“Mirotic” = DBSK’s new concept…?!

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 16, 2008

((Post pending…)) EDITED!

Mirotic: If I’m not mistaken, it is derived from the Chinese character (Hanja) θΏ· “mi” (I think the Korean pronunciation is “miro”). It’s either this character or ε―†… It means “maze” and/or “lost.” And then the English suffix “-tic” is added on to make it a more descriptive moniker.

… ANYWAYS … as droolworthy and lovely the cover for this single (album?) is, I can’t help but feel a bit disappointed. I have loved DBSK first and foremost for their vocals. It took awhile for me to get there, but their acappellas like “Whatever They Say” and “My Little Princess” really won be over. Oh yeah, dance tracks like “They Way U Are” and “Rising Sun” captivated me too, but their fantastic lives and elegant vocals are what swept me up.

And then I started watching variety shows with DBSK, and I really fell in love with their personalities. Their humility, diligence, and talent really won me over. Primarily their humility. Despite the fact that they were all very attractive, they never acted pretentious or really flaunted their looks. They would act embarassed and ashamed when they had to show off their muscles or lift up their shirts or something… When they would rarely do it, it was adorable and endearing because it was taboo.

Now, with this album cover, it feels like they’re just succumbing to the tactics of any other idol artist. Using their looks and topless covers rather than their sheer talent to attract the fans. I do understand that the majority of DBSK’s fanbase are hormonal girls, but I still want DBSK to be taken seriously as artists. And this cover feels like a step backwards in the wrong direction.

DBSK are a group of five boys that deserve to be taken as seriously as any majorly established artist without having to resort to tactics like this. But now…? They seem to have succumbed to market pressure. I was really hoping to see DBSK evolve this album into something great, y’know? Something more artistic, and just not another SM-factory churned out goodie bag filled with eye candy and fluff. Not to say I mind DBSK’s fluff, but…

I’m still looking forward to this release as much as possible, but it’s just… my reaction is not quite the same as most of the rest of fandom. I’ve always had the impression that DBSK were a bit, well… bashful if you will. They stay in shape because of their jobs and because that’s a guy-thing (guys just like to stay in shape, if you ask me), but genuinely… I didn’t really think they liked ripping off their shirts and acting little better than sex objects. I’ve always seen them as so much more than just popstar-sex-objects (and that’s one of the main reasons I like Asian pop so much; they don’t find the need to glorify all their idols into sex objects all the time)… but it seems like they’re succumbing to more and more American influence of how sex sells. Time and time again, DBSK has proved to me that sex doesn’t sell. They are sexy, but not because of the physical reasons, but because of their kindness and their goofiness and their charisma… not because Yunho has washboard abs and Junsu has 9mm guns or Jaejoong has shoulders that rival Atlas… true? We love DBSK first and foremost for their talent. Before they started parading around topless and before they really grew into those shoulers and those arms and those legs. I don’t like to see DBSK having to, well, almost degrade themselves like this just to sell a few more albums.

I get that it’s part of the marketing tactics and that DBSK might not be anymore happier with it than I am. And I don’t blame DBSK personally, but I just wanted to get my opinion out there.

Yes, I alm spazzing along with the rest of you over the crazy awesome choreography and sexy hair and sexy chests (I have collarbone and arms fetishes)… but I just wanted to say this. DBSK has done some of their greatest vocal work in Japan. But I feel that it’s sad that they have to resort back to their “idol” persona once they decide to do something in Korea.

((I apologize for the severe incoherency. I really have no idea what I’m saying and I hope my point was reached. I’m just tired and doing a million things at the same time… but I wanted to get this up before it was too late, I think? ))


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  1. azalia92 said,

    I couldn’t agree more with you. It’s not that I don’t like it (I love it alright), but I just don’t get why sexy is usually linked with less clothes or even no clothes at all. They’re already sexy as it is. But I mean, it’s in Korea. They’re idols, with the concepts etc, what can I say? This is why I’d rather see them in Japan, SINGING. Although I will say this again, I don’t hate it, I don’t hate it at all πŸ˜‰ I like this one the best from their Korean albums so far, in terms of the cover. Can’t wait for the songs ^^

  2. d3mur3 said,

    Good point there… I get what you mean… maybe it’ll just take some time to adjust to their new image πŸ™‚ And I also hope that their more improved skills in singing and dancing will uhh, ‘TOP’ or ‘MATCH’ their new image because like you said, we love them for their talents and personalities and not just by their looks alone, right?

    buuut I’m here talking about that and I feel guilty on what I had just commented on youtube: “more skin plz?” gahd, I was tempted when I saw their bare chest … can’t help it… I’m human and normal xD

  3. Lili said,

    Thank you for saying this, because I think it’s definitely something that needs to be said.

    “And then I started watching variety shows with DBSK, and I really fell in love with their personalities.”

