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((note: if you are not a fan of Super Junior-M — aka: SJ-M — and are a diehard supporter of Only 13, don’t read on))

Spazzes has done it. Candychu did it. Pinkandsparkly did it.

…Now nanshi’s doing it…!!!


I ❤ SJ-M. i don’t care what all the fans say, whatever. You can do whatever you want, mmkay. All I know is that I’m a fan of ze music. And SJ-M rocks. With some seriously good vocalists (some of the best in Super Junior), SM Entertainment has really created a powerhouse group. Similarly to Jang Ri In that faced a lot of criticism when she first debuted/introduced (“Chinese BoA” and all)… she has now her own powerful fanbase and loads of fans across Asia. I know I’m going to get a looooot of criticism for saying something like this, but I’m sorry. And I totally think I’m right. I thought SM was messing up when they created a huge 13 member group, and I’m GLAD that they’re starting to pare it down to something a bit more reasonable (although 7 is still a little excessive, tbh). I love Super Junior, don’t get me wrong, but it’s BECAUSE I love Super Junior that I think it’s grossly unfair to all of them. Especially since it’s hard to NOT play favorites with such a huge group… and it’s obvious in their schedule/emcee/dj lineup who are the favorites and who aren’t.

Anyways, The same thing better happen to SJ-M. They better get some serious fans after they debut and everyone should stop with the silly “Only 13” crap. I mean, if you’re listening to their music because of the idoldom, then I guess I can see why you’re all rooting for “Only 13,” but if you’re a fan of the music (like I am), then honestly give them a try. SM is not disbanding Super Junior and they are also NOT doing anything negative to Super Junior… so I don’t get why this is such a big deal. It’s not like they’re “officially” adding ZhouMi and Henry to Super Junior; rather just adding them to the SUB-group… so if SJ-M wins any awards, it’ll be those 7 onstage accepting and not 15 people… Seriously. I mean, any group with Kyuhyun and Ryeowook is bound to get my attention (they have my two favorite voices in all of Super Junior) … and ZhouMi (aka: Jyumyuk) has this sensational voice that has captivated my attention. Henry is a cutie with some crazy violin skills, and Hangeng is… Hangeng (XDDD) and DONGHAE FTW! I love him. I really do. And of course, my Christian boy: Shiwon. How could this group NOT get my attention? <33333333

And onto the sensational video…!!

I really just loved it. It’s so classy (And the girl they picked is SO much prettier than Yuri… or was it Yoona? eh) and just… brilliant. Very clean and sleek, not overpowered and overcrowded with 12 members.. and everyone had an equal share of closeup time and everything. OMGOSH to Hannie’s solo dance and RYEOWOOKIE’S SOLO DANCE (*dies of heart attack*) and Donghae’s solo dance! Ryeowook is “vocalist” not “dancer,” BUT HE CAN STILL ROCK IT!!! And excellent pronunciation on all sides. Zhoumi and Hangeng, no question. Henry didn’t do too badly (I heard he’s actually Canto, and speaks little-to-no Chinese at all, so I was impressed) and HELLLLLLLLLOOOOOOOOOOO DONGHAE RAP! Rapping is hard, period… but he did it, IN CHINESE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ILU FISHY!

And Ryeowook probably had the “worst” pronunciation, but it was by no means NEARLY as bad as any of… oh say… DBSK’s attempts at Chinese (hello “Hug”). I love DBSK more than water, life, and oxygen… but their Chinese is teh fail. No doubt about it there. But Ryeowook’s crystal clear voice makes up for it (my favorite part in the entire song — vocally speaking — is probably around 1:41 where Ryeowook does that SO SECKSHIIIII thing with his voice!!!)……Since I’m eternally biased, I think that this song is LOVE how it plays up the strength of Kyuhyun and Ryeowook’s voice. Another thing that irks me about 13 members is that it’s difficult to try to get them all a good and suitable solo that’s in ALL of their ranges because I BET that their ranges don’t coincide very much (that’s why Hangeng’s voice sounds so weak when he sings in Korean, his voice is probably a lot lower than say… Ryeowook or Sungmin’s…). When you’re singing in harmony as a large group, that’s not a problem, but when you try to feature 13-member-solos, you’re bound to run into a few of them who’s voices aren’t in the range of the rest (notice how weak Henry’s voice is in the SJ-M “U” song and yet how crisp Ryeowook and Kyu and Shiwon sound. Not to say he’s a BAD singer; he CAN hold a note… but his voice just isn’t as bright as some of the others… eh, also take into consideration: some people aren’t bright singers as well. it kinda needs to occur naturally).

And does anyone else think that Zhou Mi (Jyumyuk) looks like the love-child of Kangta and Shiwon? And then got double eyelid surgery. Or maybe if Wang
Leehom was to get double eyelid surgery…

SO umm… go watch it now!!!!!!

EDIT: while I’m here, I must comment on how i love how Wordpress manages to
track what people
have searched and clicked on to get to your blog. I’ve gotten some weird ones, but this
one is brilliant:
sodium acetate model. And since I’ve just posted that, I’ll probably get a few more hits. *sigh*. Still, it’s too funny to pass up and NOT post.. hehe!


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