Absolute Boyfriend

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Also referred to as, Ideal Boyfriend, Perfect Boyfriend


LOLOLOLOLLLLL. Just kidding! haha, I crack myself up.

No, actually I recently got involved in the Jdrama (and manga) Absolute Boyfriend aka: 絶対彼氏。, Zettai Kareshi. Also can be translated “Ideal Boyfriend” or “Perfect Boyfriend.”

You can watch it on Crunchyroll or read it on One Manga. They’re slightly different. I haven’t finished either… but I just thought I’d introduce it so far…

* * *

The plots are slightly different for both (I actually think I like the plot of the jdrama better even though the manga is s0000per cute and hilarious).
Manga version. Riiko Izawa is a first year student in senior high school (10th grade for everyone that’s not used to Asian education structures) and she has a pathetic love life. She has no siblings and her mother is a television broadcaster and her father is something equally glamorous which equals her staying at home a lot by herself. She desperately wants a boyfriend, but she always gets rejected by the guys she likes. An overheard-conversation with one of her crushes and his friends reveals that she always comes on as too desperate and that is wholly unattractive to him (and I’m assuming, all the other guys she’s liked before). Enters Soushi, Riiko’s childhood friend (along with his younger brother Masaki) and also Riiko’s neighbor. They have the typical love-hate relationship.

In the manga, one day, Riiko accidentally stumbles across a lost cellphone that is ringing. She picks up and the person who owns the cellphone demands that she stay right there and he’ll come by to pick up the phone. This person is Namikiri. Namikiri takes Riiko to a small cafe just to “chat” for a bit (on the pretense of picking up the cellphone) and he gives her his business card. Apparently the business card has a miniCD embedded into it (or something like that) and Namikiri tells Riiko to go to the website (URL) on the miniCD. Riiko goes to this website, and she thinks it’s some kinda weird dating simulation game or … something like that, because it advertises about getting the “Perfect Lover.” The site says that you can use this “Lover Figure” for a free trial for 3 days, so she’s like “Hey! Why not!” Riiko is told to input all the characteristics she wants her perfect man to have (like just into a text box) and she does so. The next morning, a huuuuge packages arrives for Riiko and, yep! It’s her “Perfect Lover,” Nightly Series 01. Yay!

Crack ensues as Riiko’s “Perfect Boyfriend” (she names him Night or Naito in the Japanese) gives Riiko tons of trouble. Oh, yeah. And as a rule: no one is allowed to know that Night is just a robot. Night comes across as the perfect boyfriend (yes, ALL of those characteristics. Need I name them all?), but Riiko is totally off-put by his overeager earnestness. It’s apparent that she really wants to fall in love, but she is unused to having this affection reciprocated so innocently. Oh, and yes. Night wears a ring on his finger that reflects the mood of women around him in order to “interpret” data more accurately and to gather data about women and how to “please” them or to read their emotions. Oh, and yes. Since Night is an appliance, Riiko must either purchase him or return him. Unfortunately, the contract that Riiko signed when she agreed to have Night for the trial period (tsk tsk, trick things) stipulates that unless Riiko returns him within 72 hours of the three day trial period, she must keep him. Riiko thought that she would get him for a full three days, and then on the FOURTH day she would have to return him. In this case, she’s already gone over her 72 hours, so she must buy him… for one hundred million yen (one million USD). She’s outraged at the price, but Namikiri works it out by saying, “One million yen per feature you listed.” So… hehe, 100 features. Riiko works her butt off to find a way to get the money, but nothing seems to be working out. Finally, Namikiri agrees to let her have Night for whatever money she has on hand right now (which is, like, none) as long as she agrees to “teach” Night about women and “how they work.” Riiko has no choice, otherwise she’ll have to sign up for the “very generous 50 year payment installation plan.” /and this is where I’ve read up to/
Jdrama version. Riiko Izawa works in the dispatch department of a famous and wealthy company (Asamoto) that creates desserts and sweets. OMO, their meetings consist of eating company products and writing reviews about them and discussing ways to improve them(!!) or eating competitor’s products and how Asamoto can improve their own desserts to compete with theirs. Absolute delectable cakes abound in this drama. O.M.G. I died a bit when I saw those cakes. I digress… anyways, Riiko is, again, a lonely youngish girl with (also) naive thoughts towards love (but this time she’s like mid-to-late twenties, I assume). She’s the kind that will bake a guy cookies everyday and knit him sweaters and keep everything he gives her (even if it’s, like, a tissue or something). It’s kinda creepy in those clingy stalkerish ways. But she’s not used to receiving anything more than superficial affection. A smile and a little pat on the head is enough to make her happy, let alone a hug or a kiss. Still, Riiko longs for a boyfriend. In comes Namikiri who bumps into Riiko while she’s complaining (again) about her lackluster love life in one of her “usual haunts,” a bar owned by a friend/mentor that (apparently) isn’t too far from her house. Namikiri gives her his business card and entices her with the promises of a “Perfect Boyfriend.” Riiko think it’s one of those weird dating services, and she insists that she’s tried them before and they never work out. Still, he gets her to come to the office where she’s basically give a multiple-choice questionnaire (of, like, a million questions) of what she wants in a man (they’re questions like “How protective do you want him to be?” Very protective, Normal, not protective, sissy like a girl… etc). Riiko fills out a questionnaire and the next morning, her “Perfect Lover” arrives! Crack ensues, as always… but this time, Riiko gets a free seven-day trial.

