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.. look at me’s, mommy! I is updating so oftens and so fasts lately..!!

*sigh* I have no life. So here is another one of my pimp posts entries. I’m trying to be expedient. Sort of…

Anyways, today’s group of featuring is called
(Taiwan; Mandarin Chinese).

A duo of two vocalists: Samuel Jian (20), and Lawrence Chen (22). They formed in 2005 after going through a series of professional competitions/auditions and formally debuted in 2007. They are part of the same management company as [another one of my favorite singers] aLin (she’ll be getting a pimp post soon; my BFF just PM’ed me some of her newish singles — that I don’t have — a few days ago). Unfortunately, StyLe are solely vocalists, so they haven’t garnered as much attraction as Farenheit or BBT or whatevers… but they seem to be pretty popular and have a pretty generous following, although it is mostly concentrated in southern Taiwan.

And that’s really all there is about them. I have my suspicions, BUT StyLe’s debut album mostly consists of remakes from SG Wannabe and Fly to the Sky. SO YES: there is a distinctive Korean R&B flair in their music. I think that StyLe may have been trained by Koreans and picked up by a small Korean management company that is looking to branch into Taiwan/China so they picked up StyLe and aLin (cause they’re both THAT good).

* * *

“Point of Happiness” MV. Very very nice song. I *know* this is a Korean remake, but I’m not too well-versed in Kpop, so I can’t point to the exact ballad. But it’s a great song with a great soothing ballad feel AND it’s sung in Mandarin (yay! wakatteimasu!!).

“Two Hurts” MV. Another great ballad (yay pianos!!). They’re great balladers. If you like FTTS, I think you’ll definitely like StyLe.

“Discrete Seasons” track. Still a youtube link, but umm… if you like the FTTS song “Like a Man,” this is the Mandarin remake of it. erm… no bashing please about covers and whatnot. StyLe REALLY isn’t that popular and very many people already don’t like them because they covered a FTTS song (and we all know how posessive Korean fandoms can be… helllooo Dream Concert 08 ) … but I blame this on the management.

StyLe on the popular “MillionStar” Taiwanese variety show. They sing a popular song called, “Love Wrongly” by Wang Leehom. I was a bit put off at the beginning because StyLe goes — improperly — into falsetto and I’m all exasperated and like OMG, they can sing SO much better than this!!, but they didn’t let me down. StyLe are true power singers, and it shows… because Wang Leehom sings in an octave and range reserved only for contraltos and those mezzo tenors, so they have a little difficulty fading into the falsetto, but once they reach the “climax” chorus of the song, when StyLe can break out into their POWER singing… Power singing indeedy is all I can say. IT SOUNDS INCREDIBLE.
(( I was a bit pissed because StyLe is competing against two ‘amateur’ contestants in the show and they both got scores of 17/20 even though StyLE obviously sings better than amateur contestants. The only justification for that is that the judges judged StyLe based on professional criteria — which is a given because StyLe ARE professionals and have been trained as such — and gave them a lower score because their performance wasn’t exactly ‘stellar,’ and judged the amateur contestants based on the fact that they’re amateur contestants — for which their performance was passable. ))

*as a note: I like Lawrence a lot more than Samuel. His voice is excellent and consistent and beautiful… He sounds like Hwanhee from FTTS. Lawrence is the one without the facial hair…

“Desire” MV. AWESOME. I love the power intro! It’s really a great song.

If your interested for more StyLe stuff, they actually have a youtube username that they use to post up live recordings of their performances and stuff. check them out there. Unfortunately, I think some of their videos have been taken down — including some incredible ballad performances — so you can’t get a glimpse of all their power.

But the album is still really good!!!

Anyways, I mentioned her at the beginning, so here’s an excellent clip of aLin & StyLe singing “One Sweet Day” (yes that famous duet) in various settings.

Another clip of them singing “One Sweet Day.” OMO, this vidoe is sosoososoosososooo cute. aLin is SO adorable! I really really like her. She’s very earthy and friendly and shy and humble and sweet.. until she sings. OMO. When she sings… WOW. She’ll be getting a pimpo post soon too.

I think/heard that StyLe is currently in China doing promotions and getting some attention?

Obtain StyLe’s 1st album

BONUS: I was browsing youtube, sorta, and came across this really really cute clip of K-One’s LiYang and Kido (remember, I pimped K-One too?!) attending a Ballroom-Dancing competition. THEY ARE SOSOOSOSOOSOSOSOOSOOOOO CUTE! Liyang’s the one with the open-chest shirt and his hair tied back and Kidos’ all… shiny with his popped vampiric collar and silver shirt (yay!). It’s nationwide in Taiwan, methinks. And I read some of the comments beneath it, and this wasn’t for a charitable cause or something like “Dancing with the Stars.” Liyang and Kido just wanted to… do it. So they went and learned the samba/salsa and signed up with partners and competed. Liyang and his parter were good enough to get 3rd place (impressive!!!). SOOSOSOSOSO CUUUUUTE! They look like they’re having sooooo much fun (especially Kido!!).


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  1. potensvita said,

    oh, i heard of them. They are vocally powerful but I rather they dont do remakes all the time. Besides, there is no balance between them. I am not comparing (yes, I am ^^) but FTTS had brian and HwanHee. Hwan Hee had a deeper pitch of voice and Brian is the other way around. this means… they had a good balance. As much as I like Hwan Hee, i don’t think i can listen to him solely alone. StyLe doesnt have that. both of them… sounded the same. However, this is a really good album, one should be expected from a remake. haha. Goes and listen again. Anyway, have you heard of 8eight?

  2. nanshi said,

    Yeah, I’m not exactly very happy that StyLe does remakes either. I mean, Lawrence is vocally talented enough to bring some of his own flair, but Samuel (I feel) is just a weaker vocalist. The thing I have about remakes is that when you give an artist an original song, the song is in all the right keys, notes, and ranges of the artist (or group) that that song is composed for; with remakes or covers, you don’t get that kind of liberty and leeway, which leads to a unbalance in songs. Like the Wang Leehom song that they covered sounded HORRIBLE until the end because Leehom isn’t really a power singer whereas Lawrence and Samuel (kinda) are power singers and therefore, they couldn’t really hit their height/potential until the song came to a climax where it was “allowable.”

    I love Taiwan and Taiwanese entertainment, but I have to admit that the management companies REALLY can’t train their artists. Korea has a lot more resources available to them (like government money), so they are able to really train their artists. Taiwanese artists usually just rely on “practice.” Not real training, just practice. And while I will NOT deny that practice can do a heckuva lot of good, professional guidance is still always best. I fail to believe that without dedicated and personalized coaching any singer, performer, dancer, or even athlete would be able to arrive at where they are today.

    Of course, compared to the other artists that Taiwanese entertainment is churning out these days, StyLe is a step, jump, and leap above anything that has released recently… and for that, I am greatful I was able to find this gem.

    And no, I haven’t heard of 8eight… Related to Se7en, mebbe? HAHA, I jest. I have heard of 8eight, but none of their music; Korean, right?

  3. potensvita said,

    we shared the same thought. I frankly don’t have any sentiments towards taiwanese entertainment because as far as I could detect, there aren’t any training done and more oftenly, they depend on their looks. It seems that a lot of them goes the cutie way, (I am not sure how I can explain it to you, ^^) The thing is StyLe is a revolution alright. 8eight isn’t related to Se7en but their music floats to my boat. ^^

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