Quintessential theme music…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on June 10, 2008

Have you seen “Lord of the Rings?” Have you seen a “Lord of the Rings” trailer?!

This song should sound ridiculously familiar:
[…] RAWR. youtube is being a bum and not letting me embed (although I hate embedding cause it slows loadtime). eh… hear ze song.

It’s called Lux Aeterna and is from the movie Requiem for a Dream. It is THE most perfect haunting piece… ever (play it while you’re studying for exams and mourning your imminent demise… it’s a great moodmaker). It’s great and chilling and is just so powerful. I had this from ages ago, but I can’t seem to find the CD I put it on, so I’m a bit put out about that…

Shows that music doesn’t need lyrics to haunt the soul. Trust me, this song has haunted me much more than anything with lyrics ever has

* * *

There’s, like, a thousand versions of this song out there (including hip-hop remixes, which aren’t that bad, theatrical remixes, orchestral remixes, movements, etcetc. this song has spawned a small cult niche in the music market, I’m not kidding… it’s very brilliant and VERY manipulate-able). I’ve been methodically picking away at mininova.org and google and trying to find *this* specific one that is embedded in my video because I think the rhythmic wailing chanting really makes it that much more intense.

But I also like the original version. In case you guys were wondering, this song wasn’t created solely for the LOTR sountrack; it was actually created by a man called Clint Mansell for the movie “Requiem for a Dream” and then remixed (several times) until a rendition came out that was suitable for “The Two Towers” (which is the trailer that features this song; I am a hardcore LOTR fan). The extended orchestral remix is excellent too (it’s like this one, but minus the human voices)..

Google has not let me down and I was able to obtain all of the songs. So here they are for your listening pleasure; you are more than welcome to link back to THIS POST, but please do not hotlink my links. Otherwise I’ll Stupefy you into oblivion, let Bellatrix play with you, and then feed you to Voldemort’s snake, Nagini. [hehe, I’m rereading “After the End” which is a fantabulous Harry Potter fanfiction that I think is more satisfying than the REAL series in a manner of speaking. Of course, reading the “real” version is a delight too… duh.]

((I am a shameless plugger of all ships and fandoms that I ❤ ))

Anyways, there are three version of the song (Lux Aeterna if you haven’t figured it out by now):
– the original (3:54) which is the original theatrical version for the original movie (Requiem for a Dream)… original.
– the full orchestral remix (6:28) which is incredible .. there is some deligful musical magic aorund 2:59 with some mournful cello that sends chills up my spine. iono why.. but it’s just… WOWzers.
– the LOTR remix version (6:34) with the monk-like chanting/operatic vocalizations that I’m fond of. Brilliance. This is the version that I’ve embedded and the one I fell in love with at first… audal recognition… erm.

Obtain all three songs in a handy .zip [for which I recommend 7zip to open]


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