Ryeowook’s voice is LOVE <33333

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on May 4, 2008

I love him. He is ZE best singer in Super Junior. I know, I know… Kyuhyun has a lot of fans too. Actually, at first, Wookie’s voice wasn’t the one that caught my eye. I was always a HUUUGE fan of K.R.Y, and one of my good friends favorite singers is Yesung, but I was always partial to Kyuhyun to be honest. I first thought Ryeowook’s voice was just *too high* and *too bright*… and I liked my voices deeper and … well, darker, I guess.

I don’t know where I was “converted” along the way, but here I am singing Ryeowook’s praises to high heaven. MAN THIS BOY IS TALENTED!!!! He impressed me uber much when I found out that he actually debuted only about 2 months after he joined SM Entertainment. NOW THAT IS NATURAL TALENTS, OKAY?!?!?!!! That’s also probably why appeared on so few promos after SJ’s debut. They were too busy polishing him. At first I thought he underwent plastic surgery (he looks REALLLY different from when he debuted to now), but after realizing that he debuted only 2 months after he joined SM, I figured he must’ve just lost a LOT of weight… which can do that to a person. His cheekbones are loads more defined, and his facial features are — generally — sharper from debut to now. He *might* have gotten a nose job, I’m still up in the air about that one, but I DON’T CARE, OKAY?!?!? This boy can sing, no doubt.

Or maybe it’s just because of the song he’s singing? Or the parts he gets in the SJ-M songs… or maybe Ryeowook just has one of those *voices* that are really good at singing Chinese ballads? I dunno… It’s just… his voice is SO bright and SO rich and SO smooth and SO FRIGGIN’ PERFECTLY PITCHED IT DRIVES ME INSANE. His projection is THROUGH THE ROOF. He projects stronger and louder than Yesung or Kyuhyun (may be the nature of Wook’s voice, tbh. His tone is brighter so his projection should be stronger)… iono. All I know is I love him. I really do. And he’s so cute *squishes*. I just want to bundle him up and take him home and have him be my sunshine (along with my other Kpop harem boys). Unlike Junsu — whom I LOVE, so don’t get the wrong idea — Ryeowook doesn’t seem to ever be a downer or upset. I don’t think he’s *quite* the moodmaker [of SJ-M] that Junsu is of DBSK, but I won’t deny that I think Wook is just so sweet and supportive of the members and just… despite the fact that his Chinese and dancing is utter !FAIL!, he still manages to come off as sweet and genuine (btw: I think Henry is the moodmaker of SJ-M.. haha. or maybe Shiwon… tangent: does anyone else think that SJ-M’s image of Shiwon is AWESOME?!?!??!?!??!?!?!?! He’s never this open or hyperactive in Korea, and yet in China he’s all craaazay bouncing off the walls. I loved it in … that variety show … where the TWO AWESOME HOSTS ask SJ-M who likes looking at sexy girls, and Shiwon let’s out this EXCELLENT MOCKING LAUGH — HA HAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!! — at Hangeng and then polishes off in PERFECT Chinese — situational AND pronunciation-wise — “NI YAO ZHE ME BAN?!?!??!?!??!!” I need to make that a ringtone or something… or just cut that clip and watch it over and over because it is excellent)…

Wow, I should really save a Ryeowook-centric post for like… his birthday. I really just wanted to post this video:

