I’m really really geeky

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 12, 2008

… I mean, in case you haven’t figured it out.


Anyways, I just reformatted my computer a few days ago. I love Winamp — well, usually — but it totally crashed my computer about a week ago, so I was like, “Ew, no, suckah!” And reformatted my computer and reinstalled Windows and has been doing a bunch of things.

Including what I usually do: scour FileHippo for programs and downloads and get my computer all set up. Usually for free too. I LOVE FileHippo. It’s clean, crisp, tons of excellent servers (so fast downloads!), easy format to figure out what files to download, and simple site so loading time is a breeze too. I use a fairly old computer that Windows XP can *barely* run on, so sometimes page loading times are a pain in the butt… especially when it’s intensive.

Enter in my browsing of choice on FileHippo. Every now and then, I’ll want to use a new Internet browser. Now, some of you all out there probably use Internet Explorer, most of you probably use Mozilla Firefox, and … another 2 of you probably use something else (doesn’t count if you use Linux or a Mac!). I’m a bit (or a lot) geeky, so I use the elusive Opera browser. Which is actually the ORIGINAL tabbed-browsing creator. Most of what Firefox does/uses came from Opera first. So, ha! Plus, Opera is — magically — the most resource-friendly AND fastest Internet browser out there right now. But I digress…

Did you know that Google came out with an Internet Browser?! I know, right? I didn’t. I remember being a huuuge fan of Google (when it came out with Gmail a few years ago) and swearing to do/buy/download everything that Google has ever come out with. I remember when I was drifting between browsers — before I firmly returned to Opera — and thinking that if Google were to ever release a browser, I would probably be in love and definitely use it. Forever.

Um. no. Oh, nd btw: it’s called Google Chrome. I don’t do screencaps very well and the site is actually brilliant and I was totally sold on it after I went through the walkthrough/video tour, but then I started using it… ermm… what?

+ I like the idea of the “individual sandbox” feature. That is, Google Chrome treats ever tabbed webpage as though it is an indepently opened application (similar to Google Desktop/Widgets). Therefore, your email tab won’t slow down your Youtube tab, etc. It’s a problem I have (Youtube tends to slow down most forum sites like a mofo), but I’ve learned to deal with it.
+ I really like how every blank tab (or new tab) that you load in Google Chrome shows thumbnails of the most recent sites you’ve visited and has a search engine, and bookmarks. Pretty cool feature. Opera’s “Speed Dial” is something similar, but it shows STABLE websites (that is, they aren’t dynamic and don’t show according to your most recently visited, but rather are just like bookmarks) and no bookmarks.

– Flash player isn’t built in! On the GOOGLE CHROME page itself where it has videos linked up, I couldn’t even access the Flash player plugin. AND THEN: it wouldn’t download so I *could* use it! Opera worked beautifully once I downloaded it’s 9.60 upgrade.
– No “Magic Wand” feature. Opera has a “Magic Wand” feature in which it will actually save all the passwords for sites that you visit that have passwords. Firefox has a similar feature, but Opera can actually store MANY (like if you have multiple LJ or WordPress or email accounts or something). You just click the little “Magic Wand” button, and then a little pop-up comes up that asks which account you want to sign into, you click, and it signs you in. With this handy little feature… I have actually forgotten many passwords and user names (not kidding, btw) to certain accounts of mine. Especially ones that I access fairly infrequently (like my online banking or online credit card).
– It’s not pretty. I don’t care what you say or think, you have to admit: that is a HUUUUUGE selling point for a LOT of browsers. Plus, it doesn’t leave any room for modification at all in terms of “view” or “buttons.”

Now, for it’s credit: Google Chrome is just a budding browser AND it’s open-source and very very new and raw. They can’t just take a bunch of features from such an established (and fantabulous) browser like Opera and call it their own. They’ve made a few improvements upon Opera, I will admit: but the lack of the basics (like a MENU…?) is a bit strange..

In summation, Google Chrome doesn’t do a whole lot more than Opera, and it definitely does a whole lot less. So yes, Opera is still tried and true and a total winnar in my book. It’s fast, it’s stable, it’s resource-friendly, it’s easy to use, AND it’s portable (I have it on my USB so I can use it at school without worrying about my passwords or my history being saved or …something). So, I won’t be making the switch anytime soon. Maybe if Chrome makes some leaps and bounds will I consider abandoning my Opera.


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