I don’t like So Nyuh Shi Dae (SNSD)

Posted in Kpop by nanshi on July 2, 2008

(( my blog was feeling a little empty cause I haven’t updated in awhile, so I have decided to rant blog about SNSD (So Nyuh Shi Dae), aka: Girls’ Generation. Since I am also not in the mood to think of something new to write — lol, they’re not worth it — I’ve just copied/pasted what I’ve written at AF in the SNSD Critics’ Thread with some minor adjustments and additions. ))

BUT, I will admit their songs are crazy catchy. Good thing I’m into music and not fandoms, right?

And here’s why.

I knew there was a reason I disliked them so strongly. And no, it’s not because I’m a huge fan of DBSK (cause I thought the Haptic CFs were super cute), but there has definitely been something about SNSD that I never liked from the beginning (and therefore, couldn’t bring myself to pay attention to them, at all). It probably had something to do with the overly-large size of the group (really, is 9 members completely necessary?). I was the same with Super Junior when they first debuted (I was disgusted with a 13-member group, and even after I came to like DBSK, I still couldn’t bring myself to like SuJu. It wasn’t until KRY and I finally watched SJ-Full House that I came around to like them; but they’re real and genuine… to an extent. SNSD oozes fake cuteness and cattiness and just… all the icky things that describe popular and conceited high school girls).

But I just wanted to laugh aloud at the hardcore SNSD fans that are going around chanting, “What hurts them, will only make them stronger. True 소녀시대 [So Nyuh Shi Dae] fans believe in the power of 9.” Hn, *snorts derisively*, I find that laughable. What power of 9? That statement seems to elevate SNSD to deity (god) status… and for doing what? For saving the world? For curing world hunger? Oh wait, that’s right: for doing nothing but stand around in too-short skirts looking pretty and cute and demurely sexy. Ah yes, deity-status granted indeed. Right. Sorry if I offend, but I can’t believe in the “power” of any mortal.

And what power of nine? Why not a power of 10? *waggles eyebrows mysteriously* or the power of 8? or the power of 7…? What power can these little teenage girls wield? I mean, at least the Only13cult has a little justification (and doesn’t make Super Junior out to seem like gods)… SNSD has been debuted for just a bit past 10 months (apparently their anniversary was just a few days ago)… and already they have generated more hate and antis and negative attention than groups/people that have been out for…decades longer than they have. WOW. I guess you can call that power. If that’s the power you want to believe in

SM Entertainment: If you are going to create a large entertainment-oriented girlgroup, you’ve made a bad decision. Fangirls are the ones that have ruled the fandom in the past, and not fanboys (which is what you’ve set up SNSD to have). Fangirls are the ones that really make or break the groups (notice at the Dream Concert the *small* patch of fans that SNSD got while the rest were silent. I looked on in grim satisfaction). Fanboys hardly have had a place in fandom(s) in the past, and will rarely have a place now because fangirls will do anything for their oppas or even male dongsaengs. SM Entertainment, you could’ve made SNSD appealing, but I guess you brought them up wrong. Instead of telling them to be humble and bashful and shy and quiet, you encouraged them to be loud, brash, and conceited of their own fame. You paired them together in stragetically placed shows and “scandals” with other groups/people in the company in order to generate negative attention… knowing that fangirls would retaliate. But you also never expected them to be able to gather such huge force and toss it back in your faces, true?

SM Entertainment, you designed SNSD to be a counterpart to Super Junior — right down to their blunt behavior and outrageous and outgoing actions. And I think that’s what’s most significant. All along SM Entertainment wanted a large entertainment group of both sexes in order to conquer the entertainment market. After all, with nine (or 13) people, you can’t go amiss. You’re bound to find someone you like in that group (and even the most devout antis of SNSD will confess that they like one or two members, at least). But what you failed to realize is that while in males, that type of [outgoing and blunt] behavior (a la Heechul and Kangin, etc) is refreshing and endearing (and even expected), in young teenage girls — remember, SNSD’s oldest members is still only 18 years old and the rest are all younger than she is apparently SM has lied about at least one of the member’s birthday! *surprise surprise* (thanks pinkandsparkly) — it speaks of immaturity and cattiness (to not use the even more extreme and worse term here). And even still, you raised Super Junior correctly: at least they know when to toe the line and to not say things that they aren’t supposed to.

Were you too eager to debut SNSD? Is that why the girls didn’t receive the proper coaching in order to know what to say and how to react in public? I find that impossible to believe. No, what I realize is that you debuted a bunch of girls that were, simply put, just too young.

