Big Bang Boyfriend (BBBF), Part 1

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 16, 2008

LOL. Thanks to Let’s All Eat Candy” for the original source.
Part 1, Part 2. Fun times, fun times.


1. When I fall and hurt myself
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who gives me a piggy back ride to the hospital
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who makes fun of me because I fell
c. Dong Young- Bae, who runs to go buys medication
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who helps me get home
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who asks if it hurts a lot and blows on the place where it hurts

My pick: Dae Sung: I’m not a weakling, but I would some help getting home if I am hurt. I don’t need to go to the hospital for just a fall (I “walked off” a 2nd degree sprained ankle for 4 hours and my mom spent another hour before convincing me to go to the emergency room. I ended up having a really bad sprained ankle ). I don’t mind it if my friends tease me if I fell, but I don’t really want my boyfriend to laugh at me. What if I’m really hurt?! Taeyang’s answer is sweet, but unnecessary. Medicine is for weaklings!! And SeungRi’s answer is a bit too kiddish…

2. When I say I want a name brand item
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who buys a fake one and says later on, he’ll make it a real one
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who pretends not to listen but buys it for me later
c. Dong Young-Bae, who promises to buy me one once he makes more money
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who keeps saying not to buy expensive things
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who keeps asking if he can buy me something else

Tie: GDYB (G-Dragon & Taeyang). GD’s answer is really really swet — cause I love guys that are kinda clandestine like that — but I like Taeyang’s humble answer too. DaeSung sounds too much like my mom (LOL!) or… myself (he’s probably the “best” answer, but I like my enablers…), I don’t want a fake item! (TOP) and SeungRi’s answer is up there too. SO CUTE. I would totally do something like that too.

3. While watching a horror movie
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who protects me
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who quietly covers my eyes
c. Dong Young-Bae, who comforts me by saying there’s nothing to be scared of
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who holds my hand tightly
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who screams even before i scream

Taeyang. Totally cute and sweet! There’s nothing to protect, TOP. G-Dragon, although that’s sweet, a little unnecessary and a bit too much. SeungRi=LOL.

4. When my voice crack while singing
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who pinches my cheek and says i’m cute
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who laughs at me
c. Dong Young-Bae, who gets even more embarrassed than me
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who pretends he didn’t hear it
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who makes fun of me by imitating me

Taeyang. YES. I get really really really embarassed when my voice cracks. It would want either Taeyang’s reaction (cause that’s really cute and sweet) or Daesung. Wait until my reaction first (if I’m acting sheepish, then act along). I get really self conscious whenever my voice cracks.. so just pretend you didn’t hear me, okay. TOP’s answer is acceptable too… but … just pretend you didn’t hear it. Or act embarassed for me, which is really nice and sweet and sympathetic.

5. When his friend says he likes me
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who says what are you trying to do and breaks ties with his friend
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who goes up and punches his friend
c. Dong Young-Bae, who talks it out with his friend
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who says he will introduce another girl to his friend
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who stops talking to his friend

Tie… GDYB or Daesung: I like the posessiveness of GD, but diplomacy of YB, and Daesung’s… “alternative option.” And I don’t want a friendship ruined because of me. I like GD might be too aggressive though (like I said, I don’t want a friendship ruined because of me).

6. When I’m mad at my boyfriend
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who starts a serious talk by asking me if I’m mad
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who says I’m sorry and says don’t be mad
c. Dong Young-Bae, who sings to me
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who makes me laugh
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who does cute stuff around me

None… I dunno. Off the bat, I prefer TOP‘s answer the most, but then when I think about it… I’m a “silent anger” kind of person. When I get mad, I don’t really like to acknowledge it (yay denial!). And I don’t like talking about it or confrontation. I don’t stay angry for very long either… so it’s better just to pretend it never happened and to make me laugh (Daesung). But then again, sometimes I would prefer it if I talked it out… Urgh… I really don’t know. The answer depends on my mood…

7. When my boyfriend meets my friends
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who compliments me in front of my friends
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who asks my friends to watch over our relationship
c. Dong Young-Bae, who makes me feel good by complimenting my friends
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who makes my friends comfortable as if they were his friends
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who asks my friends to consider him

Daesung. I want my friends to be friends with my boyfriend… but I also don’t really want their approval either. Who I choose to date is my business. Plus, I have good taste. They’ll like him. =DD

8. On my birthday
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who takes me some place expensive
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who treats me better than other days
c. Dong Young-Bae, who makes me a special present
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who sings to me on a stage at a restaurant
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who says happy birthday all day long cheerfully

SeungRi. Well, as long as it comes with the other essentials: cake, presents, ice cream… etc. LOL.

