DBSK’s Colognes…!!!!

Posted in DBSK/TVXQ by nanshi on April 26, 2008
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Courtesy of Soompi.


Marc Jacobs for Men Eau de Toilette spray.


CK Be Eau de Toilette spray; by Calvin Klein [for men and women]
EDIT I couldn’t find *any* of the scents at ULTA except for CK Be. It’s a unisex fragrance, so it was actually in the women’s department. It’s craaaaaaazay light and citrusy, but not a *sweet* citrusy fragrance if that makes sense. Just a very light and almost tart and refreshing scent. It’s almost indistinguishable. I sprayed my little perfume-sampler-paper like CRAZAY and all I could get out of it was the smell of alcohol (ick). But I detected a very light presence citrusy smell beneath it. I actually quite like it; it’s very very light and airy, very suitable for summer. I don’t know if I would buy it for myself just quite though… it’s a bit *too* light for me, not the scent, but the actual presence and staying power of the perfume. If it actually was a bit more obvious upon first sniff, I probably would seriously consider it.


L’eau Par KenZo For Men Eau De Toilette Spray
My goodness that’s a pretty bottle. Click on the pictures for a link to the Amazon site… for an even prettier bottle…!!


Petits et Mamans by Bvlgari Eau de Toilette spray.
The picture doesn’t really match the scent because… umm.. if you know french, “Petits et Mamans” translates to “Babies and [their] Mothers.” In other words: this is a scent primarily used for mothers and children. I question the accuracy of this scent; actually, I wouldn’t be surprised if Junsu didn’t wear a cologne at all to be honest.


Bvlgari Black by Bvlgari Eau De Toilette Spray (for men and women).

* * *

* * *

Does anyone else find it cute that YooSu both enjoy Bvlgari fragrances?! I, personally, have never smelled any of these fragrances before. So I can’t attest to their scents. I assure you, that I WILL be heading to a mall as soon as I possibly can in order to smell them and give you accurate descriptions (I am the *queen* of accurate descriptions). I will have a notebook and everything. You’ll see me doodling at the perfumer counter(s) at Macy’s.

Anyways, these are all easily found through Amazon if you want some brief descriptions. Some users at Soompi were “impressed” (I don’t know if that’s the right word, but that was the — pun NOT intended — impression that I garnered) by the fact that DBSK uses signature/designer colognes. Umm… why? First of all, they’re celebrities, and second of all: aside from crap like Axe and deodorant, every guy I know — if they use cologne — are rolling with designer colognes. They don’t really *make* “cheap” body-sprays or “parfums” for men like they do for women. Not unless you want to smell like generic Axe or aftershave or shaving cream/gel. And DBSK are men, of course, I wouldn’t expect them to use anything less than the best (I can totally see Micky and Jae being brandwhores). Plus, not to mention, if you really do want uniqueness in your scents (and you’re a guy), you’re going to have to go designer. Anything not designer smells all the same (no joke. just go to the deordorant aisle and smell every guy deo, they all smell exactly the same).

And since I am conceited, I have brought this around to me. What are my favorite scents? Actually, I’m not quite partial to the designer scents. I can’t really bring myself to put down the money for them when I enjoy my Bath & Body Works (BB&W) body sprays so much. But for the record, I *really really* like:

Grapefruit by Marc Jacobs

Daisy by Marc Jacobs

Delicious Night by DKNY

Midnight Poison by Dior (my goodness I *love* the packaging, you have no idea. And it’s actually this vicious midnight blue in real life).

There’s a few more that have *really* caught my eye at perfume counters (including Tommy Girl, which I loved for awhile, but now I just find it smells stale?), but these are definitely the few that stand out. Mostly Dior’s Poison (I actually really really love Dior’s makeup; pigmented, gorgeous staying power, and glittery and shimmery and just so… classic but with a beautiful modern twist and flair)…

