quick Olympics (2008) update…!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on August 13, 2008

I ❤ the Olympics. Always have, always will. My favorite events are swimming and gymnastics (diving comes up there too). I used to swim competitively until high school (~14-15yrs) and then I quit for a little bit and got back in the game by becoming a swimming instructor (probably the best one that that YMCA has ever seen, no joke. Even one of my peers — who had certification in lifeguard training and took professional swim instruction courses — told me that I was a waaay better and more professionally trained instructor than she was) and a lifeguard.

So I know my way around the pool and I can recognize good skin and technique when I see it.

And Michael Phelps is magical. Actually, as much as I’m rooting for him, I think he’s quite goofy looking. He already has 11 Olympic gold medals to date (maybe more…? I hate the fact that Beijing is EXACTLY 12hrs time diff. from where I live. EVERYTHING goes on in the dead of night when I’m asleep. I was up till 12:30am last night watching women’s gymnastics — haven’t seen men’s yet… bah — and swimming).

Actually, for gymnastics, I think the American team was a bit jinxed this year; I mean almost the entire team had a plethora of serious injuries (ranging from knee to ankle to back) almost JUST as they landed in Beijing to start prepping/warm up. I’m a Shawn Johnson fangirl. That girl seriously rocks my socks off. Nastia Liukin is like WHOA too, but Shawn Johnson… she blows me away.

I’m having a blast watching them. I don’t really care about the medals, but for women’s gymnastics, China took home the gold and USA took home the silver and Romania got the bronze.

I was quite proud of the American boys in the 4×200 Freestyle Relay. Phelps gave the team a [freakin’] 2sec. lead any other team as their starter. THAT was beyond impressive. By the time the anchor jumped in the pool, he could’ve gone at warm down pace (YES. contrary to what anyone might tell you, in swimming we don’t do warm-ups and cool-downs, we do warm-ups and [i]warm-[/i]downs) and… well, our team probably wouldn’t have broke World Record (srsly, Phelps is breaking all kinds of World Records at these Olympics), but we still would’ve won.

Ahh… I love it. I really do. I love the sheer competition of it all. I hate how everyone’s surrounding this one with politics. Just enjoy it with the sports, k?

What’s astonishing is that you see these gymnast girls looking so nervous and tense before, like, a 4sec. routine (like a vault routine) and they make it look so effortless…


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  1. moo may said,

    I was a swim instructor at the YMCA too! You were probably better than i was, too.

    I agree that Phelps is magical. I even wrote a song about his ascent to the halfway mark. If you want to have a listen, you can find it here:


  2. Antonia said,

    I love the olympics, too. I’m sad that they’re over =(

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