Posted in Kpop by nanshi on June 6, 2008
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thanks soompi.

hehe. HALLOOOO Junsu. I usually don’t update so dedicatedly fast, but I must beat spazzes and Pinkandsparkly and Candychu cause… I always feel so left out whenever they beat me. Everyone’s seen the other Shanghai pics, right? well, these are new [close-up] Junsu closeups. HOMG. I have a fetish for collarbones… and chests… so henceforth *chest and collarbone molests* he looks so… big and manly. I always thought of Junsu as a bit scrawny… HAHAH NOT ANYMORE.

I have a few more fun thumbnails for your enjoyment…


AND… HOMG. Junsu has flexible hips *nods*, yes he does indeedy. (note the strategic placing of those tassels. HAHAHAHA. o0o pervy images)
Photobucket Photobucket

BONUS, cause even though Jae does a lot of smexy things… he rarely does it in his !bondage! outfit (haha !s&m! Jae… i is pervy)



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  1. mishmash said,

    First two pics gave me a nose bleed…


    excuse me while I go drool over Junsu somemore…

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