Hmm… I actually went to ULTA yesterday (ridiculously long story, but basically: I needed the retail therapy) and I perused all my scents. I distinctly remember what Grapefruit and Daisy smell like, so I didn’t bother sniffing them, but I went and looked at Delicious Night and Midnight Poison and I was a bit taken aback. I’m all about the packaging, so I was a bit disappointed when Midnight Poison didn’t smell as nice as I thought it would have. It was a very strong and very… spicy musk. I like my fragrances to smell a bit natural, be it fruity or flowery scents or even spicy/herbal scents. Midnight Poison didn’t have any natural undertones at all. It smelled REALLY artificial. Pity, because I love the bottle and the concept. Fortunately, Dior has several different “Poisons” and Pure Poison is actually REALLY REALLY delicious. The bottle is this pretty iridescent white though. Kinda goes against the effect I’m aiming for though. Delicious Night IS absolutely beautiful as a scent, so I was very very happy!!! My mom is a fan of Eternity by Calvin Klein, and I really like Delicious Night. and Pure Poison. I HATE any of the Vera Wang perfumes by default. They all smell like cheap drugstore stuff or cough syrup (no joke, especially the purple one) AND, despite the rest of the world loving it: I HATE HATE HATE Glo by J.Lo. I think it smells disgusting.

I have a bunch of BB&W scents too. They’re really cheap (you can get them for less than $5 when the sales come around, and they come around like… ALL THE TIME) so here are some recommendations for them: White Cherry Blossom, Japanese Cherry Blossom, PearBerry, Pink Grapefruit (this one is a little hard to find, tbh), Tropical Passionfruit, Midnight Pomegranate, and Mangon Mandarin. BB&W comes out with new scents all the time, so there’s bound to be something new the next time I go around… I just like the body sprays because they’re light and fruity and cheap and they don’t stay around for very long (sometimes, scents irritate me because they’re so strong and cloying). I wouldn’t mind “investing” in a really excellent designer fragrance, but I can’t find myself to put down the money. Although, I will be the first to admit: when a girl (sometimes guy, but usually girl) walks buy and is wearing a fabulous perfume/cologne, I will stand there and wish that I smelled as good as she does.

Okay, good enough for me! Ja ne!!


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  1. helna said,

    wow, never know they used cologn. luv ck which used by jaejoong its smell pretty good… i gived my fiance that. hero my fav. TVXQ never thought he used that too…….

  2. candychu said,

    Ooh I saw this on soompi too. And I’m tempted to go out and buy what DBSK uses and spray on my pillow so that I can pretend I’m sniffing them…ahahaha JKS. I’m not made of money unfortunately XD But Junsu’s bottle really made me ROFL

    Omg I love the shade of purple used in the DKNY bottle O_O the design is a bit weird :S it looks like some spacepod but the colour is GORGEOUS!

  3. playmeagain said,

    I promise I’ll post a really long extended essay after exams, but for now, I’ll post really short, nonsensical comments. XD

    I LOVE the L’eau par KenZo for Men bottle – it’s SO PRETTY. I absolute love deep colours, and I find really rich shades of purple and blue to be the most alluring, so I’m particularly attracted to Changmin’s bottle and the Dior one as well.

    Um, Junsu’s alleged cologne seems like a joke; I too don’t see him as the type to use cologne. He seems more like the type (seeing as he IS athletic et al) to swipe on some adidas deoderent (my former friend – he’s not exactly a friend anymore, but long story and not worthy my OR your time. TRUST ME. – uses adidas deoderent/cologne and it smells SO NICE AND FRESH) and be done.

    I figured Jaejoong would stick to a classic cologne, and Calvin Klein is pretty classic and the norm, is it not?! And Yunho seems like the type to use Marc Jacobs. Yoochun seems to fit his scent as well.

    I’ve never really bothered to take whiffs of these colognes before, so I dunno how accurate this comment is, but … XDDDD whatevvvvvs.


  4. nanshi said,

    haha! I saw Bvlgari Black today at a store… but it was one of those small discount stores, so the colognes were tucked away behind a glass case and shrink-wrapped, so I had to purchase it in order to smell it, but it was sitting there looking gorgeous and I heard that it smells really sexy (its packaging is sexy too) and i was all like MICKY!!!

  5. ahaha…
    i have been using that CK perfume….
    and i don’t even know that jaejong uses it…WOW!!!
    i’m a girl but i love mens perfume is smells good(yy)
    and i love that midnight pioson too and channel ^^;;

  6. ahaha….i think smells more like a mens perfume ^^

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