Winter Boots…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on August 19, 2008

Warning: non-entertainment post to follow, unless you find my posts — in general — entertaining…

Over here in the Western Hemisphere (USA/Canada/China/etc), winter is steadily approaching. Okay, I’m exaggerating a bit, because we still have to come into fall, but right now is a really good time to start looking at winter clothing… especially if they’ve already started debuting at your local department stores.

Why, you ask? Because as it gets closer and closer to the winter months, the prices are going to be going up. Granted, there probably will be sales and such, but right now is a pretty good time to score what may be the lowest price one some choice items before they really start rocketing as celebrities start toting them around (like slouchy boots or wool cardigans, etc). Plus, the magazines have already started dressing for the winter and are coaching all their readers about “transitioning” into the winter months (how you should go about gradually changing your wardrobe, your haircolor, your makeup palette, your manicure/pedicure, etc).

Which brings me in a full circle to the topic of my post:

Winter Boots 2008.


Now, before y’all scream indignantly, “BUT THOSE ARE COLE HAANS!!!!,” just imagine that they aren’t (LOL). Just imagine they are any other kind of knee-high (or just below the knee), high-heeled suede and/or leather boots. Much like these other ones:

(my point here is the heel… not so much the length).

et cetera…

My point is… these are boots that are made for fashion. Yes, they look pretty. But can they hold up under East Coast (USA) winter conditions? I would hardly think so.

The thing is, I was on Soompi browsing, and one of the threads was a bunch of people posting and/or discussing the boots/shoes that they were going to get/wear for the Fall/Winter 2008 season. I don’t mind the posting, but I was a bit astonished at the… well, frivolous shoes that were being posted.

Granted, the majority of these posters may be: a) high school girls, who walk around an indoor buildling all day and have nothing to do but show off their cool and trendy boots, OR b) post-graduate professionals who… also spend most of their time walking around an indoor building all day and have nothing to do but… show off their cool and trendy boots.

for the rest of us funny people in between (aka: college students), where does that leave us? I find it difficult to believe that not one person will be wearing a sensible pair of boots. ie: the ones I posted first (which are the ones that *I* will be wearing this winter season) or at least a pair of Timberlands or generic hiking boots to ward off the cold and the icky wet-feet syndrome. For the past… two years of college, I have consistenty worn a pair of Totes snow boots. Yes, they weren’t the trendiest things around… but they didn’t look too horrible (they just looked like regular black hiking boots… with some kind of shiny water-resistant fabric) … and they were practical and sensible. They kept my feet warm and dry and kept me from killing myself on the ice (slip-resistant soles), and that’s all I really care about (srsly).

I can’t be one of those people — life doesn’t permit me — to walk around campus with my 3-4in. leather knee-high boots or suede slouchy flat boots. My feet will be too cold… and I can deal with that.. but can the suede? When winter rolls around my area, my campus gets nasty. We have slush, ice, black ice, dirty snow, snow, cars, puddles, dirt, etc… everywhere. You can barely get to campus without getting your feet stuck in some mud (literally). Now, I could wear comfy UGGs, but guess what’ll happen? The suede will ruin. And plus, they’re ugly. I have huge feet. Don’t need them bound in the “world’s ugliest shoes.”

I, for one, would like to see people be practical for once. Even my brandwhore fashionista of a friend has a pair of snow boots that she busts out when it gets nasty and forgoes her lovely… x-branded boots (she has a million of really really REALLY nice boots). But the way these girls make it sound… it’s as though they only have nice boots; and in some twisted parody of the postman, in rain, snow, sleet, or hail… they must wear these boots. And will wear these boots. Who cares if I slip in the ice and sprain my ankle? At least I’ll look good doing it. Who cares if these boots have no grip and I’m slipping around campus more than walking around campus? At least I am trendily slipping around.

Now, for the benefit of the doubt, maybe most of these girls all live in summery SoCal weather… where it never really gets lower than 50degrees Farenheit (that’s around 10 Celsius), so all they have to do is worry about a little rain (not that nastiness we get over here)… but for the others… sensible boots, please.


PS: Plus, I find it a bit pretentious. It’s one thing if you’re a working young professional which has a job in with a dress code and you need to keep up appearances. It’s another thing if you’re a 15yr old high school girl who wants to wear these boots simply to make yourself look cool and feel better. While being completely insensible about it. Then again, we’ve all done and suffered through it. It’s one of those “rites of passage” things. Doesn’t make it any nicer, but still… I wish I could knock some sense into all of those.


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  1. Antonia said,

    can’t wait for winter, eh?!

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