boys (all five of zem) are hot. HAWT. THEY DESERVE FOUR LETTERS CAUSE ZEY ARE SO HAWT. I mentioned this on spazzes blog, but am I the only person — in the world, it seems sometimes — that feels that THSK really tends to bring on the sexiness when they’re onstage with Kuu? MV/PV of “Last Angel” aside (cause that was the concept), every live they’ve done with Koda Kumi has just been oozing with sexiness. More so than they usually are. I mean, they all have their MOMENTS, but rarely is there actually like almost 5 whole minutes of DBSK just being so hardcore and edgy and so bad-boy-too-hot-for-you-to-handle-sexiness, ne? I mean, they really really really just BRING IT when they’re with Koda onstage, no joke.

I mean, I know we are all very disappointed that Micky refuses to touch himself during that delicious line in “Purple Line,” but I have a feeling that if he was to sing “I really wanna touch myself” in a duet with Koda Kumi with the same type of vibe such as “Last Angel” or “Purple Line,” I have a strong suspicion that he WOULD really touch himself (or at least mime/mimic the “process”) just to give all fangirls across the globe nosebleeds.

All I can say is: I LOVE YOU KODA KUMI for being so hot and sexy too. Check out her “Juicy” MV on youtube if you haven’t. It just oozes le sexy. I think that THSK knows that Kumi is so hot and sexy so they have to bring their A-game too in order to keep up with her sheer sensual appeal. That, and it’s quite rare for DBSK to perform on a stage with such an artist LIKE Koda (she’s CUTE, but her image is NOT… and that’s a change for them), that they have to switch it up too, to match with her, ne?

And I love their outfits (but not the shoes). I know a lot of people question their Japanese designers, and I do sometimes as well, but for the entire production of this performance (the very futuristic, but still very PRIMAL feel of the song and the beat of the song) … everything just worked. Junsu’s outfit makes me giggle really hard… and I love Micky’s pimp jacket (hello fur trim!) and I LOVE Yunho’s cap+vest+FAKE TATTOO (I LOVE YOU!!!)… and Jaejoong just always looks hot and perfect (and he looks like he’s having SO MUCH FUN) in this performance…! THSK really bought their game to this stage and they rocked it; I think this was their first time being a guest at such a famous artist’s concert (Koda Kumi is one of the bestselling artists in Japan, no?)… so they were really enjoying themselves (and the smirk that Micky had on his face a few times told me that he was LOVING the sexy getup that they gave him and was working the glasses and the entire vibe of the whole thing; out of all of them: I think Micky likes playing teh sexy the most).

I love what they do around 3:08-3:15ish… OMIGOSH. When they’re just all on that platform and kind of grouped about Kuu…SO HAWT and then the sequentially breaking off to look even more sexier. AND HELLLO BODY WAVES (all of them did it. I saw Changmin’s and Jae’s and Yunho’s and Junsu’s and Micky’s)… and I LOVE LOVE LOVE Micky’s little “Uh Uh” during the rap (OMGOSH SEXIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!). <3333

I love that video.

Oh, and PS: notice at the very end, THSK does a little “tribute” to their first single, “Hug,” by doing that funky thing when they all are angled to the side, but they all look at the camera in unison. It’s adorable because you can see how DBSK evolved from those cute little boys to these really super-hot-sexy idols that can hold their own against the super-hot-sexy idol of Koda Kumi… *sigh*.

* * *

Shopping spree’ish

I went to the Asian Food Market today while my brother was getting his haircut and bought a few things that make me very happy.

– Rice flour
– Green tea powder.

If you have not checked out my “liberating…” post, you can view it now (links on the right) or I’ll jsut expand a bit. I was surprised to find green tea powder to use in my facial mask because it’s actually quite difficult to get seeing as how many places (even asian supermarkets) don’t really carry things like that. But lo and behold, this local one near my house did. Not to mention a PLETHORA (and yes, that’s a lot) of really excellent Asian beauty products that I will probably be splurging on sometime in the future once I figure out whether or not they are actually okay for my skin (and Tsubaki Shiseido haircare…!!); including Gatsby (although not as many varieties are are available elsewhere) and Kanebo Naive and this Korean brand called “Skin Benefit” (it’s *something* Benefit) and another Korean brand called “CoQ10.” Very cool. Anyways, both the green tea powder and rice flour are for my mask because green tea powder is bound to be more concentrated, and sources say that rice flour is even MORE effective than regular baking flour (even though baking flour seems to be plenty effective to me). I need to make a trip to the dollar store sometime soon as well to pick up some baskets (like 3-4, maybe?) to start putting my facial(s) stuff in.

Tangent: we only really have one bathroom that my family uses so, unlike most other people, I actually don’t keep my facial cleansers and moisturizers in my bathroom (actually, they say not to because the humidity and moisture in the bathroom actually can cause your moisturizers and some cleansers to evaporate away and faster than usual because of the condensation and stuff)… and I keep them in my room (makeup is already in my room) and the only thing that I use in the bathroom is my shampoo (which is always taken “by accident” by other people) and my toothbrush. And since I change cleansers all the time (and shave), I figure it would be good to start using a shower caddy just so I have something easy-to-use to carry all my little things in when I’m going back and forth. I used to have one… but it’s missing? Can’t find it…

* * *

I bought a …

Yep..!!! Pink Nintendo DS Lite…! I really wanted one about a month ago? But I was able to hold back my cravings… until I spontaneously *really* wanted to buy one and the store only had ONE MORE LEFT. I actually wanted the black one first, but I fell in love with the pink one and got it… I’ve been having so much fun with it (even though I *need* to obtain more games.. at least ONE more until I can get up the courage to buy an EZ Flash cart). I have Brain-Age 2 right now, and even though it’s kind of tedious, it’s still kind of fun just to play through the puzzles or do sudoku or something…

Anyways… yeah. Blew all my money so I *really* can’t spend any more money on ANYTHING for the rest of the semester (except for DS stuff.. haha).

Okay, randomness abounds. I think I’m done for now. I’ll blog about Kanon tomorrow during work…


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