Girls let fame go to their head and they get ditzy and high and outrageous because of it. And then they compound and expound upon one another… leading to such disastrous statements and circumstances that almost none of the SNSD members have escaped from (and even if they have, they are still affiliated and affected by proxy). The girls are too young to be schooled in the subtle art of “tactfulness” and don’t really know when to stop running their mouths and are careless when it come to speech and etiquette (also, common symptoms of most adolescents, in general), and like all young teenage girls: they certainly don’t care about saving face for the other party.

In fact, most teenage girls live to humiliate the other party (in order to edify themselves). That’s why so many “things” just “slipped” from their mouths at the most inopportune moments. I find it difficult to believe why they were not punished though. One incident, I can understand. Two, even passable. Three, still understandable. But looking at all the “accidents” that SNSD has encountered, I find it hard to believe that they were not scripted or at least reprimanded afterward so it wouldn’t happen again. Perhaps it all is a marketing technique. After all, there is no such thing as bad press, right? And even an anti-fan can become a possible fan one day. And look at how much sympathy SNSD has gotten from what happened after the Dream Concert (and among other incidents as well).

EDIT In light of the information Pinkandsparkly gave me (about SM giving out false birthdays), I’m a little shocked. Oh, and the members in question — might as well spill the beans now — is probably Taeyeon (and maybe Jessica) because she’s the oldest. I Google’d it really quickly and it seems that there was evidence of Taeyeon and Jessica going out for [alcoholic] drinks pre-debut, even though according to their “SM Birthdays,” they should only be at drinking age just now (drinking age in Korea is 20) because they’re supposedly 89ers. Of course, one person — and this is from an SNSD fan, so it’s not my biased view. Like I said: I know very little about the girls anyways — mentioned that she thinks Jessica has been in SM Entertainment for so long (she was a trainee for at least 7 years) that she got really really jaded towards the atmosphere and environment. I had heard somewhere that the SNSD girls, upon joining SM Entertainment, were basically promised that they would reach the caliber and heights that BoA has reached. In other words, they were told, “You’re going to become the next Kwon BoA!!” In fact, Jessica actually was admitted to SM Entertainment at/around the same time BoA was, so it very well could’ve been Jessica that would grow up to become “Asia’s superstar” instead of BoA. But instead, BoA went on to become… “BoA” and Jessica was shunted around and put through rigorous training, but, I mean, most of SM’s stars debut after 2-3 years of training, so 7 years? That’s a loooong time to be “training.” No wonder she got so jaded of the entertainment industry.

As for Taeyeon? I read that she actually ran away from SM Entertainment during her training years. That’s pathetic. A lot of people were sympathizing with her, I thought she was a wuss. I mean, seriously? This is what you signed up for. You knew what you were getting involved in. So you either shape up and grow stronger because of it, or seriously: if you can’t take the heat, don’t jump into the fire, okay? I know I sound really mean, but it’s true. Oh, and this isn’t because of Taeyeon, this is any member of SM Town. Seriously. I don’t like weak people, and if you’re willing to make this much of a sacrifice to become an artist, than you persevere through. It’s like: I join the US Armed Forces because I want my tuition bills and college paid for. Great. But then, when they tell me that I have to go to bootcamp for three months in the summer, and do physical training tests every month of the year and go in for training and be on active-duty for three days a month, and I refuse? Well, I knew that in joining the USAF that they were going to require it of me. What kind of person would I be if I didn’t step up to my responsibilities and obligations? Granted, with Taeyeon it gets me pissed (even though I actually don’t mind her), with any member of SM Town that I did like, it would probably be disappointment.

So I guess those two might not be the “young teenage girls” that made lots of faux pas, but they didn’t make that many. Not really. I still think that they’re young and have been trapped in the SM bubble for way too long. Haven’t had to deal with the “big real bad world” out there, true? I mean, if it’s any indication, PAS mentioned that they were my age, or probably older. And I’m still young[ish], and I make tons of verbal mistakes too. Granted, I’ve had years out there in the “real world” to hone my words and my instincts for saying what can (and cannot) be said. Not to mention, I’ve actually gone to college and have written tons of essays and talked to people loads smarter than me and read lots of books written by people loads smarter than me… I have a good gist of what to say and what not to say. But if I was trapped in the SM bubble of dancing, singing, practicing, acting, and smiling… and then waking up to do it all over again (haha, notice how I didn’t mention eating or sleeping?)… I wouldn’t be surprised if I was as ignorant or careless as they are/were (heck, Jaejoong is the KING of ‘saying the wrong thing’). Still, I expected SM to coach them better. But my original theory still stands. Girls – especially beautiful and talented ones — are very very good at being becoming extremely ditzy an getting very excited when they are the center of attention. And they’ll do almost anything to keep being the center of attention, including saying the “wrong thing” or just not being careful enough with what they say.

