Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 3, 2008

Okay, lol. Not really. I’m just totally psyched because my school’s computer lab apparently got ALL BRANDNEW MACs…!! ALL iMacs… HOMG.

So sexii. Seriously. And plus, the screen is so glossy that when the computer isn’t turned on, issa mirror! I love my reflection.

In other news, my school semester has started, so blogging is going to come to a complete standstill for awhile. It’ll probably be a long time before I start blogging about “real” things and it’ll mostly be me ranting about school…? I’ll post those up on my livejournal so you won’t be totally bored here.

I’ve put my DBSK’s real personalities post on a temporary hiatus. I’m thinking of doing something special for their 4th (5th? I dunno) anniversary (Dec. 26th), so I’ll probably post that entry up then. It’s actually in the making, but I really want to make it a good one because somini people are looking forward to it. So it’ll be to commemorate their anniversary (complete with photos and videos, yay!).. when that rolls around. Gives me a whole semester to get it up and working, yays!

AND AND AND: for all those that enjoy my “Twilight” rants, I will be going to see the movie, and I’ll do an amusing review about that too.

I still think Chace Crawford should’ve been casted as Edward. It’s not like Edward does much except stand around, fawn over Bella, dn look hawt. Anyone could do it. A puppy could do it. If puppies were hot.


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