I heart fandoms…

Posted in Big bang,Kpop by nanshi on August 26, 2008

This is from the MKMF orchestral perf. of Big Bang’s “Lies.” Mnet usually likes to use two-cameras, so you get to see the performance AND the audience. Particularly other idols.

It’s sOOOOOOOOO cute! A lot of the focus is on SNSD, which this has actually somewhat endeared me to them. Like, y’know… the friend of my friend is is my friend thing? I dunno. But they seem to really be into the perf. Especially at the beginning when Big Bang emerges from the orchestra. I see your fangirling, Hyoyeon!!!! LOL. It was when SeungRi appeared. And then one of the SNSD girls (Seohyun or Sunny, I think?) leans over to whisper in her ear. MAYBE IT’S NOT SUCH A SMALL SECRET HYOYEON’s BB CRUSH?! That’s all right. We all love BB’s magnae anyways.

It was cute to see CSJH bobbing along too. In their cool shawls too. LOL. Then again, they ARE the most skimpily dressed there. It was pretty cute to see Lina and Sunday mouthing the lyrics and then Dana and Steph sort of bobbing their heads in time with the moves. LOL. FT Island, I SEE YOU! THAT WAS SUPER CUTE! They were TOTALLY fanboying. LOL. Except for Hongki, but that’s okay?

And the highlight HAS to be Younha! LOL!!! ^.^VV She was mouthing the lyrics along with EVERYTHING and even doing some of the moves. I bet if she wasn’t an artist and had to “retain” dignity, she would’ve busted out her Big Bang scarf and cheered herself hoarse along with the rest of the crowd! She looked like she was having SO MUCH FUN. I noticed the look of restraint on her face when the opening strains of “Lies” came on. She was about to jump out of her chair, LOL, but held herself back.

Heck, if I ever became an idol and was at a performance like this… I’d come equipped with a bag of ALL sorts of fan goodies and balloons and wave them unashamedly for EVERY artist that performs. Especially Big Bang. I’d be up and dancing.. and looking totally out of character and goofy. But it’d still be fun.

Ah, good times. Good times.


o0o. Here’s anuzzer. It’s the “dance battle” between some of the new (younger) girl groups dancing about KimBum from… Fly High, was it? Issa movie, y/y? Great support from CSJH and, LOL, notice the extreme laughing frmo Shindong and Sungmin (and a bit of Shiwon), LOL. And just see how Stephanie is itching to get out of her seat and dance. It’s okay, Steph, you blew everyone out of the water anyways.

I don’t understand why people insist that Son Dam Bi is a good dancer, compared to Hyorish or even Hyoyeon (SNSD), let alone BoA or Stephanie… she’s nothing if you ask me. She was a model, and she still has that model stiffness to her movements. No fluidity, no flexibility… the only thing she has working for her is a grasp of rhythm. Although, honestly, I think everyone has a good grasp of rhythm. But then again… I’m biased (I grew up for a long time thinking everyone is a good singer and all women are my height… and obvious misconception, might I add).

*bias bias*


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  1. bleaghh said,

    Lies is one of my all-time-favourite Big Bang songs. =)

    Younha! I love her. ❤

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