    This is *precisely* what happened to me. To me, DBSK was just another fandom that I never really understood what the big deal was until I actually watched these guys on variety shows. Their personalities are what really drew me in. They’re such goofballs, and I found that incredibly refreshing in this day and age. I can only hope that they continue to stay true to themselves.

  4. inquinn said,

    i totally agree with u. i enjoy reading when people spazz like it’s the end of the world but that’s about it. i don’t find enjoyment in looking at guys’ bodies (i’m perfectly normal AND straight though, guess i just didn’t grow up having fetish for that kind of stuff heh). and so imagine my horror when JunSu performed topless in one of their concerts. i was like “Oh nooooo” cos u know once they start, fangirls will just ask for more.

    so for now, i just hope their album will be good enough for them to justify this change of ‘direction’ if u may call it. cos’ honestly their 3rd one wasn’t really good and was such a disappointment compared to Rising Sun. i still love them. that’s the kind of influence DBSK has on me :X and that has something to do with their personality and everything else u said u love about them πŸ™‚ so yes, DBSK HWAITING! and God don’t let us stray from this fandom i still love them. a lot. hee

  5. nanshi said,

    azalia: Thank you. ^.^ It’s a bit difficult to go to all the youtube videos and the other news-blogging sites and see all the fangirls spazzing over nekkid DongBangs. I get that their concept is idols, but they didn’t need it before… so why do they need it now? I still think DBSK has done their most challenging and BEST vocal work in Japan, no doubt. I think this 4th album will probably be their best album yet because they have improved SO MUCH in Japan, but… I wish SM wouldn’t emphasize them so much as a sexy product and more as… real singers. But meh. that’s what you get with SM Entertainment.

    d3mure3: Nah, don’t feel guilty…! LOL. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that my craze for DBSK has died down a lot. I still love them to pieces, but I’ve started venturing into other fandoms and when I saw DBSK like this, I was a little upset, actually. I mean, these boys are humble and bashful, and I *don’t* think they like parading around with their shirts off and I feel embarassed for them. Not that I *don’t* want to see them without shirts on, LOL… I’m expecting some pretty great things from this new album though, no doubt.! ^.^VV

    Lili: Thank *you* for supporting me.! I love what you said about “staying true to themselves.” It’s so true. I had a feeling that Yunho went through a mild personality crisis when he ripped his shirt off at a DBSK Korean concert, last summer? But he was injured, so I figured he was compensating for the fact that he couldn’t dance for us, so he gave us a little gun & chest show. But then Junsu took off his shirt at the Shanghai concert earlier this summer and now this?! It was a whole LOT more sexier when it was taboo and unexpected and seemed more like a “treat.” Like Taeyang’s consistent “ab-flashing” when he does his solo stages… now it’s just not so special. I’m still used to the humble and cute and shy DBSK… not the sexy Chippendale models that they seem to slowly becoming…

    inquinn: LOL. It’s not that I don’t find enjoyment in looking at guys’ bodies, but it’s like… I feel like DBSK are something like friends of close brothers to me. And unless we were at the beach or the pool, I’d be a little uncomfortable seeing them strip off their shirts just randomly and parade around for me to drool at. Which I wouldn’t. I would grab a blanket or a towel and throw it desperately over them and then go tell them to put some clothes on. I totally agree about the “Junsu-spark” with him ripping off his shirt… no doubt the rest would follow.


    Personally, I’m just a little disappointed. Maybe I was all wrong (homg. there goes my “DBSK true personalities” post) about DBSK… but I was always under the impression that they were bashful, humble, and diligent [Christian] boys. And bashful and humble boys do NOT behave as such. I still think they ARE, but it feels so demeaning to them (who has worked so hard to be recognized and taken seriously as artists) to have to resort to tactics like this. It was delicious when it rarely happened and they were kinda shy and silly about it… but now. It’s like “RAWWWWWWWWWR! *rips* ” all the time. It’s kind of lost it’s charm. I want my shy oppas back… not these Chippendales’ dancers.

    ((For those of you who don’t know what Chippendales is, it’s a ladies’ club that features scantily clad — handsome — male dancers))

  6. meriken said,

    I have to be honest that what drew me in was their looks (well, Changmin’s looks, because he looked similar to Jerry Yan and I was going through an F4 phase that time and was really new to fandom). What kept me in was their talent. The first time I watched A-Nation 2007 Rising Sun, I teared up (I dunno, I’m weird x)). What made me love them was their personalities. I mean, they’re so down-to-earth, like none of those diva-like airs. I see them as ordinary people putting extraordinary effort in what they do. I admire them for their humility. I think they’re still the down-to-earth talented people we know, even though with the demeaning concept. I think it’s just their recent concept, an the next concept would be different (and hopefully less skin exposure). You’re right, it is a little uncomfortable seeing them like this. Reverting back to “Idols” is… eh.