audio of Ryeowook singing Wang Leehom’s “Kiss Goodbye

Oh, and to be a bad — or good, depending which side you’re from — fan… I can’t stand Wang Leehom’s voice. I really really can’t. But Zhoumi likes him, and so does Ryeowook and *maybe?* the rest of SJ-M, so I’m intent on giving him a chance. So far, I’ve listened to “Kiss Goodbye” and “Forever Love” and they’re okay. I admire Leehom a lot for his talent and I would love to see him in concert (cause he plays all 5 million instruments that he knows in his concerts), but I’m really not a fan. I find his voice ingratiatingly annoying. And I don’t know why. I just do. But I think he IS uber talented (he is ACTUALLY fluent in like 8 languages … not just… “I can say ‘I love you’ in 8 languages” *coughhenrycough*) and can play every major instrument known to mankind (And some obscure ones like the erhu) … and composes and writes his own music and lyrics in Chinese despite the fact that he didn’t really know/speak Chinese until he was 18. And I also heard that he’s a really really nice guy (like he doesn’t really get mad or have much of a temper). In fact, aside from his voice, I really really really like Leehom. AND I ACTUALLY DO LIKE HIS VOICE. His old voice; the one before Leehom graduated college (tangent: isn’t it cool how he insisted upon graduating college even though he was signed at 18 and he was talented enough for the recording company to put up with it) and Taiwanese vocal coaches messed with it to give it a more “contemporary” feel, I suppose? I’m surprised his voice HASN’T given way under all the strain… but, eh… what do I know? Leehom is classically trained; I’m sure he can sing many many different styles with the proper techniques and know how NOT to strain his voice.

Wookie to Leehom, all in one exhausted entry… AND I JUST WROTE A PAPER IN A LITTLE OVER AN HOUR (still needs some editing, but I’ll do that tomorrow)…


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  1. purplefanatic said,

    your posts are really interesting
    i thought ryeowook’s voice was too high in the SJ songs
    but since SJ-M, nothing but praise for him now
    his voice is so nice, soothing and happy
    he really debuted 2 months after he joined SM? WOW
    dont peeps usually take ages to debut? o_O impressive
    yeah and siwon is so open in china
    rarely see any input in korea since there’s 12 other members in the group
    hangeng gets to talk more too which is good =] lovin SJM

  2. nanshi said,

    Purplefanatic . Thanks! I aim to please.. xDD. Yeah, there was something inherently that I didn’t like very much about Ryewook’s voice when he sings in Korean and when he sings in their Korean songs (even though he IS good), but when he sings Wang Leehom (which is the master of love ballads)… his voice just sounds brilliant. I think it’s just his voice gets to stand out more in SJ-M, and therefore, we get to see the extent of his vocal prowress. I was *really* surprised too, but I think Wook mentioned his fast debut in the Arirang Solo Interview (not too sure), but it definitely was Ryeowook himself that admitted it and not SM or a third party, and I’m pretty sure he would know. Some people take a really long time to debut, if they need the long hours of training and whatnot (like Jessica from SNSD who trained for 7 years), but it just is a testament to Ryeowook’s talent that he could debut so fast… granted he was debuting with 12 other people so he didn’t need to be THAT talented, but still incredibly impressive. Shiwon in China is great. I think he’s probably naturally very outgoing too, but in Korea, there is Kangin, Heechul, Yesung (the attention whore), Leeteuk, and a few others who are really really adept at talking and getting the camera, so attention is focused less on the others… it’s totally nice to see him interacting more and I just love how everyone talked to Hangeng now..!! SJM-FIGHTING!

  3. playmeagain said,

    Ooooh, wow. o.O You completely read my mind.

    Just yesterday, I put the SJ-M songs on repeat (either they’re too short or they haven’t released enough songs, cos I managed to listen to all the songs in half an hour? o.O), and I was praising Ryeowook non-stop in my head. Actually, I’ve decided that he’s probably my fave member in the subgroup – it’s a draw between him and Kyuhyun.

    But yes, his voice IS ridiculously high, and it really stands out. Actually, I find it easier to criticize his pronunciation, because his voice is so high and pure. Donghae and Kyuhyun have huskier deeper voices, so they can usually mask any pronunciation issues with the broadness and huskiness of their voices. However, Ryeowook’s voice is consistently clear and VERY articulate, so it’s so easy to judge his pronunciation and it’s really noticable when he isn’t pronouncing a particular character properly.

    Also, I find his voice to be really similar to Guang Liang’s (Micheal Wong?) – the one who wrote, composed AND sung Tong Hua. XD I only noticed that today though, because I was listening to the Guang Liang CD my mum had in the car on my way to my exam. >.< But yes, they both sing at higher pitches and they both have superbly clear voices.