Do I believe in the excuse that they’re “just young and they’ll grow up and know better?” Perhaps. Does that excuse what they’ve done? Maybe if they were the average-everyday-girl-next-door-type. But the fact that they’re celebrities and expected to be some kind of role model to the viewing public (because let’s face it, someone out there looks up to them, I’m sure), no, I don’t think that excuses their behavior. Simply put, they should know better. I haven’t seen SM Entertainment’s abuse training procedures firsthand, but from what I have garnered from SNSD’s predecessors (aka: sunbae-nims/company seniors), I have a feeling that SM keeps their artists very well grounded and humble (at least to a certain degree). And if not, at least they carefully coach their artists to maintain that type of self-sacrificing and lowly aura for the fans and the public to eat up, true? SNSD — if they were true professionals — should’ve kept these lessons in mind. I’m positive SM coached them enough about it and reining in their loose tongues; it’s lesson #1 in basic-PR. When your job/career is nothing but PR [Public Relations] — which being an idolstar, ultimately your job is simply PR and to sell yourself — that should be the first thing you learn, and if you don’t do anything else… the only thing you do not forget to do: watch yourself, your words, and your image very very carefully.

On that note: no, I’m not an anti-fan of SNSD. I hardly care that much about a group to become so outrageously anti, but I find little to respect about them. And that’s what irks me the most. They have this bizarre sense of self-entitlement that came out of nowhere (right down to their disrespectful speech and improper turn of phrase) and seems completely unfounded. They are diva’ish without having the respectable backings (read: talent) of a true diva.

For what it’s worth though: I wouldn’t be surprised to find out that everything SNSD members have said and done (and yes, I mean everything) was scripted and planned and rehearsed and choreographed so that SNSD would continually get all this [effortless] publicity. After all, all they had to do was say a few things at the wrong (or right) moments and BAM! Instant headliners in the gossip pages (and that’s only the English Kpop gossip sites; what about the Korean ones?!) and headlining all the forums and fancafes and fansites… without having to work themselves to death and show up in every single venue known to mankind.

After all, in showbiz: there’s no such thing as bad publicity.

* * *
And yes, this is an original critque. So credit is as credit deserves if you feel the need to repost this somewhere else (not that all three of you who read my blog WILL… but eh. Just covering the bases).


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  1. kjpop said,

    i love you hahah

    great great article

  2. wow, freaky.

    I just read your comment on my Wondergirls entry, and I thought “oooo, she must be talking about SNSD, I wish she did an SNSD critique post”. Then I came here to visit, and voila!

    I agree with all your points, but I have to add that the oldest girl isn’t 18, she’s actually the same age as you are (if not slightly older), SM gave her a fake birthday (i wonder who else has one, hm?).

    I’m sure some of the girls in that group are nice (there’s got to be some), but I just don’t like them. at all. I think that there are more talented people out there who may have been overlooked by SM because of their appearance. When I listen to their songs, I don’t hear seven years of training.

    And I’ve read some reaaally unpleasant fan accounts from people who stayed/visited the hotel that these girls stayed at for HB.

    Not a fan. But can’t be bothered anti-ing.

  3. nanshi said,

    Pinkandsparkly NOOOO?! Really? Eh, that shouldn’t surprise me, but it totally does (that SM would use a fake birthday). I still stand by my original opinion though; seriously, no matter how much “intense training” you’ve been through — if you’re a teenage girl, you’re going to act like a teenage girl (and don’t say that’s not true, cause it so is). Oh yeah, there might be a few who are quite mature and ladylike, but there’s 9 of them, odds are, at least a few of them AREN’T quite mature and ladylike.

    I really sound like a flaming anti though. Eh, I guess it’s one of those “If you’re not a fan, you’re an anti” kind of situations. I really do like their [boyish version] songs though. They’re catchy and cute. I hate to admit it: but I think I’m really absorbed into the idol culture as well, otherwise I don’t think SNSD would tick me off as much as they do.

  4. ahahaha!
    harsh,, but i love it ^^,
    i hate them too………

  5. Annie said,

    The power of nine!!!!!!! *rolls off of chair laughing* I’m… out… of… breathe… What kinda idiot came up with that crap… yes, the power of nine ugly, stupid *beeps*

  6. Lilith11 said,

    Your critique was really awesome, honestly. The most objective and realistic one (yes, even though you criticize why favorite artist BoA, at least you’re honest, even if brutally so) I’ve seen.

  7. bechedor79 said,

    Okay, so I feel like a total stalker, but I just read several of your entries, and ahhh such love. Seriously. I appreciate your breakdown of your opinions on these issues. And now to this one: I have to admit that I am not a SNSD fan and ridiculous emotions have led me to find confirming evidence that SNSD is a group of punks.