    Honestly, I prefer them as Tohoshinki. I’m happy for their comeback to Korea. But I liked them better in Japan, where they’re treated more as true artists.

  7. mochiicecream said,

    I’m a bit on the fence about this topic. On one hand, I do feel uncomfortable seeing them flashing so much skin, but on the other, I feel that it’s way too early to crucify them for it. If throughout their comeback they continuously show this much, then I think I’ll have to agree that it’s a bit disappointing. But for now, after such a long absence in Korea and so much anticipation, I’m just going to be content with the fact that it’s finally happening. I still have my hopes that this is just something SM is doing to bring all eyes on them (not just their fans, but all of Korea) before wowing everyone with their talent.

    I’m actually glad that they’re moving on towards a more mature image, honestly. They’ve got the whole population of Korean teens behind them, but they’re finally trying to reach out to an audience the same age or older than them. “Mirotic” has the potential to be a real hit in the clubs, ya know?

    And the whole personality thing. I’m sure they’re still bashful, most certainly humble, and even more diligent than ever. We always spout that their talents are what kept us in, so why should their new look drive us out? At the end of the day, it’s really just a concept.

  8. Bell said,

    I do agree that it seems like they went a little overboard with the HAWT/SEXY concept by what I have seen so far, but in the end..it all boils down to marketing. It seems to me that all their album concepts/ image in Korea have aimed for shock value at the very beginning:

    Triangle : a little freaky, long hair, rockish
    Rising sun: manly, biker-type outifts
    O: Very video game/anime like outfits ( Yoochun/ Jack Sparrow anyone?) / and then Balloons…( Animal outfits? WTH?)
    Mirotic: Sexy image ( that’s odd because they are indeed quite modest )

    I wouldn’t be too surprised if they pulled another reversal like Balloons this time around too. This is just a phase…for the next album they might revert to classic, black suits or something else. Because they are versatile, they can suceed in different styles so that nobody will grow bored. I think that’s an advantage right there. Sure, it is a little shocking an embarrassing to watch at times…but that makes them different and funnier XD

    I don’t think we should be that worried about them changing their personality overnight…people don’t change that fast and I don’t think they have been faking it all this time. They are grown men and even though I’m sure singing is what they truly love doing, it would be naive to think they aren’t thinking about the money too (along with SM). It’s sad..but their existence does rely quite a bit on album sales so that’s why they try to keep their fans happy( and I do think they do this quite willingly XD ).

    I agree that their best charms are their talents and their personalities. I’d gladly trade skin exposure for another Happy Together show or just for any show with them being silly, but hey, let’s enjoy the skin too XD

    ( I just wish Yunho ate more, he is so thin XD )

  9. nanshi said,

    mochiicecream: Ah! I hope I’m not coming across as “crucifying” them per se. I’m biased, obviously, but it’s more disappointment than criticism, really. It’s NOT going to stop me from listening to (and hopefully enjoying?) their new album, but instead it’s just… I guess I was so used to their “artist” image in Japan (that they’ve been in for the past two years), and to see their expressed happiness of how they were considered Jpop artists and not typical idol-boybands over there, that it just is more disappointment than anything dramatic, really.

    I think it’s because I didn’t preface this with some inane spazzing. But then again, I think my “obsession fandom” with DBSK is quite over. I sit back and appreciate them with a more neutral eye and unbiased perspective (as I would any artist, really) than I did before. Although I did throw a fit when my friend presented me with the B-Pass magazine with THSK on the cover… So I just think the huge jump in my opinion comes from that. I really DO understand the marketing concept, but that doesn’t really make me happy about it? I wasn’t thrilled when Christina Aguilera shed her good-girly-girl image (despite the provocative lyrics) of “Genie in a Bottle” for the much more scandalous “Dirrty,” but I still LOOOVED the song and danced to it as frequent as ever.

    It makes sense that this was a marketing tactic to bring attention back to them.. but they already had it.! I mean, wasn’t it something like 300,000 preorders of their 4th album? Which is huge in terms of Korean numbers when 100,000 album sells already qualifies as, like, Platinum (or their equivalent) or something. I really don’t know why SM Entertainment did this… and I can’t blame DBSK because I know that they’ve had little-to-no say in this whatsoever, but it’s just…

    Like I say: it’s a mixed bag, y’know?

    Bell ZOMG. I would love it SO MUCH were DBSK to have a “sexy black suits” image. That would make my LIFE. Their “Prince in Prague” photos were some of my FAVORITE shots of their’s. Hmm… I need to obtain that sometime. I think somewhere down the line, some of the members of DBSK probably regretted joining SM Entertainment. Yoochun, I think, and maybe even Jaejoong… because although they were trained with the best, SM Entertainment doesn’t really give them room to grow as artists, but rather only room to grow as entertainers or idols. They have improved, as is what is natural and expected, but they haven’t… grown, I think? But then again, hey, who know?! It’s not like I know them personally, and it’ll go in my “DBSK True Personalities” post for a later date.

