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Posted in Kpop by nanshi on July 5, 2008

I was a bit bored. And I’m sorry, but spazzes’ latest post (with ShinHyuk and SHINee) won me over… so now I’m a noona fan…! LOL. It’s all right; I spent our church retreat (eep!!!) pedo’ing over my younger friend’s guy-friends that she brought along (they’re all like 16-17 and I’m… not). They’re really cute and nice though, and HUUUGE (we’re talking like 6’0+ or 183cm+) so that’s why I was attracted (I’m am, like, instanteously drawn to tall guys cause I’m tallish too).

AF has a surprisingly complete SHINee gallery including a lot of studio pics that I haven’t seen before.
Left to right: Onew, Taemin, Jonghyn, Minho, Key. And does anyone else think Onew looks a little like Nicholas Teo (Zhang Dong Liang) too?!

Eh, maybe I’m on the only one. They look sooo similar at some angles, but then very different at others. It’s a bit hard to tell because not only is Nicholas… like a decade older than SHINee is, they sing two completely different genres too. While Onew is all *smiley* when he sings, Nicholas is crooning a soft [Mandarin] ballad like there’s no tomorrow. Eh…

Yay SHINee!! And I refused to post that other picture of them because, okay I’m shallow, but I couldn’t really tell them apart and I was getting really mad because all the pictures that do depict them (like that picture I’m talking about with Taemin in the center looking like Heechul), Onew is wearing sunglasses and I can’t see his face so I was all *flails around* and trying to figure out who was who. SO TAKE THAT. And I still think Jonghyun and Key look alike enough to be twins, or at least brothers. It’s the hair, I tell you. It’s no joke: whenever I’m first introduced to a boyband, I distinguish by looking at hair first… and then figure out what the rest of them look like… later. Why do you think I fell in love with Jaejoong when I got into DBSK (It was during the “O” days. duhr)? I still think Jonghyun and Key look alike. They have very similar features (jawline and lips) … only when Jonghyun makes his [adorable] exaggerated expressions am I able to be like “ahh… that’s JH.”

Moving on…

I kept on repeating, “I’m not a pedo, I’m just a noona fan. It’s okay.” hehe. the LOLs will never end. Anyways, SHINee is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO cute. I won’t do a picspam cause — sheesh! — I’m not that dedicated, although they’re really adorable, so I have picked the two “safe” ones for me to actually like: Onew and Minho. Minho because he’s really really cute and charismatic (omg, his voice ranks up there as “pillowtalk” with Micky’s) and I don’t think he gets enough attention.. and he’s tall (so kill me for being shallow) and Onew cause he sings brilliantly. Plus, at least Onew’s legal… (bonus!). So technically it’s not pedo’ing in Onew’s case, just being a noona fan. I originally thought SM was introducing them so young simply to aim at the younger fangirls (I mean, I betcha there are fangirls that are a decade or more younger than the DongBangs or Super Junior… how could there not be?! They’re friggin’ perfect!!) so that the younger fangirls could have their oppas to obsess over, but with SHINee and their incessant, “Noona, I love you!!!” remarks, I think SM is still trying to capture the “noona” (or in this case, late teens/early twenties) fanbase. LOL. They’re so young and teeny and scrawny and skinny though. Kinda offputting when I like my guys… to look like guys. Not androgynous little things. But it’s okay, cause I spent a few days — thankfully that fandom was fleeting — obsessing over the Jonas Brothers, so obviously I’m totally entering really awkward pedo-territory. No big deal though, because … omo, I can’t believe I’m going to admit this: but I don’t think of SHINee in a very… non-noona way (if you catch my drift). My feelings towards them are completely completely platonic (unlike my lustings towards the DongBangs*, minus Changmin cause he’s too young. LOL … or Gackt, who everyone –male or female — wants to sex up. Admit it). So it’s not really being pedo, and a whole lot more being a noona fan!! Yay!!