On the fourth day of Riiko’s trial with Night, she runs into some trouble at work. It’s the day where Riiko’s company is unveiling their new line of spring sweets, but the truck that is delivering the products is stuck in a bad traffic accident and can’t make it to the venue. One of Riiko’s coworkers (who she had a crush on) gave the driver the wrong address in the first place (so I guess that why he got stopped up because he went to the wrong place and now he’s trying to get to the right place), but when the boss asks them who’s fault it is, Riiko nobly says that it’s her fault. Night is out looking for Riiko and all he sees is her worried face outside of the venue where they’re holding the unveiling waiting desperately for the truck. He overhears the address where the truck is stuck at and his internal GPS system tells him how to get there as fast as possible. With only 30min left before the unveiling must begin, Night dashes off to get the cakes. There’s a point to this, I promise. Because of Night’s endeavors, he gets severely “injured.” Or, in this case, basically he breaks his knee because of all the exertion in running (Riiko gets the cakes though and he saves the day!). Namikiri shows up again and congratulates Riiko on the fact that she’s bought Night. She’s all aghast and like “WHAT?!” And Namikiri shows her the clause on the contract that if Night suffers any injuries during the trial period, the owner (in this case, Riiko) will have to purchase the AI or pay for the injuries in full. Night costs 100 million yen, and the injuries themself around around 400,000 yen. So Riiko works steadfastly to get the 400,000 yen that she needs because she only has about 50,000 in savings. Night sees her working really really hard, and realizes that she needs money. So he goes out and get a menial labor job to help her out too. Stuff ensues, and basically, when Namikiri comes to pick Night up, Riiko is suddenly struck with a feeling of compassion (guilt? kindness? love? iono) and she agrees to buy Night.
Meanwhile, in the background, Namikiri’s boss (the creator of Night, I suppose) is insisting that Namikiri quickly collect Night so that he can go to another customer for another trial period in order to work out the kinks in Night’s programming (and to understand him better). For some reason, Namikiri — in the drama — is somewhat of a compassionate fellow and he insists that you can just fall in love with someone in a week and that it is critical to understand how long it takes someone to fall in love with Night before he is ready to be released to the public. Still, running and operating Night (he has a full hookup and connection to the office with constant streaming of data and stuff), let alone fixing him, is costing the company a hefty buck. /and this is where I’ve ended so far. but the full series is available for viewing.

My thoughts
It’s adorable!!! No, it is REALLY REALLY REALLY cute. And very funny, because when you get right down to it, Night is an idiot. Adorably an idiot and he’s programmed to be smart, but he’s 100% devoted to Riiko but he has no idea what goes on in the real world. He can see things and process them instantaneously, but he really still has no idea what goes on. Case in point, his favorite outfit is a pair of Riiko’s gray capri sweats, Riiko’s lime-green t-shirt, and a too-small purple hoodie (all raided from Riiko’s closet when she complained he was naked). But when Riiko took him shopping, he came up with a perfectly acceptable outfit of dark jeans, white converses, and a gray hoodie with a gray tee underneath. and LOL… there’s this one scene where he’s working out in her apartment with nothing but a pair of boxer-shorts on and Riiko’s all like, “WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” *covers eyes*
“I’m working out. Didn’t you say that you liked men who worked out sexily?”
*thinks* That’s right… I did put that in.
*strikes a pose* “Am I sexy?”
“STOP THAT! I DIDN’T MEANT THAT! Put some clothes on!” Irritable voice, “Plus, you don’t even sweat anyways, robot.”
… the next day, same situation, but this time, for some inexplicable reason, Night is holding a small pink spray bottle. Riiko sees it, “What’s that?”
*sprays* “Sweat.”

