Random makeup reviews time…!!!

Posted in Cosmetics/Makeup,Skincare by nanshi on April 21, 2008

I’ve been going through makeup withdrawal lately? Actually, it’s kind of liberating. I’ve been wearing less and simply spending more of my time and effort of all-natural skincare. Well, sort of. See, the DS Lite that I recently bought along with an R4DS and a few other games plus screen protectors and all that fun “accessories” that are more like “necessities” all add up to somewhere in the vicinity of like $200+ sooo… I can’t spend anymore money. But it’s led to some good reflecting on using what I already have and utilizing it to my full advantage. So I shall begin, ne?

green powder concealer. A review for Physician’s Formula’s green color-corrector compact can be found here. I received a small sample of a powder green concealer from Silk Naturals about two months ago, but haven’t been using it consistently simply because I’m forgetful or I feel like using a more “normal” concealer such as Clinique’s Quick Concealer or MAC’s Select Coverup. Both are great, btw, so I give them nice thumbs up! Anyways, I recently pulled out my green powder concelear and used it, and I am pleasantly surprised. I really like it! The stick stuff is crap; don’t buy it. I used to have it, and it would always apply too thickly and leave a waxy green layer on my skin. I don’t know about the green primers (Smashbox has one), which I think would do the same thing, but the powdered ones are SO much cheaper and so much more buildable in coverage. It is too easy to over-apply with the cream-based green concealers, but with the powder, I just use a soft foundation brush and dab in the powder and then apply until I’m happy. It never goes on cakey and it just melds in beautifully. I’m very happy with Silk Naturals as a brand in general as well, just to mention it. Everyday Minerals also sells a green powdered concealer as well. I’m not sure exactly how it might differ from Silk Naturals seeing as how I’ve only ordered a small sample from Silk Naturals, but I would assume that they would be about the same? Not too sure…

green tea powder Hmmm… green is like my “color” this spring. I don’t really know why, but I’m getting this strong tendency to gravitate towards and to look at green hues. It’s just a thing with me this season, I guess. Good thing it’s popular. Awkward thing is that I look really bad in green unless it’s either: more of a turquoise-y shade or a very very bright jewel green or grass-green tone. Olive greens (like the more neutral greens that people usually gravitate towards) or even forrest/hunter greens tend to wash me out. But I digress.

Recently, I’ve stumbled upon Alienman’s green tea facial mask (google it, if you’re interested; I also did a post on it awhile back too) and I finally obtained green tea powder about a few weeks ago. The area where I live is around several different Asian supermarkets. While that in itself is not interesting, most of you may know that most Asian supermarkets tend to stock the same exact things. Au contraire to the ones around my house. Bizarre, ne? And it turns out that despite a lot of desperate wanderings to the Asian supermarkets that are quite far (or at least farther) from my house, the one closest to my house (>10min) actually stocks green tea powder! The other ones don’t! That was a surprise. My mom claims it’s expensive, I thought it was relatively INexpensive. It was only like $4.99 for this rather generously large bag of the stuff. Like I have any idea how expensive (or inexpensive) green tea powder is. All I know is that looking online at the stuff, they’ve been selling for like $22 a bag. Anyways, I also got a bag of rice flour because I heard that rice has much more “skin happy” nutrients and properties than regular flour so I’ve been making my green tea mask with that. I used the mask consistently for about week, and I realized that even though I had been sleeping very badly for that week, my face was actually relatively stress-acne free. Any visitor or my blog will know that I am extremely stress (and hormonal) acne prone. Topical things don’t bother me, and pollution doesn’t either… but a few nights of bad sleeping (or even as few as ONE night of bad sleeping…) and I’m done. My face breaks out massively.

Green tea is supposed to have incredible antioxidant fighting superpowers that battle the injustices of hormones and the environment and work to free skin and body of the terrible scourge and evil of acne… and I guess it works? Recently, I just haven’t had to time to make that silly mask (it actually is quite time consuming because you have to mix it fresh and by hand… and it only takes about 5-10min or so… but if you’re like me, you really can’t be bothered, because once you put it on, I leave it on for a good while, and THEN I have to go wash it off… and blah blah blah. me=lazy… even if it has to do with skincare)… so recently, I’ve been mixing it in with my moisturizer (St. Ives’ Collagen & Elastin moisturizer) along with the rice flour and then letting it absorb into my skin that way. The powder and flour are both finely milled enough that they actually just kind of dissolve into my moisturizer. By the way, my moisturizer is EXCEEDINGLY light and not a thick creamy thing at all. It’s very very light and very airy (and smells like what I expect Heaven to smell like when I get there) and it blends VERY nicely. It would work great for anyone with combination or oily skin considering how light it is. Since it IS so light, you just put more on if you have dry skin… so it’s really great in general. I don’t know how well the green tea would hold up with a thicker moisturizer, so I’m sorry I can’t testify to it’s powers there… I haven’t noticed any BAD happening to my skin (then again, please do note, and I have to say this all the time because I’m afraid people will be under the impression that this will work for their sensitive skin: I have anything BUT sensitive skin. My facial skin can hold up under TREMENDOUS “abuse” from topical things *touch wood* without reacting at all. I will probably regret the way I’ve been treating it in ten years from now… but as it stands…).