And Onew’s Chinese moniker is really cute: 温流 (WenLiu)… It’s just really cute. A little feminine-sounding, but I can ignore that, I think. He’s all cute and smiley (and single lidded!) and leadersshi!!! I have a thing for leadersshi’s.

Although I will admit: it would make me very happy to find out if SM was lying about their birthdays and that they’re actually much much older than they really are. After all, SM is not above spinning images. I could imagine them telling SHINee not to work out and stuff just so they would stay skinny and look like little teenage boys.

They’re just soooo cute though. All teeny and stuff. I think I might break some of them (no joke) if I was to hug them. They’re so young that I can’t see them as manly… which is okay because my new fandom is (sorta)…

Taeyang!!! (aka: Dang Youngbae from Big Bang).

I would post a picture of him topless, but they are plentiful on Soompi (hehe, like every other signature/avatar) so it’s okay. Why am I a fan? Because of SHINee (omo… how weird is that?!). I was watching SHINee clips on youtube and they were doing one of the mobile countdowns and Taeyang’s “Look at Me” (from his single mini-album) was #2 on the list and it was a really excellent clip, so I went ahead and youtubed the full video and OMG. WOW. Now, I’m Chinese, so I always feel a little guilty when I indulge my Kpop obsessions (erm… it’s complicated), so I’m always reluctant to look up new/more artists… but WOW. Taeyang’s song blew me out of the water and I had to go hunt for the [mini]album (it’s got like… 6 songs on it). Now, as I always pride myself on: I’m a bigger fan of the music than the image or the physical appearance (except for SNSD which is a confusing complication there)… so obviously I’m not too into Taeyang’s looks (cause Jaejoong still owns my heart)… but it’s a really really really brilliant album, no joke. So obtain it! Or at least go to youtube and listen to “Look at Me Now” MV.


*PS: if your browser won’t show the playlist, just hit “Pop-out player” and a pop-up will come up that will direct you to the playlist that will play for you…!!

And he’s also two years younger than I am. HOMG. A boy younger than me should not have muscleys like that. Seriously. But his mini-album (6 tracks only) is ridiculously addicting. Like spontaenously-combust addicting. It’s so deep and edgy (I’m assuming it’s deep and edgy cause it just sounds that way), but I’m also a bit partial because I ❤ angsty hip-hop music.

And I provide previews!!! See, I am a dedicated blogger. Well, I would be if I wasn’t so spazzy and random at all times…

It’s only got two songs on it, but that’s because I am lazy and playlist.com only has those two songs on there from Taeyang’s single album. And for the record: Taeyang isn’t a soloist, in case you didn’t know. He’s actually a member of Big Bang that just simply released a solo album. It’s really great and catchy (thanks to spazzes for the heads up!!).

See, only two new fandoms…!!!

* * *

* LOL. This was one of those “random” questions that were asked by fangirls, and I think this was asked in a DBSK thread on AF, but I found it hilarious. The question was: “Which one of the members do you think would be most embarassed after his wedding night [to face the other members]?”

ROFL. I would pick Junsu. Cause Jae and Micky just ooze sex appeal (and I heard that Jaejoong isn’t a virgin anyways. Hey, fangirls are resourceful!!), so I don’t think they would get laughed at. Changmin seems mature enough to take it very calmly and seriously… And it’s actually kinda tie between Junsu and Yunho. Yunho, because I think he’d want to maintain a very “leaderly” aura… but I think if the other members were to tease him about it, he’d get all red and embarassed and be like, “Aw, shucks guys. I don’t wanna talk about it… *kicks at the ground with his head down*. ” And Junsu would just turn all red and laugh and be like, “SHUT UP!!!!” Granted, this is if they were to get married, oh say, tomorrow. I’m sure whenever they do finally get married (probably not for another decade or so considering how hard SM works them), I’m sure they’ll have matured up and won’t be all silly and embarassed.


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