    I couldn’t be bothered to proofread this, so don’t take notice of any typos. And I’m sorry if I keep repeating myself; I’m sooo tired right now. XD

    (P.S. In reference to your comment, 12 papers IS excessive, but by 12 papers, I mean exam sections. I’ve got two to three papers per exam per course, and HOMG, I’m failing. Argh. Bleargh. HFADHFLDH)


  4. mochiicecream said,

    Hi! I’m one of those silent stalkers that read your posts because they’re just so interesting…Haha. Please don’t get the wrong idea…I have a life, so don’t worry -_-;;

    Anyways, I love your posts about music the most. I like the way you criticized Jang Ri In and Lee Hom’s voice, who I really admire because he’s an incredibly talented individual. (Eight languages?! Ohmygosh..I thought it was five languages…) I have to agree with you about Ryeowook, too. At first, I overlooked his amazing-ness because his voice was just TOO high. But boy, can he sing. The emotion behind his voice, and the clarity of his tone…OH, and I especially love posts that deal with DBSK and their musical abilities.

    I really do think they’re the ultimate boyband. The talent, the charisma, and the looks on top of everything else…Sigh. I don’t think I’ll ever be like this for any other artist/star.

    Which brings me to my point of commenting on your blog…

    Did you see the official video of DBSK & The Gospellers singing Towani at Soul Power, yet? Because it’s just beyond amazing. Sure it gets a bit messy at the end, but if you look at how well each of the boys sang…you just get so PROUD of them! And I know that Min’s the star in this song with this high note and all…But I think Jae was phenomenal, too. That strong and powerful run he did near the end was just pure L-O-V-E!!!

    So go watch it, if you haven’t already. And I hope a lengthy post will follow 🙂

  5. cookiedough said,

    i just love your post. came across it accidentally while doing a random search on ryeowook stuff. i am a huge ryeowook supporter even before SJM so I am glad to know you like him too.

    And ditto about his voice. I think Kyuhyun and Yesung have great voices too, no doubt, but somehow Ryeowook is just able to project his voice in such a bright and clear way.

    And yes, he may not come out as the most active or happy or loud one in public view, but he is always so sweet and supportive at the side!

    I heart ryeowook so much!

    (And yes, I agree with lee hom’s voice too… I mean… my mum keeps going on about how talented he is… which he probably is.. but I do not like the tone and texture of his voice.. and honestly? I thought ryeowook’s version of Kiss Goodbye was better!!)

    Do check out my youtube account “thefamouscookiedough” if you haven’t already. Ryeo-centric haha

  6. kohmin.suju! said,

    hey! i love your post!.
    i started liking suoer junior since their song, sorry sorry.
    and, when i saw their MV, the first one i saw and caught eye of was- RYEOWOOK!
    in that mv, okayy… he was’nt very nice looking, but i thought his voice was very pure, abnd beautiful.
    ever since, i’ve been hooked with ryeowook.
    okay! thats all i have to say. oh, and go to http://www.allkpop.com
    then search for top 50 best voices.
    there, you will see that ryeowook’s number 4!!!!
    OMGEEZ rocks!
    -ryeowook loves…~

  7. Esther said,

    I can only agree with you, Leehom’s hot yes — but his voice is a big NONO for me, I’d preferably stick with Ryeowook.
    I mean like see how angelic his voice is, even in Mandarin ballads like: Jam Hsiao’s Yuan Liang Wo, F.I.R’s Wo Men De Ai and (the one you’ve mentioned above) Wang Leehom’s Kiss Goodbye.
    A foreign language unbeknownst to him, yet the words are clearly and carefully projected out alongside his God-given voice which can make thousands (I’m pretty sure it’s at least thousands. Else it’ll be millions) of people watch and gasp with their mouth open — in awe.
    How do I know?
    ‘Cause that was my first “encounter” with him.
    Which got me so mesmerized with him (like OhMyGod) and that was also how I got to know Super Junior and the other 12 members this very day — all thanks to Ryeowookie’s magnificent one-of-a-kind voice.
    And yes now I love him, like how I love all the other 12.
    *Fangirl’s scream*
    Kyaaaaa. xD
    And that’s why I want them to stay as 13 now and forever.
    No ‘Hankyung out!’, ‘Kangin out!’ and/or ‘Kibum out!’ of Super Junior nonsense will I tolerate.
    Okay nonsense are coming out of my mouth already. :/
    Super Junior Hwaiting! ^__^
    Saranghae. ❤

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