Teaser of what’s to come…

Posted in Uncategorized by nanshi on September 16, 2008

after heard this

Electronica is making huuuge waves in Kpop this season/cycle. SM knows that DBSK is going to have to compete with some heavyweights that have really stepped up (Big Bang, SHINee, Super Junior, Epik High, SS501, etc) since DBSK has been in Japan (almost 2 years, with just a few Korean venues scattered in between) in order to get the Korean audience back. Hence, the strong contemporary “boyband” feel of their new music… gah. This is going to make my blog EXPLODE in the next few days. I have soo much to say about this. And not all of it’s good.

…and wait until the album releases. Man, do I have many things to say about this. And since my bias is leaning to Big Bang to an extent now, you can almost be guaranteed that there will be little bias in it anymore. Or maybe a lot.

Cause, y’know…

DBSK is still hot. No matter what they do.


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