Nicky Lee…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on August 21, 2008

Read my other post about him here.

One of my best friends just came back from Taiwan, and before she left, I desperately reminded her of all my Asian-music loves. Y’know… DBSK, Big Bang, Nicky Lee, OSTs, etc etc.

Well, she has not disappointed me!!!!! Her sister (who went with her) just came by and dropped off a bunch of goodies that they got for us (my family) and one of them was a Nicky Lee CD…!! *squees in happiness!*. I think his “Think Too Much” CD is probably his best one and I really really ❤ it.

It’s actually really cool because the entire CD “case” is actually a cool hardcover journal that you can write in. Probably only about… 20 sheet sof actually writable pages… but writable nonetheless…! And the CD is “hidden” in this sleeve about halfway through this journal. The “journal” is actually a really cool artist expression. He has a few entries in there AND the lyrics are printed in the first few pages of the journal.

But most of all, I was ridiculously encouraged to see this:

Sorry for the horrendous quality, but I was using my phone (and plus, my digital camera isn’t that much better, trust me). It says really brilliant things like:
“Trust in Him” and “God Bless” and “Commit to da Lord” and “Pray start 2 finish” and it’s just… WOW. It’s rare to find a Christian in the industry.. and who’s so open and committed about his Christianity (much like Brian Joo… who is srsly getting some major props from me these days). I always get a little shivery whenever I see entertainers be so blunt and forthright and righteous about their Christianity (like Yunho praying and crossing himself before a performance? Or Yunho and Junsu praying before eating? goosebumps).

I hope some people see what they do and they can reach more lives through their “work.” It’s difficult being an entertainer.

Which is why I’m marrying Eduardo Verastegui. (I’ll figure out how to say his name before the wedding, I promise!).

Great guy. Male model, former law student (omg), went onto a bit in the acting business. Got great reception. Grew up devout Catholic in Mexico and “changed” his ways and ended up becoming an actor in Hollywood. Starred in the film “Chasing Papi” which was definitely very un-Christian (and/or un-Catholic), but along the way, he worked with an English tutor who was a devout Christian and she ended up inspiring him to turn back to his faith. Ended up abandoning anything that would be unChristianly and ended up producing and starring in a film called “Bella” which is about a woman to has a pregnancy and wants to abort, but Eduardo’s character spends and entire day with her trying to persuade her not to. Got a huuuge amount of awards and nods at various film festivals across the world and really put Eduardo on the map.

Last I heard/read, he was working in South America as a missionary.



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  1. Antonia said,

    COOL!!!!!! He’s a Christian =)

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