*explodes in happiness and excitement!!!*

Nicky Lee 李玖哲 (Lee Jiu Zhe)
(look, pictures!!!)
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This guy is magical.

I also can’t seem to find any information about him. I’m really bad at searching things, in general, (hello BaiduBar fail), but I will provide a handy link section at the end of this pimp post (also to lend an illusion of organization to this post), so you can go look for yourself.

My friend, Hunter, from school actually introduced me to him. We have Japanese class together and he sits next to me, and we chatted about our profound love for Taiwanese music. He mentioned this guy and I was like, “Oh, okay… well, I’m really obsessed with Dong Bang Shin Ki, so erm… I’ll see if I can give him a shot.” Promptly forgot about him and went on with my life. Fast-forward a few more weeks and it was our last day of class and we had stayed back to talk to our sensei and I still had to go to work on another campus and Hunter offered to drive me. I reluctantly obliged, and slid into his car. His CD player started playing and this really astonishing good song came on and I asked him who it was. He promptly replies with, “I have no idea. This is a mix CD. I really have no idea who some of these people are. Wait, but you should totally hear Micky. He’s the guy I was tell you about. He’s really good…” He switches to a track (can’t remember which one)… and I was like, WOW he’s really good! “His name’s Micky right?” “Yeah, Micky.” ((Of course, being the DBSK-fangirl I am, one of the things running through my head was, “Well, his name is MICKY, of course I HAVE to give him a try… ILUDBSK, SARANGHAEYO!!!” I’m very childish in my fandom sometimes)). I don’t know if I kept on hearing Hunter wrong or if it was just… my DBSK-brainwashing working there, but I *did* get to work and promptly search for a Micky Lee on AF (Taiwanese Entertainment Male Artists). Obviously I didn’t find anything. And I gave up. A little disappointed (youtube let me down too)… and didn’t think much of it, until…

I was on Soompi. Ironic, ne? Kpop for the masses led me to find my current musical obsession. HOW obsessed am I? I *rarely* play music on my computer; with all the videos I watch, it’s actually very inconvenient for me to play music… especially with the recent fan-‘plosion of SJ-M on every single [mainland] Chinese variety show known to mankind. Nicky Lee’s album is actually the album that I want to listen to on repeat, frequently. I’ll do a more detailed review of his album later… like, if I ever feel like getting around to it (haha, jk).

Anyways, I was in this thread called Cpop vs. Kpop in Soompi (let’s not get me started, please), and one of the frequent-defenders of Cpop in that thread (he’s a regular) constantly gives out lists of fantabulousensationalistic singers in Chinese music to tell the ignorant eager fans of Kpop that there are good Chinese singers and not all are like Farenheit, Rainie Yang, Lollipop (BBT), and your basic bubblegum singer that Taiwan seems to like to churn out. He mentions a few I’m familiar with (Jay Chou, Wang Leehom, Amei, Anson Hu, etc) and a few I’m not too familiar with (like Khalil Fong, Stanley Huang, etc) and one of them was Nicky Lee.

In pops the connection. Ah yes, maybe his name is Nicky Lee. Which is pretty dumb on my part; I knew that Machi were made of a bunch of ABC’s… and if you’re born in America, chances are your name is NOT Micky (it was Yoochun’s nickname, his legal American name is still Yoochun Park; let’s not talk about how I know that). But I digress…

Nicky Lee was born in Korea but raised in L.A. He was originally scouted and picked up by Korean management and joined a trio called ‘Voice’ in Korea (video will be provided at the end). I suppose they didn’t do that well (or maybe the group was just too young and too raw), and I’m assuming Nicky returned back to LA. Probably to finish school or something. Eventually Nicky joined yet another group, but this time it was the Taiwanese boyband LA Boyz. They enjoyed some mild success, but like most boybands of that era, again, they disbanded and Nicky was shunted around. I supposed he maintained a good relationship with his friends in America and eventually he joined Machi where the entire group was well received in Taiwan and was actually pretty successful.

Nicky eventually went solo himself (being known as the best vocalist in Machi, no doubt) and debuted with his first solo album Shadow (picture above). I don’t have that album *pouts* but I’m going to go scour Baidu once I’m done here to see if I can get my hands on it. AND THEN, came out with anuzzer album!!!!!!! Think Too Much 想太多 (Xiang Tai Duo) which is what *I* have.

* * *

I am resourceful and thank the lovely users at Asianfanatics for being even better at this business than I am, I have for you Nicky’s blog on wretch!!! Some of the entries are in Chinese (actually, most are), but he has a few ENGLISH entries (that’s right!!!) too…!!! HE SOUNDS SO GHETTO AND ADORABLE. I heard from fan-accounts that he’s actually a really friendly, really nice, really polite, and a really approachable guy. *cheers*. He looks like he is, actually.

HIHI!!!!!!…wasssssup everyone!!!!!…Just wanted to let u know that i recently just did a duet song w/ 李冰冰 for the new Jackie Chan and Jet Li movie
FORBIDDEN KINGDOM (功夫之王) !!!!…you can check it out on KKBOX and i think Ezpeer too..the song is called (预感)…i hope you guys like it!!!!..hope all is good and healthy and happy!!!!…
take care and God Bless YALL….San Jiao Cool also did a song for the movie it is called(Hero)…make sure yall check it out!!!

