BB, don’t cry…!!

To borrow how pinkandsparkly eloquently puts it, I do indeed love Jae more than oxygen.

So my heart broke when I saw this over at Soompi:



[credits go to images at tagged and soompi]

*sigh* DON’T CRY BB!!! They’ve just come so far and so much in 2007 and it’s just SUCH a big deal to them to have reached so many outstanding accomplishments in Japan… and this was during “Love in the Ice” (which is not only heartbreakingly beautiful in melody, but it’s lyrics are absolutely breathtakingly poetic and suitable as well), so you can see how much all the boys were affected by this song. It’s even MORE touching than their “Proud” performance (I think we all know the one I’m talking about) because Jae is pretty immovable in his emotions (he, himself, professes to be quite stoic when it comes to emoting himself) and even THIS song rocked him to his core and caused him to cry.

*sobs wildly*

EDIT I would just like to contrast those two photos with this video/fancam of Jaejoong sometime in 2006, I believe, dancing (and lipsynching) to a performance of “Rising Sun” (HELLOOOOOOOOO LION HAIR!!! I LOVE YOU, COME BACK PLEASE!!!!!). Notice how cold and, well… bored he looks in the “Rising Sun” performance… Ah, how much he has grown…!!!!

And this one is JUST as beautiful:
(( click on the image for a full view of all five of the boys..kind of ))

It’s Jaejoong and Junsu actually kowtowwing on the stage after their most recent concert events in Japan. NO ONE in this day and age DOES that… so you can just FEEL the humility arising from them. This is why I love DBSK so much; even though they have EVERY RIGHT to be proud and preening of their accomplishments and they can be cocky and arrogant all about it… they aren’t. They are the epitome of humility after becoming famous and all artists should follow suit. I have not seen a single artist lower themselves so much to basically “praise” the audience and their fans (and to note: DBSK has NEVER done this kind of thing in Korea, which makes me think that they really really appreciate their Japanese fans’ consideration when it comes to really appreciating THSK’s music and not them as just idols or ‘oppas’). THSK has come SO FAR in Japan (remember the article about how their FIRST stage/appearance/fanmeet in Japan had only 50 people showed up? Now they’re selling out some of the biggest venues in Japan!!) and they really value the Japanese people’s acceptance of them. The other members aren’t just 栄尺しています, but actually bowing which is a HUGE sign of humility and respect.

I’ve said this before, but I’ll say it again because the boys deserve to have this said about them over and over again…

Sometimes, I feel unworthy of having them be so humble towards me, a lowly fan. They work so hard and push themselves to sickness and starvation and humble themselves in such a huge monolithic and monarchical company such as SM in order to achieve their dreams to become famous and to sing and bring their music and talents to us, as fans. The boys continually pour 200% into all their efforts and despite the fact that they appear in CFs everywhere and SM pushes them to the limit, they still find time to sneak away and sign autographs and give us pictures even though they’re bound to be scolded by their management when they resurface. They don’t need to be so humble towards us; they certainly don’t HAVE to be… and yet they are. They’re not like artists who forget their roots. They value their family and their fans so much. And they’re not faking it. You can’t fake humility, not like that.

Sometimes, Junsu, Yunho, Yoochun, Changmin, and Jaejoong… I wish you’d think about yourselves. I wish you would stop to think about your own health and your own safety and not about the fans’ happiness. Our happiness is seeing you safe and healthy and whole and doing what you love. We will support you no matter what you do. Promise.

* * *

Bonus XDDD



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  1. jasmine said,

    a very touching post…

  2. I saw the pictures on Soompi, and I was so moved by them. Jae NEVER cries, never ever ever, not even when every one else cried in the Proud performance. He, himself, said that he’s “cold blooded” and doesn’t like to express his emotions, so that performance must’ve moved him soo much.

    I can’t believe him and Junsu kotowed to the fans! They’re international superstars, yet they’re so humble *—-* (unlike some Hollywood actors/actresses).

    I’ve been trying to find a fancam of the “love in the ice” performance, but…no luck so far =.= And I doubt that it will be on the “T” tour DVD, because AVEX always records the last performance of tours ;___;

    On a unrelated note, I just read your other post about you buying a DS; I HAVE ONE TOOOOOO :DDD Mine is light blue ^–^ I didn’t buy any games though, I just bought an R4 chip, because I’m illegal like that, haha.

    P.S: You mentioned me in this post!! YAY! *feels special*

  3. citharia said,

    I loved this post, it (again) reminded of why I love DBSK in the first place, music and looks aside. Because beneath all the fame and glitz and all, they’re still the same humble and down-to-earth 5 boys who never takes their fans or work for granted, regardless of the numerous no.1s on the oricon charts they’ve achieved. ♥♥♥

    Anyway, is it ok if I quoted this post on my blog (with credits, of course)? Because really, more people should read this, and also because dongbang is ♥. (: Yup just wanted to check with you about it.

  4. nanshi said,

    Citharia of course..!!! (first time I’ll ever be quoted…! teehee!). Yeah, I love their humility the most; and even after all this time, they still haven’t lost touch and they’re still the great and humble boys that were admitted to SM Entertainment all those years ago. !!

  5. playmeagain said,

    This just about breaks my heart. I mean, as you mentioned, we NEVER see Jae cry. He’s not great at showing emotion – I think it has to do with his constant awareness of the camera. And he was STONE while singing Proud (as was Changmin), so to actually see pictures capturing evidence of him crying is surreal.