9. When we kiss
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who hugs me tight first
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who just does it
c. Dong Young-Bae, who asks first
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who becomes awkward first
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who asks if I can give him a kiss on the cheek and turns his head when I’m about to kiss his cheeks

G-Dragon. Well, a combination of GD and Daesung. I’d kind of like him to “just do it,” but acts really cute and fidgety first.

10. When it’s raining and we only have one umbrella
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who shares the umbrella but he ends up getting wet
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who holds me really tight so both of us don’t get wet
c. Dong Young-Bae, who give me the umbrella and he walks under the rain
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who tells me to wait and go gets another umbrella
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who just tosses the umbrella and have both of us to walk in the rain

TOP. No other comments necessary. We share an umbrella, cause that’s sweet… but he’ll end up getting wet. No need to be awkward and hold me really tight or anything… and no need to be miserable and walk by yourself in the rain…

11. When I say I want to break up
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who lets me go, saying he’s sorry he didn’t do much for me
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who is dumbfounded and says he never thought I’d break it off
c. Dong Young-Bae, who asks if he can hug me one last time
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who says farewell and lets me go, crying
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who clings and anxiously asks why I’m acting like this suddenly

Taeyang. All the way. That’s so sweet. Don’t make me feel guilty, just… “Can I hold you one last time?”

12. When we go to the amusement park
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who suggests to ride what I want to ride
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who suggests to go to the haunted house first
c. Dong Young-Bae, who takes lots of pictures
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who eats this and that
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who forcefully takes me to scary rides

Taeyang or Daesung. Cause I’m a food whore and a camera whore.

13. When he is paying at a restaurant but has no money
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who is sorry but asks if I could pay for now
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who grabs my hand and runs
c. Dong Young-Bae, who has them keep his belonging until he can pay
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who calls his friend to bring some money
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who is anxious and doesn’t know what to do

TOP. I don’t mind if guys are a little humble, and the other options are just too… inconvenient. I’d rather pay now and have him pay me back later or buy me something later.

14. When I talk to another guy
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who thinks it’s no big deal
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who tells me not to talk to other guys
c. Dong Young-Bae, who can’t say anything but actually bothers him
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who is curious and sneakingly wedges in the conversation
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who later asks what we talked about

Taeyang. Especially cute if it’s a guy he doesn’t know and I’m acting extra chummy with him. I would want my boyfriend to get a little posessive if he sees me talking to another guy… even if he knows he can’t really do anything about it.

15. When he can’t reach me through the phone
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who says he’s worried
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who comes to my house right away
c. Dong Young-Bae, who lets it by, thinking something must have happened
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who calls until I pick up
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who gets mad because I didn’t pick up

Taeyang or TOP. Both the kind of reactions I’d like. No need to get really riled up and worried — I play Phone Tag constantly — … but being a little concerned is nice every now and then. As long as he doesn’t blow it out of proportion (like SeungRi or GD).

16. When I tell him I love him
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who whispers in my ear that he loves me
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who kisses me
c. Dong Young-Bae, who hugs me without saying a word
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who smiles, embarrassed
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who hugs me tightly, saying he loves me too

SeungRi or TOP. I’m very insecure. If I’m going to be the FIRST one to say, “I love you,” he’d better darn well say it back. TOP’s is sexy, SeungRi’s is sweet.

17. When we’re shopping
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who says it’s boring and wants to go home already
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who picks out clothes for me
c. Dong Young-Bae, who does everything I want to do
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who impatiently follows me around
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who enjoys shopping more than I do

Taeyang. As long as he *patiently* does everything I want to do and seems to genuinely be enjoying it. I’m a really really *really* bad shopper (I have ADHD when I shop).

18. When I act cutely (like a kid)
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who thinks I’m cute and hugs me
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who says I’m not doing it right and shows an example
c. Dong Young-Bae, who tells me to do that everyday
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who just laughs
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who copies me


19. When we get held up by a gang
a. Choi Seung-Hyun, who fights them
b. Kwon Ji-Yong, who grabs my hand and runs
c. Dong Young-Bae, who makes an effort to clear things out
d. Kang Dae-Sung, who calls the cops
e. Lee Seung-Hyun, who leaves me and runs away

Taeyang. I like diplomacy but not fighting. Because I don’t wany my boyfriend getting hurt on my behalf. Calling the cops doesn’t scare away a gang (not if my idea of Asian gangs are correct). GD’s way implies guilt and SeungRi’s is just now. I would rather have Taeyang’s, “Hey, now. We’re not doing anything. Just let us go and we’ll be on our way. We didn’t see you and we just got a little lost.” and THEN if it comes down to it –> RUN!!!

TRANSLATION CREDIT: 1tymforyomind and bigbangnyuh @SOOMPI

Also, credit to momovip @ Big Bang WordPress fansite, where I got this from 🙂


Part 2 pending because… I have to study.


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