小胖子 nicky

SO CUTE! And yes, no Engrish, you guys. He was raised in L.A. His Chinese is actually pretty good too. I don’t know if an assistant was updating for him, but he uses pretty simple Chinese phrases and characters (even I can understand/read them), so maybe his Chinese is pretty basic. I don’t want to compare, BUT his Chinese is perfectly fluent when sung, even though he’s Korean AND raised in American. So he’s been working hard on his Chinese and been in Taiwan quite some time. Machi was known for rapping in Taiwanese (Hokkien) as well, which he might know a bit of too.

I haven’t found him on any variety shows (pooh), so blahh… but Machi has like a million members (they’re kind of a rotating group too), so it makes sense if he never or rarely showed up on shows. I HAVE found him on Taiwanese variety shows, so at the end of my entry, I’ll provide links!!!

ANYWAYS, Nicky is really an incredible singer. incredible incredible incredible.. His entire “Thinking Too Much” album is just… incredible. It’s all smooth and mellow R&B with a few faster and excellently produced hip-hop tunes (which I love! they’re just so funky and smooth to get up and dance to).

Anyways, some recommendations.
你好吗 – 李玖哲 & 周笔畅 (“How Are You” ftd. Chou Bi Chang/Bi Bi Zhou). This is a duet with Bi Bi Zhou who is a mainland-Chinese singer. I really am stuck if BiBi is a boy or girl because the falsetto is quite high and girly sounding, but the “regular” voice is a bit… masculine sounding (sounds a LOT like JJ Lin). But I DO think BiBi is a girl, but the androgynous look is VERY “in” in China right now, so I can’t tell by appearances. Anyways, Cor (aka: playmeagain), I think you’ll like this song a lot. The harmonizing in this song is worthy enough to make even the most dedicated a’cappella singer drool. No kidding. It’s absolute PERFECT and both singers are incredibly talented. This song is available on the “Thinking Too Much” album. Have you ever heard a song that was so beautiful that you actually did not want the song to end and you just wanted it to keep on going.. forever? This is one of those songs for me. It’s so BEAUTIFUL. The video is also very cute and just very sweet. Very simple, and not very romantic. The song is so simple and mellow that it can easily describe a friendship or a romance. Very very beautiful and gentle and lulling.
李玖哲 – 小胖子的一天 完整 . (something I can’t read. haha) Youtube preview again. AND for all you Vanness Wu lovers, this song features Vanness (not in the video though) as the rapper for the rap part of the song (All the “V-dub” calls in this song? Vanness Wu. V.W. get it?!). THIS is the hip-hop song I was talking about. Funky and yet it works with the mellow voice of Nicky. So nice. Not to mention the video is hilarious and adorable. Just has a lot of food, which makes sense because the title of the song talks about a “chubby person.”

* A great deal of Nicky’s album (or at least, like, 3-4 tracks) are produced/written by Koreans and JJ Lin (“Wei Chiang” Track 7) and Jay Chou make an appearance in here too (composition wise, he doesn’t sing in anything). A LOT of famous people contributed to this album.
** le sigh. If was to go into every single song individually — and I assure you, I am capable of that kind of madness– I would probably go insane. Just…trust me. He really is that good and this album is positively sensational and drool worthy. Very rarely do I enjoy an entire album and this album I do. He is so good. This album is just so good. so, without further ado: Obtain it, now. Next time I go to Taiwan, I am buying this album. Undoubtedly. I rarely buy albums of an artist, but if they are an artist I truly love and respect, I will support that artist wholeheartedly and buy their album. like StyLe or Wingman or Alin. I will do it.

AND I LOVE HIM. While I was typing this post, I was intermittently running searches on youtube of Nicky’s stuff. Not only do I love Taiwanese variety shows (and really, they so pwn mainland China’s shows), but that’s Taiwanese singers — especially when they’re promoting a new album/single/performance/concert/product/etc — always go on variety shows and sing and perform and get laughed at by the hosts and I found an EXCELLENT clip of Nicky on Kang Xi Lai Le (with Xiao S and Kang Yo) with Jeff and Stanley from Machi (or LA Boyz? I dunno) and they’re making fun of one of Nicky’s performances in America. Consider Nicky is an American-Korean, his Chinese is SUPER excellent and it’s obvious that his comprehension level is 100% there because he’s totally interacting and he is SO adorable. Notice the obvious use of Chinglish (hehe, foreign-born Chinese people, unite! cause our Chinese sounds exactly the same! Watch it here.

