I’m suuuuuch a fangirl…!

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SHINee singing DBSK’s “Miduhyo.” (“Believe”).
Version 2 with lyrics+sings.

Now, I’m right up there with “the world’s biggest DBSK fangirl,” but I know they’re not perfect and nor do they have outstanding vocals (they’re good, but… yeeeeaaahhh). Frankly, I think SHINee pwns them in terms of vocals… especially when you compare debuts. SHINee’s voices (all of them!) show more depth and are less mainstream pop voices and more… well, actual voices with actual talent (except for Taemin, cause I haven’t heard him sing that much). And no… I’m not a blind DBSK or SHINee fangirl, this is just something I’ve noticed.

I wish they showed who sang what, but it’s a pretty general consensus that Jonghyun was the first singer (Junsu’s part) followed by Key (maybe?). o0o found the order…!!
Minho (English at the beginning)
Onew (1:25)

I think SHINee gave this a nice twist. DBSK has always been a very mellow group and sang very few power songs. SHINee has power vocals, and they gave that twist to this song. It’s refreshing. Neither group is better than the other… they’re just different. With different styles and ranges (duh). I bet if DBSK was to sing SHINee’s singles it wouldn’t sound nearly as good as SHINee does it. People are saying that SHINee’s giving the mellow song too much power… and I’m just like, “Well, this isn’t a song that they’ve really dedicatedly rehearsed and trained for,” I’m assuming, “Just take it like they’re singing karaoke or something…” and I think that’s exactly how SHINee would’ve sang it if they were singing at karaoke. DBSK trained and prepped and rehearsed this song for… probably months longer than SHINee. Even if SHINee knew that they had to sing this song, they probably still only had a few weeks to prep and rehearse, let alone get through the harmonizations (which they didn’t). I think they did a fine job.

Although, I must admit… high notes = love. haha.

I am quite curious to hear DBSK sing “Miduhyo” now after their hiatus and improvement in Japan… it’ll probably blow me right out of the water. Pity they don’t sing any of their old songs anymore… it would sound unbelievable, I think. Back when they used to do more acappellas and vocal showcases… now it’s just the SMP fun and the Japanese-falsetto stuff and the poppy goodies for the masses. bleh. nvm… I was able to find a fairly recent version of DBSK singing “Believe” at their “O” Concert Tour. Same acoustic version of the song that SHINee used too, btw. For propriety sake (and a spin in the nostalgia machine), DBSK’s Dec.’04 Inkigayo comeback perf. with “Miduhyo”. (LOL. It’s the one with Changmin’s cat yowl =DD). I think it might be Yunho’s voice, but someone’s voice sound gorgeously rich during the chorus. I concede, the reason DBSK sang this song so well is because this song was made for them. Custom-tailored for their vocals and for them to sing perfectly. Which they do. Singers like SHINee who’s range(s) are completely off and different (let alone vocal tone) can’t pull it off as well. So it’s moot comparing them and people are bashing and I’m just like… “Just enjoy the music people. Get over it.”

Still disappointed in DBSK’s most recent “Doushite” performance. People are either in denial or seriously seriously dedicated and loyal to DBSK to think that they sound perfect to the point where there are no longer any flat notes and that their voices and crystal clear and perfect. They sound exhausted, breathy, and can’t consistently hold their notes at all. I wouldn’t mind if people said that they didn’t sound so good, but the fact that some comments are insisting that DBSK sounds perfect ticks me off. They don’t, and I don’t care if you blame it on the sound system (which actually does sound quite off) or whatever… but admit it. It’s okay, really it is.

Off to watch more Big Bang. I just want to wrap Taeyang in hugs and sunshine. Not that I’d need to… cause he is the sun.

/ends corniness


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  1. Lol, glad to see that someone agrees with me on the Doshite performances. They’re improving, but they still have a looong way to go before they’re perfect. Though many already think that they are….

  2. nanshi said,

    PAS Srsly. I mean, I love DBSK as much as the next fangirl, but really. They’re probably recording for their Korean comeback/album, rehearsing for A-Nation, and doing a ton of other activities. It’s no surprise that their “Doushite” performances are going to sound off because they’re exhausted. But the fact that people are openly admitting that they think they sound perfect irks me. It’s an incredibly difficult song to sing even in the best of circumstances (for guys, that is. a girl could pull this off easily, lol)… and they’re definitely struggling with the worst [circumstances]. It’s harsh and I love them: but I think they sound horrible in these lives.

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