DBSK will take over the world

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on May 6, 2008

… it’s just one of those inevitable facts of life. Like how the sun rises in the east and sets in the west and the grass is always (always always ALWAYS — and don’t you dare tell me otherwise) greener on the other side…

DBSK will take over the world. They already rule over South Korean (hello 800,000 Cassiopeians!!!). But really, really, really… SM Entertainment, thank you for bringing these marvelous boys together. Honestly. And despite a lot of controversy, thank you for bringing them to Japan. I can’t understand Japanese or Korean fluently anyways, so it doesn’t matter to me what country they’re in (and SJ-M satisfies my Chinese requirement for now) … but Japan has done a multitude of things to their vocals.

Thank you, mochiicecream (I LOOOOOOOOVE that name!!!!!), for giving me this clip!!
It’s DBSK singing with the Gospellers’ “Towani” at Soul Power in 2007.
And boy oh boy are they singing. I was soooo touched when the Gospellers stepped back during the chorus and kept on [proudly] announcing to the audience, “Tohoshinki!!” I literally got heart-shivers (I’m sure you know the feeling) while hearing them sing. AND THEY HAVE IMPROVED SO MUCH!!!!!!

Junsu is perfection in vocals (hate him), so I have never had any qualms with him, ever… but did you notice the huskiness that his voice dropped in to?! As a singer — sometimes — myself, it is INCREDIBLY hard to drop your voice LOWER than your range. Even more difficult than pushing to a higher note, if you ask me… and yet Junsu dropped it down SO beautifully to bass that I was just like “YESSSS~!!!!!”

Jaejoong is my <33. I love him more than oxygen. And from a boy who was intially tone-deaf… LOOK AT HOW FAR HE’S COME?!?!??!??!?!?! Able to HOLD his own against legends like the Gospellers?!?!? OMG. *dies* Jae can do no wrong, but look at how much his voice has evolved since he came to Japan!!!! It has a broader range, stronger tone, more confidence, and Jae can efficiently sing all different genres now. Dispute me all you want, but I think that before Jae couldn’t really sing rock THAT well. YEAH JROCKER JAE!!! (Maze, anyone?).

Yunho. My goodness. OH MY GOODNESS. Period. I can’t say anymore. But just… never thought he was that good of a singer… and LOOOKATHIMNOWMOMMY!!!!!! RANGE~!! PURITY OF TONE!!! CLARITY OF EMOTION!!!!!! TONE! VOICE BREAK!! Yes, a voice break, in my book, is a sound of a GOOD singer. Not voice CRACKING, but forcible voice BREAK… that requires some control and some strength to pull off and not sound like you are cracking or that you’re doing it on purpose and not by accident. [ too many people like to toss vibrato around as though it really distinguishes a good singer; BUT it’s too hard to tell whether or not vibrato is naturally occurring or a controlled vibrato, which are very different things ]

Changmin. WOW. O_O. I have never heard his voice sound so pure. Seriously. LOOK AT THE GOSPELLERS.!!!! Even they are all like “YESSSS! EXCELLENT VOICE! AWESOME!!!! =DDDDDDDDD” Changmin has never been one of my favorite singers in DBSK, but WOW. His performance in this song is the highlight of this entire performance for me. I mean, just HEAR HIM SING. And look at how happy Jae looks as Changmin finishes his solo. WOW. JUST WOW.

Micky. Eh. I’m alway a toss up in Micky, but there is one thing that I think Micky does brilliantly, and that is harmonizing. Him and Yunho both. I don’t care if SM trained them that way, it takes a LOT LOT LOT of effort to harmonize, let me tell you… because melody is SO MUCH EASIER. And I can tell that Micky is a good *natural* harmonizer. I have a friend who is like that. She can hear the melody, and capture the harmony almost INSTANTLY. It makes me pretty jealous sometimes because I’m not nearly that good (I can do harmony for a note or even a line or two, but not for a whole song)… and just…EXCELLENTE.

I dunno, this entire performance is just INCREDIBLE. The end is a little messy, but I think that’s just the nature of the song and when you have 10 supah-talented vocalists up on stage ALL doing their thing; it sounds messy and yet at the same time: strangely complete and satisfying. Despite sounding like a mishmash of voices and vocals and ranges and notes. Very satisfying. It also fun to play “GUESS THAT VOICE!!!” during that part…haha.