    And yes, their level of humility is astounding. Honestly, if I were put in the same situation and at the same level of fame as DBSK, I can safely say that I would not be modest AT ALL. I’m a horribly shallow person, horribly catty, horribly jealous, and I feel ten times worse seeing this picture. To actually show such respect as to BOW to your fans makes me feel awfully undeserving and like a terrible fan. I mean, I fully support them, but I barely buy their CDs (no moniessss, plus my parents don’t support my korean entertainment fetish) and I hardly keep up with them. Really, I’m almost an entire world away from them, so I feel TERRIBLE when I see them so grateful for their fanbase, for the people around them, for their success.

    These boys have gone through such hardships in their early life, so I completely believe that they are TRULY thankful for their hard-earned success. And to go through what they go through, with a never-ending schedule and an abnormal life, is incredibly difficult, and to actually see them persevere with my own eyes is absolutely amazing. It makes me all the more grateful for my own happy family and comfortable lifestyle. It makes me realize that I don’t have to be a celebrity to be so happy and so incredibly thankful for all the blessings that have been placed in my life.

    It’s so true how a picture’s worth a thousand words. ❤ DBSK.

  6. Winnielade said,

    I seldom read an entire entry because my english is poor and I only take the pics.. i read what you wrote and i can’t agree more with you… Jaejoong sad face worried me so much… . TVXQ boys are humble ANGELS. I love them so much..
    thank you

  7. KuKKIEZ said,

    After I know that Jaejoong cried in this song, I just had to know what it means.. and it also made me cried.. They are angels but we just mere mortals. We are worlds apart. We can only love them from this distance but that still makes up happy ne? ^^; I love them more than the air I breath, you can’t feel the air put you can feel their love toward us fans.

  8. nanshi said,

    Hey everyone! Thanks for your comments! And yes, I do agree with all of you guys 100%. DBSK deserves all of our love and devotion and then some for staying so down-to-earth, approachable, and humble despite their status and their world fame…and everything else that comes with being huge popstars. DBSK HWAITING!

  9. Kelly said,

    Ah, I was actually looking for romanji lyrics for Proud, when Google found your site and like the others have said, your post does basically sumarise what TVXQ fans feel. I really worry for the boys, with their insane scheduling and non-stop work – Jaejoon already lost so much weight the last time! He can’t afford to lose more! (You mentioned starvation – is their manager/team not looking after their diet properly??)

    To see Jae cry…oh man. I’m going to Japan in 2 weeks’ time, and I SO wish I can catch the T tour live! I have serious respect (and fangurrrrrrrly lurve) for the boys for their talent (and looks, coz, I’m a red-blooded girl and YunJae are a fine, fine thing). Have you caught their new PV, Beautiful You? It’s insane. When are they gonna take a holiday?? It seems the only time they do is when one of them falls sick/gets injured! Sheesh, instead of signing a petition to get them to perform live in Korea like I hear, we should sign a petition to get them a one-month break. No work, no singing, just…chill out at their house. Sleep. Let Jae cook and let Yunho father them around, haha.

  10. nanshi said,

    Kelly Thanks for your comment…! And as for starvation, it’s not intentional… i’m pretty sure. But I know that DBSK — as a whole — are very self-conscious about their looks (and their managers probably ride them about it too), and because of their extremely busy schedules they can’t eat as frequently or as much as they probably would like too. I’ve never been *quite* as busy as an idol before, but I’m come close to it a few times, and let me tell you: when you finally do get a break, the last thing on your mind is food. Sometimes, it’s food, but most of the time it’s SLEEEEP. Plus, when you’re on the road as often as they are it’s probably not very convenient to get food very often so they usually just have to cram *whatever* into their maw or go without. Plus, I know Yunho has stomach problems so he probably can’t eat very frequently and also has to have a carefully regulated diet as well. It’s just… their lives as idols aren’t very freeing.. and their appetites and waistlines kinda suffer for it too, I would assume. Plus, all the working out they do (choreography and such) probably results in not a lot of time to eat either. =( it makes me really upset because I LOVE eating… and I’ve also read accounts of DBSK’s pre-debut days where they would be on strict diets (to get slim so they would look camera-perfect and camera-ready) so they actually WOULDN’T be allowed to eat (and I’ve also heard of SM’s rumored “water diet” where idols are only allowed to drink water so they lose as much weight as possible in the least amount of time possible… usually pre-debut though). post-debut, I have my suspicions because you look at Kangin who’s actually gained weight (and openly talked about it too!)… but then almost EVERYONE ELSE has lost weight… but I think that SM probably has all their idols on weight restriction so they manage to present their best image forth…

  11. Kelly said,

    Mm, I can understand that. Insane work life is perhaps the best (and the worst) diet plan ever. But despite whatever misgivings I have about manufactured bands/groups, I admire DBSK for the sheer drive and passion they have for their music. It really shows.

    But, hora, Yunho has stomach problems? *pats Yunho* Poor baby. Did he have an operation for it? Because I saw a variety show once when they asked him to show his abs and there was a thick red line across his tummy.


  12. Lauren said,

    he’s so skinny & beautiful u just want to grab him & give him a big cuddle!

    actually i just want to grab them all & cuddle them! Sooooo sweet! The world needs more talent who are passionate, humble, emotional & hard-working.

    Although SM entertainers often look sickly & drawn, they definately don’t turn their stars into arseholes. They are respectful & humble.. although this could be because SM staff are quite strict with them?! but seriously- it can’t be a horrible environment when you produce 5 lovely boys like this! =)

  13. SapphireSkater said,

    Hey, I just came across ur post, and I’m really quite sad for them, because they have really suffered alot in SM. You know, I heard they were actually made to go on a water diet, which means they were practically starved to death? Oh boy. The whole discussion is here:
    Do read, I lost much respect for SM after reading, but I loved the boys even more afer that; I hope that they will get better lives soon! And they shouldn’t be so humble… We don’t deserve it; they owe their sucess not to us, but their own hard work. With that, DBSK HWAITING!
    Sapphire Skater

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