LOL, how cute!

Go watch it or read it! It’s fun…

I love shoujo…
LOL. Nothing DongBang related… so how in the world did I sneak in a picture of Jae? I am ninja.

But of course, I must rant for a second.

Honestly, who out there really wants a perfect boyfriend? I mean, a guy that comes custom-built to all your specific requests. I can see how that would be endearing and captivating for a… year. Maybe even two… but he has no originality, no original thought. I mean, throughout the manga (it’s easier/faster to read the manga than watch the show), Riiko and Night get along great… but that’s mostly because Riiko is confused about her feelings and Night is try to get her to have sex with him (no joke!) and trying to make her fall in love with him. It’s really no different than a loyal and endearing pet. But really, nothing more. Like, why does Night love Riiko? Because “she’s Riiko.” Uh, sorry. That’s just silly and trite. It’s like Twilight, except Twilight takes itself too seriously. “Perfect Boyfriend” is at least shoujo, so obviously just poking fun at itself.

But I want a guy that I can grow with, y’know? That will encourage me to be a better person, and that I encourage him to be a better person. That he changes because of me. It’s not fun or interesting if he comes perfect already, y’know? Although, granted, it is a more gradual process with Riiko and Night and not a God-given perfect relationship from the start (unlike Bella and Edward’s mistake). Riiko just “grows accustomed” to Night and Night lives to.. basically worship her. Which is amusing. Night pretty much is trying to become “better” for Riiko, but Riiko isn’t doing much for him. Not really. She’s just frustrated because all of the sudden, she has another Figure fighting for her affections along with her childhood friend (Soushi) confessing to her. Speaking of which, Soushi is hot. I have a thing for guys with glasses. No joke. It’s like… a fetish. Only if they can pull it off though. But I find most guys look really really attractive in glasses (as long as they’re the right glasses).

I dunno. I would find a “perfect boyfriend” a bit disconcerting. Relationships need to mature and grow, and arguments and fights are a part of that, y’know? It’s a testimony to the depth of the feelings between those two people and their devotion and committment to each other to be able to overcome those hardships and really… love one another unconditionally. Night just… loves Riiko unconditionally. They will never have a fight because he will always accept whatever she tells him passively. He’ll just be, “right, you’re right. I’m sorry.” And that’s fine the first one or two times, but sometimes there just is a genuine confrontation. And I don’t want blind devotion, not really. I want him to love me, but I want him to have reasons why he loves me. Or at least to fall in love with me (I don’t believe in love at first sight).

I don’t even know what I’m talking about now… Am I the only one? I mean, I know a lot of people on the Soompi “Ideal Guy” have these lists that are like… *pages* long, but really… I used to have a really really picky too (no joke), but recently I’ve realized that love isn’t perfect and that you’re not going to meet your ideal. Ever. Because love just isn’t like that. Not that I’ve ever been in love, but I think it’s just something that comes with the maturing process.

If you keep on looking for Mr. Right, he’s never going to come. But y’know what, Mr. Okay could turn into Mr. Right simply because he’ll change out of love for you. My one and only requirements is that he is a Godly Christian man, period. All the other things, the physical aspects, the hair, the personality (but I believe he’ll have a Godly personality, so my faith is assured there), the money, the job, the background, … the car, will all be taken care of, y’know? Who wants to meet a guy that sweeps you off your feet from the very beginning. Love is so much more sweet and beautiful when you’ve really fought for it. I’m not talking about, like, loads of drama, but I’m talking more about the gradual process of falling in love. Meeting him, talking to him, taking it slow with group dates and chats on Skype and Facebook and phone calls. Then finally, a light lunch or coffee where you just really get to talk and know one another. It gradually grows more intimate until one day you realize that you really just don’t want to spend the rest of your life without him. None of that, “HOMG ILU LET’S GET MARRIED NOW” business… I’m a sap. I’m a romantic. But I’m also a terribly hard cynic. But I believe that love will come to be when I’m ready. And if it doesn’t come to me now, I think it means that it wasn’t meant to be. God’s timing is perfect. And I’ll come around if it is His will to be.

bing bong!!


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