And I just love Japan for really… pushing the boys to get better and breaking out of that “idol” shell that they get casted in Korea. Although, for their credit, they’ve just… GOTTEN SO MUCH BETTER AS SINGERS it just astonshes me. REALLY. HONTOU HONTOU NI.~ I mean, I know people improve as singers (goodness knows I have), but it’s really really *really* rare to see it in popstars. I mean, just look at Mariah Carey, Christina Aguliera, Whitney Houston, Celine Dion… all great vocalists… but their voices have deteriorated as they hung around longer…


I like how DBSK offered a fun little pop-perspective to this song, what with Jae’s very pop/rock style of singing in general… cause he got the lead (as always). REALLY REALLY GREAT PERFORMANCE. DBSK are performing with Japanese-singing LEGENDS, y’know? And their idols, really… and they must’ve been so flattered and the Gospellers themselves looked really proud. A bunch of young’uns singing with them. And part of the reason I think they look so proud is because DBSK really are great. Really really humble and hardworking.

I read in a [translation of] Thailand magazine article about staff accounts of DBSK and the majority of the staff — haha, guess they weren’t fans — heard that DBSK were really popular, so they were very haughty and arrogant and diva-like. And on the day of the filming where they had to film Yunho’s scene, the director had to move the scene up because it seemed like it was going to rain very soon. The DongBangs were just getting ready to sit down and eat lunch when one of the assistants (or maybe DBSK’s managers?) came over and told Yunho that he had to get ready for his filming now. The entire film crew held their breath because Yunho literally had just picked up his spoon and was getting read to eat some food, but what did leader do? He just put down his spoon and got up and headed toward the preparation tent. No complaints, nothing… just got down to business.

He won the hearts of the Thai staff that day.

SEEE. There is nothing pretentious about them. They are so humble and down-to-earth and so incredibly hard working. I think the Gospellers probably saw that when they were working with them in preparation for this performance, and THAT’S why the Gospellers were so proud. BECAUSE THEY DESERVE THE LOVE AND ATTENTION AND AFFECTION. I have no doubt that the members practiced and practiced and practiced in order to give the Gospellers “mentsu” onstage for this performance. And they practiced and worked hard with the Gospellers and during breaks, they were still running scales and notes and harmonies in order for everything to be 100% perfect. What I really love about DBSK is that they NEVER NEVER NEVER brag about their voices or their vocals. THEY NEVER say how good they are at singing. They only speak about how they can improve. I don’t care if it is SM manipulation, arrogance and conceit SHOWS, lemme tell you… and I can tell that there’s nothing especially fake about DBSK. Their hard work and their humbleness is real.


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  1. ShimK said,

    hey! I truly loved what you’ve written here. A big appreciation from such a big fan of TVXQ! and I am also a big big big fan of them, no doubt on that! Good job for your post! and thank you for loving them as much as you do and as much as we all love them too…

  2. nanshi said,

    Thanks…!! I think I will love DBSK until all eternity. I will one of those old obasans that will still loyally listen to DBSK and tell all the young’uns about how awesome they are and how they can listen to that incredulous horrible-sounding music… haha!

  3. Lauren said,

    i *just* happened to stumble past your blog~ & you have a new fan! Im an aussie how is quite obsessed with asian music..

    I have to say, i *loved* reading your posts. You so lovely & bright & OH-so passionate about what you say that it made me proud 🙂 you touched me *just* by tlking about how touched you are by these singers!

    so i’ve just added your link to me quick bar & will be back to eagerly read your future blogs! =)

    also- yes i agree that i had NO idea how good Youhno was! I seriously thought he was the token dancer/rapper! ahh! your being a bit hard on yoochun i think! I honestly think he’s great, but its just he doesnt get as much face time. I think he would be a suprise like youhno was!
    As great at changmin is, his live perfs are
    Jusnu is flawless & Jae is fantastic- although I always thought Jae had a bit of a traditional boring voice- but NO. He has come such a long way!
    I love that Junsu is such a sweetheart & i think if he didn’t make it with SM he would have been a big soccor player. He strikes me as one of those people who are good at everythign they try! lol

    anyways! i’ll be back to see you soon!

  4. julien said,

    they have 800000 official fans but sold only 30000 albums in korea?

  5. nanshi said,

    julien Don’t blame them; blame the fans. With digital recordings and piracy rampant in Korea, it is a sad testimony that so many of their fans download music and burn it instead of buying real CDs. On the plus side though, these 800,000 Cassiopeians have to pay a membership fee to SM/Cassiopeia every year in order to be an official Cassiopeian, so DBSK still reaps the benefits of having such a huge fanclub. And I just checked, and you missed a zero; DBSK’s third album sold just about 10,000 short of 400,000 (over 350,000) copies in Korea… and aside from mini-albums, they’ve sold over 300,000 copies for ALL [three] of their albums. Still, I know they could get more, but that is not an insubstantial number considering how many albums an artist sells on average in Korea.

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