    So let me say that even though I had a motive in finding someone talk about how SNSD isn’t awesome, I love that you laid it out so clearly and argued your points so well. Sometimes Soompi sorta kills me with its preponderence of poor writing, so thank you for being awesome. I’m glad I’m not the only one who tries to rationalize away SNSD’s suck without being a crazy anti (though I can feel myself slipping and becoming a bit anti….).

    And instead of posting on your other entries and spamming you with “ZOMG I SO AGREE,” just know that I do. 🙂

    (And I would also love to see an analysis on DBSK’s personalities! ::waits::)

  8. SNSD#1Fan said,


  9. nanshi said,

    ^ And this is the reason why I love anon. comments. LOL. xDD You just prove my point. Thanks.

  10. ViPvIrUs said,

    i freaking LOVE ur article!!!!!
    people know snsd through their scandals with other artists not by their singing or dancing!!!! But i think one of them is real though! her name is yoona! shes THE only ONE that i like in that group. Her drama called i am ur destiny is soooo freaking gooodd!! I hate the rest!!! especially tiffany, jessica,taeyeon,sunny,…etc

    ps. even taeyang from big bang chose wonder girls over snsd!!!!!!

  11. fright01 said,

    When you made the comparison of TaeYeon running away to joining the Army, I don’t think that is fair. What age did she sign up to SM? To join the Army, you have to be 18. And also, you endure the stress at an older age while in the army. If she did join SM at 18 or 17 then my comment on that is completely devoid, but else, that’s how I feel.

    But you seem very well-rounded and I am glad you are the kind of person to realize it isn’t worth your time to be an anti-snsd troll. There is definitely a difference between them and the songs they sing. Good blog.

    I would actually like to know if your ideas of them have changed in the past 6 or so months.

  12. Great read, I look forward to more

  13. OmgoshLOLZ said,





  14. Lynn said,

    Great article.

    But you gotta admit, their songs are really catchy even though they all sound the same.

  15. Hmmm said,

    How can you write so much “fact” about SNSD if you don’t know much about them? I need evidence.

    Allow me to hurt you the same way:

    You are a terrible person. Why? Just because you write like an angry bitch.

  16. gummy said,

    Was trying to find an old article I read about Tiffany but came across this instead and thought Id swing by cos Id seen you over at LAEC.

    I agree with most of what you’ve said, I think you’ve collected and elaborated and then communicated everything Ive ever thought about SNSD in the most amazing manner!! And after browsing through most of your other …….ideas, essays…(?) I just wanted to say that I am now officially bookmarking your blog xD I just love how eloquent you are with how you convey all your ideas!! I’m not sure whether you convinced me to “join your side” or if I had originally agreed with you but you convinced me that I was right to think so….if you get what I mean

    Anyways. Well done and thank you for the good reads =) ….now I have to go find that original article I was looking for xD

  17. I luv SNsd said,

    yah!!!! don’t do such bitch things to INSULT SNSD…They just did their job as an artist…so pls…don’t you dare INSULT them!!! all i can say to Anti-SnSD…


  18. jorike said,

    add some photos to your blog, now it is boring
    just so much lines

  19. dk-is-azn said,

    umm some of them didnt take plastic surgery xD

  20. Usika said,

    Maybe when your older and you have grandchildren and you stumble apon this article of yours you would see how childlish you were spending all this time on defaming a band. Till then do spend your time wisely and remember this comment

  21. Merubin said,

    Korea sucks.

  22. yoona said,

    who hate snsd is asshole!!!

  23. yoona said,

    stop talking bout snsd! mind ur own things!!! come on!! if u hate them, then u just go away! no need 2 talk bad things bout them!!!

  24. yoona said,

    anti-snsd should get their own life… at least, snsd had a better life than u guys… u guys SUCKS!!!!

  25. Caca said,

    Haha anti again. I know every artist have fans n anti. But the thing tht make me dun understand is why many anti snsd still want to know ’bout their news, bash them, n write their mistake. Sorry, but if I was u, I won’t waste my time to do tht. if I dun like snsd, I dun wanna know or even write anything ’bout them coz tht will make me sick.

  26. naomi said,

    i agree with you writer ! (:
    &NO, you listen snsd fans not that i dislike snsd but
    if they want to dance around just looking pretty all about how they look and there thighs. they should be models or song writers. mkaay. ill suport them in being models. &Really ? do they really need nine people? to be so great

  27. tomato said,

    i have a love/hate relationship with snsd. i like their song but dislike some of the members. there is good and bad about this group. i love ur article and agreed with the comments/point given. for snsd fan why give a hateful words, if u really love this group so much u should at least defense ur fave group, state ur good view on them. making such harshful word showing ppl who dislike this group how short minded u are. sorry for my bad english hope u guy can understand it.

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