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Don’t feel like going through all the motions, so here are some songs/vids that I think everyone should listen to. Some of them are fairly well-known, but I’m still going to introduce them (briefly). Kpop and Cpop (Mandarin) all included.

* * *

Sunmin thanx Hyesung, “Keep Holding You” (watch it live). Yes, that Hyesung from Shinhwa. I’m assuming that Sunmin is under Good Entertainment (just like Shinhwa) and this song is for the Korean OST for the Japanese movie (Sunmin also sings the Japanese version, which is with Kubota). Here she is, again, singing “Listen” (by Beyonce) on a Japanese stage. She doesn’t seem to have much Korean stuff out, but tons of Japanese. Fluent too. Anyways, Sunmin is one of my top “most underrated artists” because she debuted right around the time Jang Ri In (aka: Zhang Li Yin) debuted in Korea, but she was overshadowed by SM’s marketing powerhouse (even though she had Hyesung), so not that many people know about her. Great tonal quality, powerful voice, beautiful lives… *sigh*

Nicholas Teo (aka: Zhang Dong Liang). hehe. OMG. He’s sososoosososoososo cute. I know that a lot of people who frequent my blog (all three of you!) are bigger Kpop fans than Cpop fans, so even though Zhang Dong Liang is quite popular in Taiwan, you might not know of him yet. Super cute “Who Will You Think of [when you’re lonely]?” … cute song! He was also in the Taiwanese drama “Smiling Pasta” which is an undescribable jas;djf;jasdf;asd;fasdf;k;kjlskj;daklj;x-fest of cuteness… so watch it, please? Nicholas isn’t a power singer (which is strange, cause I usually veer towards them), but he can croon ballads like zere is no tomorrow. Srsly. Classic song (and will be many years from now, I can just tell): “Tears from Polaris” from “Smiling Pasta. It’s GORGEOUS and SO SAD!!! Beautiful ballad though.

Fan Wei Qi (aka: Fan Fan). She is singer in Taiwan, but is more known for being incredibly PRETTY and the girlfriend of Blackie (He Ren), who is an extremely popular showhost in Taiwan. Fan Fan hosts her own show featuring Lollipop (Bang Bang Tang), so she’s pretty well known too. One of the more underrated singers, cause not that many people seem to know that she sings. I think she acts too? I’m not too sure. Anyways: “I Think I” cover. Yes, that song from “Full House.” Fan Fan sings it really well. Speaking of BBT, here’s Fan Fan singing live on their show. 1, 2. this is one of my favorite Fan Fan songs. “[You] Don’t Love Him That Much”. GREAT GREAT SONG AND VIDEO!!! SOO PRETTY! Fan Fan has a great range, but she actually has a nice deep voice too (well, it’s not as high as the other pop idols Taiwan churns out)… but not many of her songs showcase this. She has really great clarity and tone in her voice too. Which is awesome. I love this message of this song. Basically, Fan Fan is acting as a psychologist and she hears all these people come in and tell her their woes, and they’re basically all love problems. The song is basically saying, “you actually don’t love him/her that much. It’s not worth it to keep on confusing yourself like this… Who says you have to have him? If it really is love/like… you’ll be able to let him/her go.”

aLin (or 黃麗玲 Huang Li Lin). She kinda deserves her own pimp post cause she is… omg. She is everything I want to be as a singer. She has an incredible voice with impeccable tone, clarity, and pitch. Not to mention she seems really sweet and friendly (and VERY real, she looks nervous a lot in lives. I’m too used to the porcelain-facade that Kpop idols put on where their artists exude confidence. aLin is so REAL in her lives… and note: her nervousness only BARELY detracts from her performances…). I’m only going to post live performances… cause there really isn’t a difference between lives and her recorded performances (and no, I’m not joking). “Love, how does it go?”, aLin singing her first big single on 100% Entertainment (if you can’t understand the commentary that follows, basically one of the hosts is all like, “Uh, this is a competition. You can’t lipsync here.” and aLin replies nervously, “Uh, I wasn’t lipsyncing. At all.” and the hosts EXPLODE in indignation. “NO WAAAAIIIIZZZZ!!!” so aLin hesitantly admits that her voice broke a bit when switching to falsetto, and they’re all like, “NOOO if that was a mistake, that was a beautiful mistake and fit perfectly in with the song. So sorry, that wasn’t a mistake.!” ^.^VV), singing a cappella on a variety show (brilliance, honestly. keep on watching through the second time she sings when she’s just belting out her voice while sitting all casual-like in that chair and idly swinging her legs. THAT’S crazy talent), “If I Ain’t Got You” (guhguhguh. words can’t really describe this performance; even her pronunciation is better than what you’d expect!!!)… unfortunately she’s not that popular. A comment on one of the videos pretty much struck the nail on the head.

i don’t think the chinese music scene appreciates her kind of talent. they’re into the cutesy, poppy voices of say jolin tsai and twins. It’s really a shame. Her voice is decent compared to american R&B singers but she definitely has more talent than those pop singers. Ella excluded of course :).

morosemullusk @ youtube.

Will Liu (aka: Liu Geng Hong; W). Erm, Will is Jay Chou’s good friend and his style is quite similar. BUT HIS VOICE IS LOADS BETTER! And yes, just like Jay, Will composes and writes all his own music too.! “Rainbow Heaven”, “Qing Hua”, ” Shi Luo De Lu Cang Quan” (if you listen to nothing of Will, LISTEN TO THIS SONG)… I have his full album and a really really (really!) cute MV. If you want, leave a comment with your email and I’ll send you a link.!

Wingman Entertainment or 翼之星.
whew, I think I’m gonna conclude here
huge company collaboration (a la SM Town and Johnny’s and Jungiery, etc). VERY VERY CUTE SONG. GREAT VOCALS! CUTE! AND PERKY. For what it’s worth, I purchased Wingman Entertainment’s CD… so hellllloooooo?

And Wingman’s second single (sorta, it only features a few members). I’ll embed this one, cause it’s one of my favorite songs.

Embed not working? here it is!.


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  1. (g)ezebel said,

    hi, nanshi. thank you so much for your kind words on my latest entry. i checked out the Liquid Church site, but it look like they are in New Jersey? i’ve never been to a non-denominational church, and i would prob’ly break my father’s heart if i left the Catholic faith after being gone from it for so long. and i’m kinda tired of breaking hearts and hurting my parents. you didn’t offend me at all, you actually enlightened me and encouraged me to keep seeking inner peace and to have faith in the Lord that He will grant it to me. i think i’ve even decided what to tattoo on my other ankle. Matthew 8:8. that would be the most relevant to my relationship with God. i’m not worthy of His love… not yet… *warm smile*

    p.s. i confess that i have no idea who any of these singers are, but i did listen to Alin (?) alecia keye’s song. very beautiful voice. :0)

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