FF music is … brilliant.

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on July 1, 2008

One thing I love about the Japanese: They find no shame in performnig game music. Yes, the song above is Final Fantasy IV: Theme of Love. It’s a beautiful beautiful song and it’s being played by a real orchestra on a real stage. I have always been a huge fan of the Final Fantasy series of music (I’m not too big of a gamer, tbh), but the music is always incredibly excellent. Worthy of being classics like…

FFX: At Zanarkand which is undoubtedly a classic in all regards. If you are in any way into Japanese culture or gaming, you will have heard this song. And this song is quite possibly the most beautiful classical piece. Ever. When I get married to Jaejoong (LOL XDDD), Final Fantasy music is gonig to play a large role. No joke. It’ll be fine cause he loves gaming. I think I will walk down to aisle to “At Zanarkand” (Theme of Love is more fitting, but I loooove “At Zanarkand” more). It’s a beautiful piece; so it’s a little sad… eh. It’s okay. As long as I’m happy, true?

Honestly, I couldn’t really imagine a western orchestra (oke) playing game music even though this music just really deserves to be thrown up with a full orchestra, but it’s so worthy. And unlike America — which tends to shun their ‘gaming’ audience — gaming is viewed openly and accepted in Japan. It’s a part of their culture just like kimono and daifuku and shinto, true? So the orchestra has no qualms about playing it, because it is beautiful music and they are happy to be playing it.

Absolutely beautiful and marvelous. I’m off to find the soundtracks now…!! I particularly remember FFX having an incredible soundtrack (back when youtube was just born, I remember addictedly combing through it to listen to FF music).

<333 Enjoy! I know I do.


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