let’s all be stalkers together!!!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on May 10, 2008

Click here if you want to be stalkerish.

It’s SJ-M on a flight… and then disembarking. Some dedicated fan just happened to be on their flight and took a surprisingly excellent video.

I felt really stalkerish while watching, but at the same time: desperate to see them in “real life.” (ie:not onstage).

So umm… a few things I noticed.

– They travel Business Class. hehe. ballin’. I’ve been on my fair share of airplanes, and I know what business class looks like (and first)… and that’s business class. For the record, I always fly coach, but to get to coach, we have to walk through First and Business anyways… I’m assuming this is a short China-Korea flight (or Korea-China?)… so there probably isn’t going to be abundant room, but they can afford business class.
– In order to avoid problems, I think they are supposed to stay on the plane until everyone has disembarked. THAT SUCKS. Not to say I rack up a ton of frequent flyer miles or anything, but let me tell you, once that plane lands, YOU WANT OFF. NOW.
– Zhou Mi was carrying fan goodies (awwww!!!)
– the video was definitely taken while they weren’t in the air. Electronics must be turned off and there isn’t that annoying drone of the airplane engine. Don’t let movies fool you, people, airplanes are noisy noisy places.

Yay for stalkers loyal fans!!!

And what is up with all the hats. Is it a celebrity thing, cause why do they ALWAYS WEAR HATS?!?!?! I’m a bit biased, I admit, because I have a head the size of the Goodyear blimp (no joke) so hats either don’t fit (regular baseball caps) on me or they look funny (like certain types of beanies and skullcaps fit strangely because of my MASSIVE SKULL).

Oh, and for the record: I am downloading and cutting SJ-M’s appearance on 越策越开心 with their “At Least I Have You” performance and the separate singing performances at the end of this episode. Most notably, I will be cutting Ryeowook’s “Kiss Goodbye” and Zhou Mi’s “Forever Love” (is it bad/strange that I like their renditions LOADS more than the original by Wang Leehom…? and no, it’s not because it’s SJ-M — Leehom composed a song that Amei sang, and she rocks it so much better than he does. He’s great at composing these ballads… other people just sing it better…). If you want any of the clips, comment here and I can upload them for you. Otherwise, I won’t bother wasting my time uploading them onto the internet… unless it’s requested.

YAY FOR FINALS ALMOST BEING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (one more!!!!).


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  1. playmeagain said,

    I HATE fancams with a passion. I’ve only seen a couple in the past year, and I just felt WAY too much like a stalker, so I stopped. Usually, I’ll click on the youtube link, watch for a max of five seconds, and shiver for the duration because … I don’t feel comfortable AT ALL.

    And me saying this is so ridiculously hypocritical, because I go ON and ON about wanting to see them in real life and ON and ON about how I never know whether their on-screen personalities are fake or real or whatnot.

    But I can’t bring myself to watch fancams. Nope. I refuse.

    That said, I might watch this, because you always have insightful things to say and you don’t seem the type to watch fancams without having a reasonable excuse. XD

    Celebrities are ALWAYS wearing hats. Always. And they always look blardy fantastic, which makes me want to chuck things around and be unreasonably immature. And yes, like you, hats don’t look good on me. Plus, my head gets really sweaty, causing my forehead to get even oilier, thereby causing my bangs to stick to my forehead, which is TERRIBLE. At this point, I can’t even take my hat off, unless I want to draw all attention to my sweaty self. GAH.

    OOOOH, good luck on your finals! I’m sure you’ll do amazingly well! <333333333

  2. nanshi said,

    Trust me, this fancam is NOT rational at all. In fact, it is quite possibly the SCARIEST one I’ve seen. This girl is like hiding behind/in the port/galley of the plane (basically the little “hallways” that flight attendants use and stuff) in order to get these fancams.

    But I’m a bit biased, because not only do I <3333 SJ-M, I also have this thing for airplanes and I’ve ALWAYS wanted to see idols on airplanes. Because EVERYONE looks unattractive on an airplane. We’re all drooling and our faces our mussy and oily and hair is everywhere…

    Twas a bit disappointing. Anyways, I’m heading out the door as we speak, though…

  3. Lauren said,

    i’m not a suju fan- infact i think they are lame.. althought i think M’s credibility went up when they added the violinist! lol

    i think screaming because of your idol is illy, but although it looks desperate on the outside~ i think its amazing too see how passionate these people are! Although i think its a knee-jerk reaction. Once one person gets excited, so does their friend & then someone else & then on & on!
    i think it gets creepy & stalkerish when these fans go online & threaten people or get mad because they don’t like their idol or in other words- their taste!

    aww! don’t worry! i have the worlds smallest skull i think! regular size hats have like an inch of extra room & im 5″3 weighing 53kgs! (116lbs)!!
    Also, my boyfriend has a giant skull!

  4. nanshi said,

    Lauren: Don’t worry, I’m not a huge SuJu fan either. As many people who frequent my blog, you’ll probably understand it when I say that I favor and appreciate talent above ALL OTHER THINGS. Personality comes a close second, but as I am always quick to point out: a lot of personalities (especially in idol culture) can easily be manufactured and faked.

    So I’m obviously a bigger fan of SJ-M because they have most (2/3) of Super Junior’s best vocalists, they speak Chinese and are on Chinese venues most of the time, and they’re a lot smaller than the unhumanly large Super Junior which just SHOULD NOT BE.

    I find the screaming thing HILARIOUS actually. THSK’s Japanese venues are almost still-silent when they’re performing, which is AWESOME because the Japanese audiences know that there is NO NEED to scream like crazy during a ballad; appreciate their vocals, migoodness, don’t go all nuts just because they’re onstage. Especially when they do the chanting thing while they’re singing? Uh, no. I think creepy and stalkerish is not only going online and freaking out at people at making these psycho-blogs about their professed love for their idol group, but basically those random photogs or fancams of DBSK in airports and there’s like these hundreds of fangirls literally shoving cellphones, cameras, miniDVs, etc into their faces while they are trying to LEAVE THE AIRPORT. I mean, HELLO HOMELAND SECURITY?!?!? I don’t know if you’re an American (and I can’t tell from IP addresses anyways), but it was a little suspect in Korea and Japan, but here in America?!?!??! I’m surprised those fangirls were allowed to get away with it. Aren’t we supposed to have stringent security measures? Those fangirls certainly have the potential to be as scary as any terrorist I’ve heard of.

    Plus, there was that freaky fancam (which I’m afraid I did watch) of these girls who were filming less than 12cm (~6in) from Jaejoong’s back. And he was talking to someone on the phone. Wonder why we never get fancams of THSK in Japan? Cause Japanese fans have respect!! I’m sure fans come up to them and ask for autographs and maybe ogle a bit, but they don’t… whip out their cameras and phones and SHOVE them into their faces… rawr. that’s what gets me mad. Respect their privacy people. They DON’T LIKE IT (sometimes fangirls make it seem like they DO like it… HOW IS THAT EVEN POSSIBLE!??!?!).

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