AND I can’t think of anything more to talk/review right now (like I said, no new stuffs recently and I haven’t been using *anything* long enough to give a decent review about)… but I just wanted to throw this out there…

What is an efficient way to keep your closest/dresser clean and “organized?” “Organized” is in quotes only because I find it difficult to keep a dresser organized simply based on the merit that… dressers are constantly opened and shut and it’s just… eh? But yeah… Because I cleaned out mine about a month ago… and they’re a mess again. It’s mostly because like, well, I’m sure everyone does this: I’ll pull things out to see if I want to wear them, decide not to wear them, and then just toss/stuff it back in and pick out what I really AM going to wear for the day (hey, I like to sleep, so I’m always in a semi-rush in the morning anyways). I was thinking baskets IN the dresser, because I (like probably many other people) have many articles of clothing, but for clothing I actually consistently wear on a frequent and daily basis, I maybe rotate only about… 7-9 pieces (not including bottoms, mostly tops)… even though I may have a selection of like… 15-18 to choose from (not including dressy button-up blouses which I have a surprisingly large stock of…). Does that make sense? I figure baskets (from ze dollar store!) would be a good way to actually put my “not wear so often” pieces into (plus, season-changing sucks too because you’re in that awkward ‘it’s too hot today’ and ‘it’s too cold today’ phase… and the whole ‘it’s really cold in the morning, but then it gets really hot in the afternoon’ thing which annoys me to no end) and then my more frequently worn pieces into another basket.. maybe?

Eh, we’ll see.

plus, I must admit I love finally having discovered the “More” tag in WordPress. I actually dislike having my full posts on display on the front page because I just feel like it takes up too much space (and wastes load time)… I figured WordPress would have something like this, but …. I didn’t find it up now (!FAIL!).


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  1. playmeagain said,

    Which brand of moisturizer do you use? And which primer did you advise me to use again?! I’m sorry – I’ve a terrible memory and I don’t write things down when I definitely should. Ergo, I’m probably going to miss uni deadlines at some point in time, which is NOT GOOD AT ALL. XD ^^;;;;;

    I’m such a big fan of yellow and green shades now. I dunno why, since these have been my least favourite colours the past several years – must be the spring!


    Just kidding. XD


  2. nanshi said,

    Hey Cor! I hope you do well on your exams, but the way I look at it is: it’s a good reward for studying so hard after a few long chapters of… whatever boring textbook there is, ne? I LOOOVE that ficcy so much and I’m kind of mad she put it on hiatus, but I went through a fanfiction writing phase too and I was really bad about posting and then posting well, until finally I just stopped my fics altogether. I was a pretty sucky writer too. I have a great imagination for plots, I’m just really bad at putting them down on paper. I’m not that kind of artistic creative. ZEY ARE SOOOOOOOO HOT!!!!!!!!! I really love Micky in that fic; I like the fact that she literally changed their personalities and even their… species. It’s almost like the only thing she *really* did was just borrow their faces. She even changed their height (I think? Micky’s supposedly the tallest one out of all of them now). I’ve read too many fics where Micky is slotted into this pigeonhole/stereotype which kind of upsets me (even though he usually plays this really cute dumb character) .. actually ALL of DBSK are stereotyped into these roles and sometimes they’re funny, but they get old and annoying really fast. But “Fast Forward” is definitely one of my favorite fics out there (another one is from a different fandom, Dragonball Z, if you’re into that I can give you the link… the DBZ one is actually written SO well that it could almost stand alone as a novel… it’s really quite intelligent and well-written with lengthy chapters and such). I’m glad you like it.! A lot of people might be turned off by it, cause like I said: it’s definitely not the most error-free fanfic I’ve seen out there and I don’t think Guin even uses a beta, but the point still comes across and it’s still perfect comprehensible. I WANT HER TO UPDATE SOOOON!!! I may start reading it again, just for old times’ sake. Wait until you get to the part where Yoochun’s wife (Minae) gets fatally ill and it’s just… I’m a sucker for stories like that where the husband/boyfriend goes to the ends of the earth to be her knight-in-shining-armor thing and just to see the things that Yoochun does… *sigh*. It’s my favorite sub-story so far, surpassing Jaejoong and his slave and Changmin and Minjei and Yunho and Yuna (i think that’s her name).

    I use a moisturizer called St. Ives Collagen & Elastin Moisturizer. It’s really light and I really like it, but I have to put it pretty thickly on. I know I recommended a primer awhile back, but I’ve actually stopped using it because the main ingredient in most primers (dimethicone) is really really harmful to skin and it clogs pores and all that stuff… even moreso because this is your facial skin we’re talking about here. So now I use NYC Smooth Skin translucent loose powder as sort of a primer (to suck up oily skin) and then put on concealer… and then put on more loose powder. I actually really like the powder; it’s lnly like $2-3 depending on where you get it and you get this HUUUGE container of it. MakeupAlley has given it incredible reviews as well…!!!

    AND ME TOO WITH THE COLORS!!! Although I still shy away from yellow because it makes me look ashy and washed out, but omggg GREENS.

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