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yes, that is a piano cake

((i is back))

* * *


What to say about Micky Yoochun (aka: Park Yoochun, Yoochun Park?).

I would like to say that I have seen this boy grow from a shy little boy in Korea to a rebellious, but still adorable (and confused) teenager in Virginia and finally into the lovely young courteous man that we see onstage amongst the presence of DBSK (as one of their members)…

But I can’t, cause I don’t know that much about him…

Ah… Yoochun, where do I begin the words. Well, for starters: I may be one of the few people in the [Kpop-loving fandom] that actually prefer to call him by his nickname “Micky.” I dunno why… but I just do.

Anyways, he’s a brilliant composer with some seriously excellent piano skills. And he’s so charming… and he has this voice that can be described in two words: Pillow Talk.. I’m so pervy.

His voice seriously makes me melt. I’ve never been a fantabulous fan of Micky; in fact, he was my least-favorite member because I just didn’t really like his voice and I didn’t really find him uber attractive either. But HOMG, like all/most of the DongBangs, he won me over with his sheer charm. Yeah, he can be dorky, but unlike Jae/Junsu in their dorkiness, Micky can make his dorkiness utterly charming and sexy. And it’s not even like he tries, not really… Micky is just so softspoken and he really has that “prince” aura surrounding him.

I wasn’t a very big fan of Micky until I read a fanfiction (by Guin called “Fast Foward: 3025, it’s on Soompi, so read it.. now) about four of the DongBangs (no Junsu) being vampires in this future setting. HOMG. Micky is the eldest brother and it just .. works. I never really thought of Micky as the imposing and authoritative type, but when Micky speaks… I think the entire [fangirl] world quiets down to listen. His voice is incredibly captivating… all husky and low and deep and sexshi.

He really has won me over, and from numerous fan accounts I’ve heard, Micky is really really considerate (especially of the opposite sex) and the consummate gentleman and super courteous and generous. It’s so touching to hear about his hardships in America because I know firsthand how it is over here and how difficult it can be to someone in his situation (his family was fairly well-off in Korea because his father was a pharmacist, but here in America, they ended up running some small shops and his parents eventually ended up divorcing because of it. how sad T_T). I was really proud to hear that he could afford a house for his Korean relatives to stay in (I still believe those rumors about SM members and how they don’t have very much money)…

Ahh, well, whatever is the case: HWAITING MICKY!!!! You’ve got legions of fangirls behind your back (not even counting the numerous troops ranks of Cassiopeia) and we LOVE seeing your music published (omg: he is SO good at composing; especially those sad and mournful songs) and recorded and we hope you continue to give us many more years of musical bliss!!! Happy Birthday and I hope you’re celebrating it with the people you love!!

PIC SPAM!!! (under the cut, ’cause I have enough images on the front page and don’t want to slow load-time anymore)

* * *

I raided Micky’s AF Gallery and had a field day saving pictures. I only did three pages of searching though because I ended up saving so many… AND HOMG HE IS ATTRACTIVE. With the right hair, of course. I think I have like a million shots from the same few photoshoots (like AADBSK2 and this one magazine photoshoot — I think — of all the DongBangs in some really excellent outfits and places. I can’t really breathe right now because I’m in severe shock from their … excellence).

(no stealing cause photobucket has horrible bandwidth, so please just click and save on your own hd, k?)

^^ *chest molests*



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  1. Lauren said,

    oh HELL YES!
    i agree~ such a charming sweetheart. His voice is very sexy & frankly- i don’t think he gets enough air time.

    What i love the most about him is that he is only one who speaks english (as a 2nd language) & he CAN construct proper sentences, but his engrish in their songs is absolute hilarity!

    I fell in love with him after watching YSMM & seeing he speak of his family & hardships. He was so genuine & open- you don’t see that much amoungst western boys where i am! he’s naturally funny without being cutesy or silly!

    I remember watching the boys on a talk show once & they asked if girls found him cute & he was all “no” & ALL the members starting pushing him saying “YES THEY DO!”. Aww i could have cuddled him at that point! lol

    I’m not a ballad person, so i don’t really get to hear what he composes, but his VOICE! OMG i actually thought he was one of the better singers when i first heard Tri-angle, then i didn’t get all that many parts after that (of the songs i’ve heard) & it really dissapoints me.

    He just seems like a fun little boy who is very caring & sweet. I think that’s what i like about the dong bang boys- they just seem so.. genuine. Unlike *coughgirlsgenerationcough*

    anyways another heart felt post from you! yay!

  2. Lauren said,

    eh i should read over what i write- it’s a grammatical nightmare! =)

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