BoA’s American Debut…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 11, 2008

((I totally should be doing “real work,” but I just HAD to blog about this…))

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(information sourced from Popseoul)

You can read about it at Popseoul. I’m too tired to dedicate a post to it. So just the essentials.

MV 1 (American MV and English song)

My Comments
– Ghetto fab, anyone? And I really don’t like that look, and it’s even more pretentious when someone as obviously non-‘ghetto’ as BoA tries to pull it off. Sorry, unnie. We saw you grow up when your hair was still in pigtails and you hadn’t even grown a chest yet. Leave that look to Hyorish.
– Lipstick? You know, there’s rules to makeup application, and I know a lot of places that say “emphasize one feature on your face, and not all,” but orange lipstick DEFINITELY needs to be balanced out by SOME eye makeup. Not a complete lack thereof. No need to bring out the glittery falsies and the smokey eye, but a litttle more definition would’ve bought a LOT more balance.
– Better backup dancers, please. I know you’re using American/black backup dancers to captivate the American audience, but with your skill… they are not doing you any justice. You need to work with your tried and true minions loyal crew.
What’s with the time warp?! Does anyone else feel like they’re seeing BoA from here “Sara” days again? Right now the weird overlays of her. It’s almost like BoA’s never grown up. Is SM trying to imitate her early success by rewinding BoA’s appearance by a few years? Because they succeeded in making her look as fresh and n00b as she was back then… but will her success be mirrored? Sexy? No. But she definitely looks tiny and young.

AND the Korean version:

My Comments
– Again, the time warp thing! Does music styles come and go in cycles (like fashion) too? Because again, I feel like I’m watching something from BoA’s debut (or at least around it). The tomboy-style of dressing, the straight long hair, the minimal makeup … only the choreography is a little updated.
– Better backup dancers. SOOO much better. You can tell BoA has her ‘crew’ back in this round.
– BoA doesn’t do “sexy,” she does “edgy.”
– Pretty rooms!


All in all, I think BoA’s “Korean” MV should be the one released in America. BoA needs something new to set her from the pack, a storyline MV (like Korea likes to utilize) would be something fairly fresh, and while the song might not inspire much, it might at least entice people to watch the video once. And the song might catch on with them.

Not a fan of the song. People are saying that it means some kind of vulgar slang about oral sex, but I dunno…? I think it just sounds like some of the “feminist” stuff that BoA’s been releasing in Korea (uh, Girls on Top, anyone?). I say it all the time. “I eat little boys like you for breakfast.” I read about another — pretty cool — explanation that connects “Eat you Up” to a boa [constrictor] because that’s the FIRST thing that Americans will think of when they hear the name “BoA.” Which is probably true. I mean, how many times have you heard “Big Bang” now and instead of thinking “Oh, yes, the theory of the creation of the world,” you think, “I LOVE YOU GDRAGON!”


(( Sorry if I sound a little cynical today. Well, moreso than usual. I’ve had an exhausting few days — and still more studying to do — and it rubs off. Plus, I always get irked about Korean artists debuting in America. It’s not gonna happen people. Not now. And maybe not for many years to come. ))


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  1. Catherine said,

    “I mean, how many times have you heard “Big Bang” now and instead of thinking “Oh, yes, the theory of the creation of the world,” you think, “I LOVE YOU GDRAGON!””

    LOL. Definitly true.

    And I’m not sure how well Boa will do really. Her voice sounds weak because it’s obvious she’s not that comfortable with the languange, and the teaser isn’t really much. I also find the title “eat you up” a bit lolworthy- though it’s interesting seeing the many meanings.

    I think that with the wierd ways things work the song could become a hit, but at the same time it really doesn’t have anything unique about it and may just sell only to those already fans of Boa.

    I agree that Kpop may not succed. It is alot different to western music. Personally I prefer it, but when you think about Kpop musicians coming over I’m not 100% convinced it’s possible to really acheive the same fame.

  2. Macnut said,

    OMG !!

    i just became a fan 10 minutes ago…. then not one again 😦

    i loved the korean mv! i thought the choreo and song is very cool and her english definietly better than some other korean artists trying to produce US song.

    the choreography was sooo cool!!! and the mv with the hood is very girlpower!

    then i saw the US one and i was like 😮

    omg it sucks.

    it has no originality and the choreography is change.

    tsk tsk why couldn’t they just keep the korean mv???? it’s in english anyways????

    i don’t even see it as a korean mv. it just looks like version 1 and version 2.

    well anyways. i don’t think she’ll be quite successful with the us debut. especially if she uses the US mv.

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