Some really inspirational quotes about BoA

Posted in Kpop by nanshi on May 20, 2008

.. from other’s in the Kpop/Jpop industry.

Thanks Soompi
Thanks Soompi, again.

What I found interesting to note is that there are probably a good… 18+ quotes about BoA and of her as a performer. Now while that is not unique in itself, despite a lot of proclamations of BoA being a great singer, most of those quotes profess BoA to be an extremely hard worker and inspirationally and almost otherwordly charismatic. Which I totally agree. I personally LOVE this quote by Jang Nara:

I watched her since I was little. Although we practiced together since BoA was thirteen… I think I was jealous. BoA stood out from the rest because she was a bit abnormal in doing well under stress (BoA says, “Me?”) and always tried so hard to be the best when someone was only a little bit better than her. I was sometimes spiteful… BoA, I love seeing you do your best… Although you are the best right now, I hope that you’ll become even greater.


As we watched BoA’s dancing bit by bit it wasn’t hard to feel that she put tremendous effort into it. It feels like she is crazy over dancing and singing. The reason why her readiness upon a stage is so specifically different from anyone else’s is because the spark in her eyes from the moment she steps on stage is already so unique. We think that the attitude she has on stage is better than ours. Because of that attitude she shows the ability to make a stage feel so full despite her tiny build. The fact that we have a hoobae singer such as her makes us proud.

BoA IS a great performer, and I think that the reason SM picked her to go on and become “BoA: Asia’s superstar” is because she showed this kind of potential when she was a trainee. Not the potential of a sensational singer or incredible dancer (which she posesses), but the potential to thrive under the stress and to work hard and practice diligently to achieve her goals and obtain her ends. Where many trainees would’ve cracked under the pressure and got shuffled around SM to either wait until debut (in a large girlgroup, *coughSNSDcough*) or just get pushed and shunted to the side as backup vocals or dancers… BoA thrived in that environment. Some people are like that, y’know? They rise up from the worst of circumstances and take the world by storm. It was her strong personality that shone.

People argue with me and they’re all like, “Well, if you think she’s such a sucky singer: show me someone who can sing live as well as she can while dancing as well as she can.” And I really can’t think of any. I think BoA is, perhaps, one of the best live performers that I have ever seen in my life. BUT she is far from the best singer… and even though her devout fans argue with me (“if you can’t prove to me someone is better than she is, than obviously she is the best”), I still stand by that. My beloved Lina (from CSJH) was also asked about BoA, and all she commented on was BoA’s incredible charismatic performance and ability to draw the audience to her and all eyes to her. Not her singing skills (only 2-3 people actually commented on BoA’s actual singing abilities)… which I think goes to show a lot. Maybe I think too much, but these people were quick to praise BoA for her other abilities and a bit more reticent about abilities where they think she might be lacking. As professional and industry-trained singers, I think they would be able to discern who is a stellar singer and who isn’t. BoA isn’t horrible, don’t get me wrong… but I don’t think she’s the best.

She is — like Rock Lee from “Naruto” — not necessarily a genius in vocal talents or a genius in dancing talents, but a genius in hard work who is willing to work as hard as it is necessary to become the best; even if that means shelving her own personal insecurities about getting on stage, even if it means practicing long hours after everyone has gone to sleep, even if it means spending a million hours in the studio to make sure she can sing her songs perfectly, even if it means practicing with acting coaches to make sure she exudes charisma… she really is a genius of hard work.

I DO think she is the best performing powerhouse I have ever seen. And for that, I congratulate her and hope she gets a well-deserved break. ASAP.


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  1. Lauren said,

    I must admit! As much as I *love* BoA, i have no admit, i never saw her as a singer. Always a ‘performer’!! It’s just.. i think- in my opinion- you kinda have to have grown up ALWAYS singing to be a SINGER. Does that sound weird?

    I mean i always saw her as someone who was taught to sing & that it didn’t come naturally. I mean i love singing, but if someone showed me how to sing i don’t think i would THEN call myself a singer! lol

    One thing that always perplexes me is that people don’t always give her credit for being a freaken FANTASTIC dancer! Take it from me, i’m a dancer!
    I have HONESTLY NEVER seen any girl dance like her. No-one is in her league! & it’s not that i’m biased, it’s just.. right there. Watch her against her back-up dancers! They do the same moves & yet they just lack the power.. the finess.. the natural movement. I think it’s only because BoA has been doing cutesy dances for the past few years that she doesn’t get the full credit.
    She would be a great pop & locker. Better than say, Min, who is supposed to be some fantastic dancer! Hyori does her sexy thing well, but BoA can do that too, but make it look classy! Not sure what the big ho-hah about Son Dam Bi is. BoA is as elegant as a gymnast, as powerful as Bi, but with this commanding personality! She’s amazing.

    Which brings me to acknowledge that as an all-rounder she is fantastic! She *does* have that thriving quality that makes her special. You span the careers of people who have been in the business for over a decade & you find only a hand-full of singer that were children & grew up infront of the world. Only Michael Jackson comes to mind! Everyone else has been an adult.
    She stood the test of time. She wasn’t just the cute little tween idol.

    I just wish she didn’t look so sick & drawn when she’s not performing. She’s so thin & weathered, which is sad for a girl who is only a year younger than me!

    It also suprises me that BoA HAS such stage presence as she seems cute, but kinda socially deprived & a little cold at times..

