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well, not really. Actually, I’m severely disappointed and annoyed.

Disappointed at the fact that the DongBangs sound horrible in their latest “Doushite…darou” live performances. Admit it. I love them to bits and pieces, but they sound exhausted and the song is waaaayy too high for all of them to sing (except for Changmin, who hit his notes quite pristinely). The boys are singing — practically — this entire song in falsetto. It’s like..contralto range, okay? For those of you non-choir people, that’s like… the middle range of a girl. From a middle C (on piano) to probably somewhere around the F-G above middle C. That’s ridiculously high for a boy to sing. I was impressed when I first heard the single because I thought they had improved leaps and bounds beyond what they were singing before, but alas…

And I am annoyed because, obviously, the DongBangs sound exhausted and nowhere near their vocal quality that they’re usually at. YES, even Junsu sounds miserably off (relatively). The live performances were painful to sit through, I’m sorry. I was cringing; like watching a child perform at his first piano recital and watching his notes as his tempo goes off. And finally sighing in relief when the performance was over.

This is the only decent performance I’ve seen of them so far. Granted, they were given ample reverb and a nice mic system… and I suspect that this was one of the earlier performances when the DongBangs weren’t so incredibly exhausted. What’s with all the uncharacteristic voice cracking(s)? rawr~ very disappointed.

Hmm… their Zoom In! perf. wasn’t that bad either, but you only got to hear a bit. The acappella was much nicer than any rendition I’ve heard so far. The thing with this song is, the fast pace of it along with the higher range isn’t very conducive to singing live. It’s hard enough to sing that high without having to keep up with the tempo. And anyone will tell you: singing in falsetto is a major pain.

Music Japan perf. Just for propriety’s sake.

grr. I hope for the DongBang’s sake, they get better fast. It’s annoying to hear them performing at such low caliber. SEE! This is why I’m converting to Big Bang now!. No joke. I know I’m sounding unnecessarily harsh, but I’m really just… disappointed. I always feel bad when I stray from my DBSK fandom (and I’m doing just that with BB), and I was really hoping that the DongBangs would come back and sweep me off my feet and I’d fall in love with them all over again, y’know?

Maybe I’ll have to wait for their Korean comeback for that to happen. They need some rest though, srsly. I don’t like how they’re sounding these days. I mean, finishing up a tour, doing China activities, and recording singles and prepping for these lives. Not to mention Haptic, radios, etc etc…


In other news, if you’ve missed me these past few days (wow, it feels like I haven’t blogged in forever), I made a few makeup/cosmetic-related entires at Chigaimasu which is my non-entertainment related blog (unless I feel like ranting).


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  1. playmeagain said,

    It kinda feels like DBSK’s getting a (little) old now. It’s not that I like them any less – it’s just that I find myself tiring of them and their (sometimes-)mediocre songs REALLY easily now. I was listening to their most recent single (title’s stupidly long) earlier today, and I was struck by how unimpressed with it I currently am. Don’t get me wrong – I LOVED it when I first heard it. Still, now I realize that it’s kinda mainstream, kinda average, kinda boring. It’s not exactly a vocally-expressive song.

    … As is pretty much evident, I LOVE DBSK’s older songs (i.e. “O”, “Rising Sun”, “TONIGHT”), and I really wish they’d re-inject some of that genuity and uniqueness (found in their older singles) into their newer and soon-to-be-released-I’m-sure singles. It’s gotten to the point where I’m listening to SHINee non-stop and totally skipping the DBSK songs on my iPod.

    Kay, I’m just going to spit it out: DBSK is boring me to death. I can only view so many of their magazine photoshoots and pictures and freaking photobooks before I begin to crave the MUSICAL AND VOCAL TALENT that first attracted me to the group. I mean, I GOT INTO THE GROUP not only for their looks (because I’m shallow like that), but for their main appeal – that is, their VOICES. And recently, that X-factor’s been missing. They’re sounding tired, unmotivated, uninspired, and it’s really frustrating me (though I can’t blame this on them – as you’ve mentioned, their schedule’s been insane as of late).

    I think … the boys need to go on a LONG vacation (escape somewhere, PLEASE), come up with new material (more artistic input into their own releases, mebbe?), inject some individuality into their music (PLEASE) and make a Korean comeback at some point. Their pretty faces can only bring them so far, y’know? And I don’t think I’m the only one who’s feeling the strain, the disappointment, the cravings for something better that I KNOW these boys are capable of producing.

    (And btw, I recently read “Twilight”, cos my friend said I JUST HAD to read it. And I found it kinda sorta too melodramatic. And she’s waaaaaaaaayyyy too infatuated with him – to the point where I find myself gagging at every second page. GAH.)


  2. nanshi said,

    LOL Cor, I’ve been addicted to Big Bang nonstop for the looongest time (especially after DBSK failed me with their Doushite lives). And I can’t agree with you more. The DongBangs sound exhausted (I mean, completing the “T” tour along with Hollywood Bowl and they’re probably def. recording/rehearsing for their Korean comeback right now).. they can’t be in peak condition to really do much rather than just sit around on Japanese variety shows and laugh and chat and joke…and even then, they look kinda tired. They all just look a little burned out.

    Before, I think DBSK could’ve sung “Doushite” and really given it something… but they seem to have lost their spark, spunk, and passion recently. Credit it to exhaustion, but they seem to have lost what made them so … well, mystical to us fans.

    I suspect DBSK’s Korean comeback is imminent though. I read somewhere that the Kpop fandom considers autumn the perfect time for an artist to debut and/or comeback because of the seasons. People are coming back from vacations and can dedicate time to watching the idols on television and they can do tons of promos (like the School Attack and School of Rock) and more fans are around to just buy merchandise and…. stalk the idols. Not that DBSK ever had a problem with that, it’s just that… it was just a few months ago when those clips of DBSK were released of them playing with their dogs and they looked so chill and relaxed and fun.. and now they’re all tense and… well, sort of being washed away. Like deadbeats that are tired of the industry. Much like BoA is, I suspect.

    I feel sorry for the DongBangs because I feel like they’re slowly being swept into some kind of pseduo-obscurity. As they gain more acceptance in Japan, they start to look more tired and exhausted and lose their passion and spark. And Korea is slowly starting to forget about them a bit too. Oh, there’s no doubt that Korea could never really forget DBSK (much in the same way they could never forget BoA), but DBSK’s style (at least of the “O” album and others) is slowly becoming irrelevant as more hip-hop, electronica, and dance songs from Big Bang and SHINee (undisputably, the most popular boybands at the moment) are released.

    I want DBSK to start look awake again, for lack of a better work. They look so limp and lifeless. I want those boys back; the ones that sang and worked hard and poured their passion into what they did… not these puppets that SM seems to be pulling all over the place.

    (( LOL. Don’t you hate “Twilight?” I swear, it’s mindboggling how those books can be so bad and yet so addicting at the same time. Francesca, another mod on AF, completely agrees 100% with my other review — where I was super harsh — but she LOOVES the books.))

    FYI: Missed you!!

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