Why doesn’t he sing like this anymore?

Posted in Cpop by nanshi on April 30, 2008
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I’m not a really big fan of Wang Leehom. I never really liked his voice. It always sounded too false and too falsetto-like for my liking. Honestly. It sounds like he’s singing an octave (or two) above his comfort range. Too much chest voice and not enough actual harmonizing of chest+throat voices to get a really rich tone (ie: Anson Hu). I’m a really huuuge fan of rich and/or bright tones. Leehom really has… neither. He has good pitch and good stability and control of his voice… but why THE HIGH VOICE? Which is why I actually prefer Zhou Mi and Ryeowook’s covers of his songs (cause they have rich and bright voices) rather than Leehom’s originals (shame shame, ne?)… Leehom’s voice just sounds so… false and forced to me. It’s not even vocal belting… it’s just… chest strain. It doesn’t sound too natural at all. It’s too quiet for the potential that I *hear* in his voice. Hearing this video/song, I realize that I am quite correct. He CAN sing bright and rich… he just chooses not to. His perogative; doesn’t mean that I have to like it.

Apparently, when he was first scouted Leehom actually DID sing with this beautiful voice (he IS classically trained, after all). He ended up changing/evolving it to fit more with the mainstream pop culture at the time. Either that, or him and/or his management decided that in order for him to sell albums (it wasn’t until like Leehom’s 6th album, that his career really took off; I wiki’ed him)… You have to admit: his voice sound waaayyy too mature for a boy of only 18-19 years old. But I still wish he stuck with this deeper and richer tone. He would’ve gotten a fan out of [oh-so-critical] me. Still, glad to see that there is SOMETHING IN THAT VOICE/GUY that I can like…


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  1. claudia said,

    hi there, i just stumbled onto this post of yours as i was googling for lee hom news. you may be right about changing his voice for the mainstream! honestly, i don’t like his voice in his originals cause it really does sound too mature and old school. i’m no expert on chest voice/throat voice but i do love what he does with it now. i still like the old songs, though i much prefer the live versions that he did recently in his voice now 🙂
    anyhow, any links for the zhou mi and ryeowook covers? i don’t know who they are, i just like hearing different takes on his songs.


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