    I guess I was just a little surprised with the sudden sexy image. Undoubtedly expected, though, I suppose. I mean, there’s only SO MANY “images” you can go through before you have to end up with sexy. It’s just a little disconcerting because they are quite know — in the industry and to us, fans — as being quite modest, so to see them flashing so much skin is a bit uncomfortable. I’d always thought of them as more like, “Well, my mom wouldn’t be embarassed with me acting like this” for most of their previous songs/images, but I’m pretty sure their moms/parents WOULD be a bit embarassed by this dramatic change in image. Would their parents laugh and be a bit embarassed in public by other previous images like the funky Tri-Angle stuff? Probably, but maybe not ashamed… But I think they would be a little ashamed by this concept. “Yeah, that’s my son… Out there stripping and wagging his bum for all those lustful eyes to drool at.” Eh, that might just be my experience (primary reason why my mom won’t let me become a celebrity-idol type). But then again, what do I know? Junsu’s mom readily encouraged him to enter this industry and Jaejoong has eight older sisters and … well, Ricky Park is just as eccentric as his older brother. Who knows…

    … Hmm… that gives me a little more fodder for my other DBSK true personalities post. 0o0. I chose a good time to procrastinate.! LOL.


    As always, I thank and welcome all opinions. It’s not that I DON’T enjoy DBSK-skin (oh, boy, do I do I DO I), it’s just… well, there’s already enough posts/comments spazzing about DBSK’s lack of skin, so I wanted to throw a DIFFERENT opinion out there to share. But I am right along with the rest of fandom expecting gerat things from their next album and their next round of promotions. It’ll be pretty cool to see how well they can pull of sexy in PERSON. It’s one thing to do it on a taped and filmed MV or a staged photoshoot, it’s another thing to do that on Inkigayo in front of screaming fangirls.

  10. Cynthia Ma said,

    I do hope people start to see they have raw talent in Korea. In Japan, they actually perform more lives than in Korea D:

    I completely agree with you with the skin-sex issue ^^. I think Yunho is the most I am more worried about. I’m always finding pictures of him ripping his shirt off in concerts x_x;; ::blames Junsu for ripping his shirt off first xD :: maybe Yunho is just overly happy he doesnt have his moobs anymore xD? But i dont think DBSK really can say much if they dont like what they are doing ::lee soon man scary aura::

    Maybe they have just realized how pretty they look in the mirror. Maybe its one of their ways to stay on top (SM might think it will be harder for DBSK to stay on top because they are much older than their targeted fanbase)

    I’m pretty sure a lot of fans are wondering why they are exposing their skin much more than before. It will probably come up in an interview and then we can finally see what their answer is πŸ™‚

    I think SM Entertainment is taken them more seriously as artists even though SM makes them flaunt their nekkidness. Junsu, Changmin and JJ wrote lyrics for their own album πŸ™‚ Even though we might not be able to hear their voices, their creativity is being acknowledged!

    But I guess nobody really knows what they are up to until their COMEBACK ON INKIGAYO in three days and their many many performances after that ❀


  11. Cynthia Ma said,

    p.s. who they are on stage does not necessarily reflect who they are ^_^; i guess that’s why they have stage names!

  12. purplefanatic said,

    I was surprised by the new concept as well after seeing the cover. I didn’t expect DBSK to change their image but I guess its alright now. At the time I thought that they were becoming more like those American stars and I thought I wouldl lose respect for them. I love Asian stars because they’re not really into the sex sells stuff.. well not that I know of. Lil ol’ conservative me >_> Still Mirotic is hot lolol
    I was planning to preorder it but Mirotic + skin showing on the CD will make my family think it’s something weird lol
    Didn’t end up getting it since my sister won’t lemme use her paypal. Oh well.
    P.S. Did you see the new Japanese covers of mirotic?
    Now that’s what I like. I think they’re 100x better than the Korean cover

  13. IchigoStar said,

    Hmm, I just think that the DBSK image changed because it’s just not a good idea to still be the same old DBSK after 2 years. Personally, I think the new image shows that they’re more mature and older-which is true. Their personalities might not mature (I hope so, JaeJong is just so cute ^.^) but their maturity as artists is growing.

  14. Magda said,

    I think the’re simply AWSOME in what ever they do!
    And, well the’re soooooo good looking *-* XDDD


  15. Magda said,

    fangirl? mee?
    oh no not at all ^-^;

  16. CHELSEA said,

    im not so excited about their new image either. i hated some of their hair wen i saw it and i really want to hear more acapella songs from them

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