AND AND AND!!!!! Nicky shows up on one of my FAVORITE Taiwanese variet shows, “Yu Le Bai Fen Bai” with Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui (gah, they are so funny twogezair). Watch it here! (part 3).
HOMG. HE IS TOOO CUTE. Nicky only shows up briefly in Part 3, but there’s a brief mention of SUPER JUNIOR (brief and no, they just mention that SuJu has a Chinese member) in part 2, so if you want to watch that a *squeal* a bit (I did), go for it (check out the side bar on the youtube page). Xiao Zhu and Xiao Gui are great hosts together and it’s always fun, but the first two parts are really just news (which is a little disappointing, ne). Anyways, there is this SUPER CUTE PART (I don’t know why they find it so funny, BUT) where Nicky and Xiao Zhu are all like “OU XIANG JU!!!!!!” and they say it in this really funny voice, and then Xiao Gui’s all like, “tell everyone what it is, and Nicky deadpans, “Yuan Lai Wo Bu Shuai” (I’m not really that hot, after all) to the camera. Cause that’s the title of the drama, but you can also read it to mean that Nicky’s all like, “Oh, I’m not really that hot…? WAAAAHHHH T_T.” He makes a sad face after that. SO FUNNY. Cause he’s all cute and smiley and squinty with his heavy (but still TOTALLY understandable) English/Korean accented Chinese (you can actually hear a little bit of the Korean in there). And then Xiao Zhu asks him, “Well, why don’t you talk about the drama a bit?” (oh, and for spazzes, if she ever reads my blog, the drama STARS JJ Lin… so if you want some serious cuteness). And Nicky breaks into a sobby-face and he’s all like, “Cause I’m not hot…wahhhhhh!!!!! TT__TT.” And then Xiao Zhu’s all, “No, that’s not it. You’re a “te bie de hua.” which means, “You’re a special flower,” and then adorable-Nicky is all, “Oh, I am really? A ‘te bie de flower?’ ” ENGRISH, FTW. Plus, when he’s all like, “Dance” and he does this HILARIOUS pose and it’s just SO CUTE (snatches him away). Nicky is known as the “pang zi” in Machi (the “fat/chubby” one) so they always tease him about it. SO CUTE.

Pahhh… *brain explodes* The entire clip is just bursting with cuteness and Chinglish and SO MUCH WIN. WATCH IT. NOW.

JJ Lin & Nicky Lee DUET “Shadow”. HOMG. Two of my favorite singers onstage together. My fingers are trembling as I type this (with many deleting and backspacing, I might add). INCREDIBLE. And yes, it’s a live performance. They look like SUCH GOOD FRIENDS. I love it when fandoms collide.
Bi Bi Zhou and Nicky Lee dueting again “Where is the Love” (yes, THAT duet by Blacked Eyed Peas). INCREDIBLE. EXCELLENT. WATCH IT NOW. They are GREAT and have EXCELLENT stage presence and NICKY IS RAPPING IN ENGLISH! Watch him do what he’s comfortable with!! And BiBi is an EXCELLENT SINGER. Along that note: solo “Where is the Love” on Yu Le Bai fen Bai (100% Entertainment). HOMG. HARMONY. FALSETTO. *dies* SO GOOD. And he’s so cute. Even though there’s a small crowd of like… 10 people… he’s still as enthusiastic if it were a crowd of hundreds. That is awesome. He’s so awesome. I love him. He does a FANTASTIC solo rendition and I was curious to see how he would do when he hit the chorus, and not only does he sing a bit in falsetto, he does some very very nice adlibbing and vocalization. *dies again and goes to vocal heaven*.
“You Are So Beautiful”. Nicky sings the classic song (with some Korean prefacing it, HOMg O_O) to Apple on “He Se Hui Mei Mei.” I think the reason he says a bit of Korean at the beginning is because Apple (the girl he’s singing to) knows a bit of Korean..? I think? I just know that in all of Nicky’s MVs, he likes to use a Korean female costar and he likes to start off his vids with a bit of Korean just to give it some romance? I think it’s because he’s fluent in Korean and it sounds more romantic? or maybe he’s just catching the Hallyu wave. Either way, it’s adorable. note: audio is a bit crap, but once he starts singing it clears up.

** For these live performances, it’s especially obvious that Nicky just oozes charisma. In his “Where is the Love” solo performance (on 100% Ent.), he’s all working the stage (even though there’s only like 10 people plus staff present) and totally loving it, but once the music shuts off, he gets all like “hai sho” and shy and quiet and he’s all polite and bowing and even the hosts are all like, “WOW, you just really enjoy being up on stage” (see if you can catch another excellent Chinglish moment!).. and I was just astonished at the charisma he oozes. He genuinely loves singing (and he’d better! he’s so friggin good at it!!), but once the music goes off, he’s back to being his charmingly goofy and adorable self. GAH, so cute.

And here’s the Korean song that I promised playmeagain at the [vairy] beginning of my post, when Nicky was part of Voice. Want to see if he’s as good as a Korean ballad crooner as he is in Chinese? Watch the vid. Or just trust me when I say: yes, he is. HOMG, he is. And he is ALSO the lead vocals of Voice too. His voice just stands out so much. And does anyone else think this video is strangely reminiscent of Kiss’ “Because I’m a Girl?” I smell copying… and everyone though Kiss was being so original and unique.

That was THE longest pimp post, and quite possibly THE longest post, ever. But I hope everyone enjoys it and goes out to support Nicky because he is just… tres awesome. I have managed to get another one of his albums so I’ll listen to that in a bit and maybe throw it up for download if I think it’s worthy (it probably is).




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