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Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on April 21, 2008
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A few of you may know (like one out of the three users who frequent my blog) that I am actually a mod over at AsianFanatics.net under the same username that I have here (nanshi). Recently, I have been privileged with setting up the monthly blend challenges that we hold in our Creative Boutique (basically photoshop and various sorts of computer-graphical art) where people compete.

We have several categories, and I refuse to be biased in my judging, but it’s not small secret that my favorite category is colorization. Probably has something to do with the fact that I have no artistic vision at all… but I can colorize a black&white photo really well…! I am here to kind of pimp them because I would like some various sorts of opinions towards the winnars even though I (along with my coordinating mods) will make ze final decision.

Anyways, so after some consternation, and I REALLY didn’t want to play favorites… I finally settled on using my beloved Hero Jaejoong as our featured artists/person/HOTNESS for our colorization contest.

I really really REALLY don’t want to play favorites because we got some REALLY great contributions (even though I gave some difficult photographs to colorize), but I must admit this one right heah is my favorite. It’s actually NOT the best colorization (no offense to the contestants, but all the colorizations submitted had some pretty obvious boo-boos in them that I noticed almost at first glance)… BUUUUUUTTT: check this out:

LOOK AT HIS HAIR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HOW COME NO ONE ELSE IN THE WORLD (including his stylists!!) EVER THOUGHT TO GIVE JAEBOO HIGHLIGHTS??!?!?!?!


much love to all and beyond… The full picture is really pretty too. I linked it, and please of course: do not hotlink (cause photobucket gives ze crappy bandwidth) and DO NOT TAKE AWAY THE CREDITS EMBEDDED IN THE PICTURE otherwise I will hunt you down and… play the Pokemon theme song on repeat for you (the English one! ha!) until you go insane.


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  1. potensvita said,

    congratulation on being a mod. ^^

  2. nanshi said,

    oh, hehe, you must be mildly mistaken ^^ I’ve been a mod at AF for a looong time now; definitely waaaayyy before I started posting here on WordPress.! But thanks!!! I always try to pimp AF as much as I can cause people tend to overlook it (even though it is a superiorly organized and reliable site compared to other… similar sites — and I’m not saying that because I’m a mod there, honest!) in comparison to , oh say, Soompi or Asianload or something…

  3. playmeagain said,

    I’ve stalked you on AF. (LOL, I wonder why I’m telling you this!! ^^;;;;;) I’ve even listened to your audio files. You’ve a very nice voice btw – very controlled, crisp, articulate. I FAIL when compared to you. XDDD

    Anyway, yes, I LOVE YOUR NEW LAYOUT BTW. IT LOOKS PROOOOO. I actually adore the font, and font plays a huge role in determining which layout I use. Hehe. I’m partial to small fonts, which may explain why I’m totally in LOVE with your layout. XD

    Okay, imma go stalk the previous other entry now.

  4. nanshi said,

    Cor aww. thank you. Not so much about the stalking thing… actually I think I might have a few stalkers on AF as it is (I’m still one of the few 5-star rated mods!!) … so eh? Thanks for the compliments about my voice. My ego is massive, and most of it comes from compliments about my voice. Actually those recordings are super old and I’m actually not quite proud of them, but I just keep them up so people won’t think I’m actually *ashamed* of them. I’m not… but I just don’t have the resources to record my voice properly (decent mic and a decent soundcard) so I sound MUCH better live (excuses excuses, ne?). Plus, those recordings were done when I sang in my “old” style of singing (with primarily head voice) and now I’ve switched it up to sing in my mix voice with a strong emphasis on chest with a teensy bit of vocal belting if the song is in the right key and hits those right notes. I should record something soonish, but my voice is too powerful and too loud (…I’m one of those singers that can project without a mic and with the right acoustics, the whole world can hear me). The irony is that… haha, my voice isn’t (or wasn’t) controlled at all! I have an-almost uncontrollable vibrato (kinda like Jang Ri In’s, although not quite as bad)… I’ve managed to get it under control this past year… but it still emerges sometimes whether or not I want it to. My voice just isn’t that powerful, yet. it’s weird because one of my friends HATES natural vibrato (or vibrato of any sort) and says that it’s an indication of a WEAK voice (because you can’t hold a note steadily), but so many other people are like, “Yeah, I use vibrato to judge whether or not that person is a good singer…” So I’m left quite confused.

    And the new layout is just one of the default WordPress themes! But I’m actually a fan of *dark* themes. I always find that white/pale text on black/dark background actually looks so much crisper than the inverse, y’know? you’ll find out in powerpoints that it’s easier to read too (especially from a distance). Plus, I’ve always been a fan of small fonts too…!!! I just liked the coloring in the old one too much. I need to figure out how to make my own layouts. LJ made it sooooo easy! Here, it’s like… CSS? tables? Java? WHAAAAT?!

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