    Do you believe the rumours that she IS a bitch? I mean Jessica Ho dissed her, but she seems like the type that would be full of jealousy & attitude.. what do you think? I was watching a documentry about her once & both my brother & my mum thought- & i quote- “she seems very much like she’s a star & she knows it” attitude, which i can see..

    anyways, it’s liek i think this is MY blog! lol i’ll shut up now! =) till next time..

  2. purplefanatic said,

    interesting article
    you can sure write long ones~
    i love boa
    yeah she tries really hard and deserves to be praised
    i admit her voice in ballads and slow songs r nasally
    but i nearly like all her songs
    its funny how you related her to rock lee xD
    she sure works hard like him to be the best
    hope to read more from you

  3. nanshi said,

    Lauren: Thanks!!!! I have *never* thought of BoA as a singer. Even from when I began to get interested in her, it was either her catchy Japanese tracks or her dancing sketches that got me interested, not her singing skills. I don’t necessarily believe that you have to be BORN a good singer, BUT in order to have that individual and artistic flair that makes some singers really *shine,* that I do believe you have to be born with. Does that make sense? You can be trained till the cows come home and sound fantastic and on-key and with great tone control and decent pitch… but I think people are too quick to credit “natural talent” for ANYONE who has any singing ability.. not realizing that SM Entertainment (among other large recording companies) have huge resources and the best vocalists and vocal coaches in the industry to coax a good voice out of what may have been a mediocre voice before. Even Jaejoong was a HORRIBLE singer before and he practiced — and practiced hard — to get to where he is today. There is no doubt that he is a beautiful singer now, but like you yourself (in another comment, I think?) mentioned how his voice used to sound pretty mediocre and generic. Now he has developed and evolved it enough (it’s not like everyone has the resources available to him) so that he has come into his own voice, but that wasn’t always the case…

    I always talk about Jaejoong. I love him more than oxygen.!!

    And yes, I totally agree about BoA being a fantabulous dancer (gushes). I am in serious awe of her dancing skills. It kind of surprises me when people claim that dancers in SM like Stephanie or Hyo Yeon are better than she is… Um, I love Stephanie a great deal and I think she is a FANTASIC dancer, but maybe because of SM’s training (or lack of), I think Stephanie has yet to be able to reign in her power. Whenever she dances with CSJH, Steph’s moves are always just a bit more exaggerated and a bit more sultry than the rest of the girls. Now, for a solo artist, that is — obviously — acceptable. But for an artist that’s part of a group? Reign it in. Junsu, no doubt, has the potential to dance and shine out of DBSK (and Yunho as well), but he DOESN’T. He knows that he has to dance a “certain way” to conform with the rest of the group. And I’m sorry, but Hyoyeon can’t even match up to what BoA can do. In fact, I hate to say this: but I think Hyoyeon is a crappy dancer. It’s not about her looks and how she looks manly, I just think she was INCREDIBLY overrated when SNSD debuted and they called her the “best dancer” in the industry (at the time). I mean, she can dance… but she lacks the *spark* or as you put it: finesse that BoA pours into her performances (watch me take this back in a few months. haha). She’s talented, no doubt… but people have compared her to be a better dancer than BoA, which I hate. As to this date: I have not see a dancer — especially in Korea — that surpasses BoA’s dancing skills.

    I was secretly thrilled to read — on Soompi, no less — someone finally acknowledging the fact that BoA is NOT a singer, but rather a performer… and that is what she excels at. Of course, no company is going to list “all-around entertainer: we say jump, you say “how high?” ” on their contract (they’re going to list something respectable like “vocalist”), but that’s really what BoA is. A performer and all-around entertainer. I definitely think it was her personality (someone actually described it as “greed to get as far as she could”) that caught SM’s eye and the fact that she thrived in Japan while training. I have a pet theory that SM had a lot of potentials who were around the same age and the same style as BoA and SM put them all through the same training procedures (including the Japan-thing). But it was BoA who was able to thrive in that environment while the other trainees may have not done so well or just couldn’t stand it, and that’s why BoA went on to rise up.

    Stage presence is something that can be taught though. And I mean in terms of acting lessons. Some people just exude confidence, which BoA definitely does. That may have been what caught SM’s eye too when she was young and at audition.

    I’ve speculated from time-to-time about BoA’s real personality, and I DO think she is very snobby. I won’t go so far as to say b*tch, but I DO think she is very very arrogant. Very divalike. I agree with your brother and your mum very much. She definitely seems like the person who is “I’m so much better than you and I know it and you know it.” But I’m sure she definitely knows how to put up a favorable image. She may be cute, or she may be acting cute. She is a very good actress. I don’t think she is excessively diva (SM has a way of beating you down), but I do think she could be/act a LOT more humble than she seems to act. BUT recently I’ve read somewhere that BoA is very exhausted of the entertainment industry and would like nothing more than a long vacation, perhaps to go to America and study at a university there. If that is the case, than I can see a great deal of the rising cynicism in her. It was a very candid interview and I’m surprised that SM even allowed it to be published (but like I said, SM is incredibly skilled at manipulating the public mind; the interview may even have been released in order to gauge BoA’s current public reception — which has been waning — or just simply to “explain” BoA’s attitude as of late and get her sympathy). She wasn’t always like this; it wasn’t until she topped the Japanese Oricon that BoA slowly began to get more and more… diva’ish. Eh.

    And I don’t mind!! I love long comments!

    Purplefanatic thanks!!! Yeah, I wasn’t sure if I wanted to do the Rock Lee thing, but then I was like, “Y’know what? this is my blog, I’m gonna do whatever I want!!! XDDD”

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